Search me Lord I am on my way, if there is any evil way, search Lord everlasting God I belong to You. all over again I gave you my life, all over again I gave my soul, all over again and over again I belong to you. 2x // Yahweh, you Name is Yahweh, You are miracle working God, Your Name is Yahweh. Destiny Helper, You are a destiny Helper, come and help my destiny my destiny today, You will help my destiny, my destiny today.

Father in heaven O God thank You for a beautiful day You have made for us to praise and worship Your Holy Name, blessed be Thy Name O Lord forever.

Forever O Lord! Your Name is settle is settle in heaven. Precious God who is like unto thee. Thank You for the Wonderful things You did for us. Thank You for making a way where there is no way. Thank You lifting our head and making us laugh in the mist of trials. Thank You for giving us victory over sin and satan. Thank You for being God indeed unto us.

You are God, and remaineth God forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, the smallest faith like a mustard seed moves mountain, so how big is your faith (Matt 17:20). According to Jesus narration, nothing will be too hard for us to do. So stop hindering yourself from achieving through unbelief rather call on J-E-S-U-S and every mountain around you will begin to give way.

Jesus is our mountain mover. Do you believe that? Yes! He is the King of kings. He is our Lord and Personal Saviour if you let in; He will sup with you: Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart beloved, are ready to let Him in? Will  you surrender your life to Him to use you to His own glory?

Jesus is asking you little one, let me in into your heart and all your hopelessness will be a thing of the past. Because I will create a heaven and earth for you. I will also create a new heart for you.  I will put my Spirit in you and you will be a new person. Old things will pass away, behold all things will become new (Isa 65:17; Ezek 36:26; 2Cor 5:17).

Our Lord Jesus is sending to you a new Spirit, when the Spirit of God is resident in your heart beloved, new things will begin to happen in your life. Wonderful things will come your way. Because the Hand of the Lord will be upon you for good. Praise God!

The Word of God said when He comes knocking at the door of your heart, do not harden your heart (Heb 3:15). Do not put off your salvation today because you do not know tomorrow. Tomorrow belong to God alone.

One of the experience that new birth brings in someone life is the gift of the Holy Spirit. You will be reading more of it in the message below.

Beloved have you receive the Holy Spirit. Or better still, is the Holy Spirit living in you? Is there a witness in your life that the Spirit of God is residing in you?

If He is, then the second assignment will be a lot easier for you. Remember we are saved to serve, of which I am doing now. You may be called to serve in some other ways, so whichever way you called, please make sure you are occupying till Jesus comes.

Don’t leave your ground farrow. Beloved, clear the ground, make ridges, weed out the weeds and make sure that your seed bears fruit. Sow always for you knoweth the seed that germinate. Sow in the morning and also in the evening for you knoweth not the one that will prosper (Eccl 11:2-6).  Beloved, these fruits are the stars on your crown at the last day.

These fruits are the works that will not burn up in flames when your works will be review at the end of life.

I will like to share a testimony of a saint that was recently called to glory. On the very day of his departing, while I was working in my room, my Spirit prompted me on the portion of the bible I read during my morning devotion, 1 Thess 3 verse 7. He used this illustration to explain it to me. He said “because you are have been appointed among the stars that will be on the crown of this man of God,” (as he and his wife is our marriage counselor). l was confused at that moment, I wanted to called the wife to tell her my encounter but I was hesitant about it because we were praying for God’s intervention in his life because he had an after-surgery complication and by implication of the ministration I got means that he has been called up yonder and at the time of my encounter, his works here are being review by the God.

Wow! I held it in my heart and did not share it with any one, beloved this Reverend gentleman was called up that same day by 7pm while I had my encounter between 1pm and 2pm of the same day. (May his soul rest in perfect peace till we met again to part no more).

So don’t wait. Put in time and resources in things that have eternal value not only in material things that will be consumed by moth.

Be involve in soul winning, nurture them to maturity and at the end of this journey, you will hear our Jesus saying “come up yonder good and faithful servant to a place where I have prepared for you (Matt 25:34).

Remember what I wrote concerning “Good Works”. God said that His grace has been given to you. Please dearly beloved, do not waste it. Take out few minutes of time in a day/ week/ month for evangelism. It is souls, God will require from you at the end not how many children or houses you built. Be wise and invest your time well.

A manifestation of the Spirit is given to each person to produce what is beneficial:—1 Corinthians 12:7

The moment you are born again you receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the gift. God doesn’t give you some thing, He gives you Himself. The Holy Spirit is God. As He lives out His life through you, you have almighty God dwelling within you, carrying out His purposes. The Spirit will manifest Himself through your life, not for your good alone, but for the benefit of those around you.

The Spirit will lead you to a church body where He can minister through you to each person in that body (1 Cor. 12:18). God does not add you to a church body so you can be an observer. The Spirit has an assignment for you within the body, and He will equip you by His presence for this work.

In the Old Testament, God gave specific assignments to His servants and then placed His Spirit upon them to enable them to accomplish their work. In the New Testament, God placed each member as a vital part of a living body. He placed His Spirit within each believer and manifested Himself through the believer to encourage and equip every other member of the body. What an exciting commission from God! Today the Holy Spirit equips believers because He has given each of His servants a task.

How is the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life benefiting those around you? God has equipped you with exactly what is needed for the edification of the body in which He has placed you. If you allow the Holy Spirit to work freely within you, others will be blessed as a result.

If you are eager to win soul for the kingdom below is a clip on how you can start, and I believe the Holy Spirit is available to equip you more:

Want To Win Your Friend To Christ?

Here’s a simple but effective approach:

Christ called us to be “Fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). In order to fish, we need a “N-E-T.”

N = Nerve ending: Identify the area of pain in their life – the “nerve ending”.

E = Empathize, as well as you can, with their pain.

T = Teach them how Christ can heal their pain.

And what are the “nerve endings” in people’s lives these days? Well, according to The Barna Research Group:

Financial – 39%

Work-related – 16%

Personal health – 12%

Time and stress – 8%

Parenting – 7%

Educational attainment – 6%

Fear of crime – 3%

Personal relationships – 3%

Key Scriptures on:

Finances: Deuteronomy 8; Matthew 6:19-33; Philippians 4:12, 13, 19; 1 Timothy 6:6-10, 17-19; Hebrews 13:5

Work: Proverbs 10:4; 12:11, 24, 27; 13:4, 11, 23; Ecclesiastes 5:18-20; Ephesians 4:28; 1 Thessalonians 4:11, 12; 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15

Happy fishing!

Beloved, in our world today, those Indices above would have changed a great deal but never mind, whatever be the nerve ending in anybody’s life you are meeting, the Holy Spirit resident in you. Remember PCL is practical in nature. So be a doer of this piece.

Ask God to direct your footstep. If possible start from your own family and friends before launching out to the unknown people. Start in your own Jerusalem (family and friends) neighbor also qualifies here.

Once again if you are yet to give your life to Jesus having read the piece above click here to give your life to Jesus.

Beloved, remember by grace you yea are saved. God did not appoint you unto wrath so happy fishing! Have a nice week end. See you next week by God’s grace.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu

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