Thanks Thanks, Lord we give You thanks for all You have done, we are so blessed, our soul has found rest O! Lord! We give You thanks. Thank, thanks O! Lord! 2x// We are a chosen generation Called forth to show His excellence, All I require for life; God has given me, And I know who I am 2x I know who God says I am; What He says I am, Where He says am at; I know who I am, I’m working in power, I’m working miracles, I live a life of favor, Cause I know who I am, Ohh oh oh, oh oh oh, I know who I am. I am holy, I am righteous oh… I am so rich, I am beautiful, I’m working…

Thank You Father for another wonderful week before us, thank You for making us a wonder to behold, Faithful God, hallow be Thy Name! Let Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth. Thank You for Your Great Presence that will go before us today and make us what You have destined us to be, Mighty Father be Thou glorify in heaven, on earth in Jesus Name.

Beloved, we are chosen generation, do you agree with us? If you do, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are chosen among many to do exploits for the Lord, I hope you are aligning yourself with theme given to us to run with. Praise the Lord!

Beloved, welcome to a new week, a glorious one indeed! Our topic today is asking us where our trust is. Can you confidently say where you trust lies? Do you believe in God Almighty? Maker of Heaven and earth, He walks in the affairs of men to show forth His Praise! Praise the Lord!

Beloved, though the Lord has given us a theme to move us from level of glory to another but in our discussion today you will good understanding about the glory promised and how we should apply same to ourselves.

Come along with us for more discovery:

2 Chronicles 14:1-16:14  Psalm 89:38-45, Proverbs 19:6-7, Acts 25:1-22

 Where Is Our Trust?           

You have become enraged with Your anointed.—Psalm 89:38

God’s glory is more important than our own well-being. The serious problem is not the pain that others have inflicted upon us, but the pain we have inflicted (and continue to inflict) upon God. Let me spell out as clearly as I can exactly what I mean.

Many Christians are far more interested in focusing on how they can get God to comfort them when they have been hurt than considering how much they have hurt Him. Not that it is wrong to seek His comfort—Scripture encourages us to do this—but it is only one side of the picture. The most popular books in our bookshops today are titles such as these: How to Be Healed of Life’s Hurts or How to Overcome the Pains of the Past. I repeat that this is a legitimate emphasis, but we must not lose sight of the fact that the important issue is not how badly people have behaved toward us, but how badly we have behaved (and continue to behave) toward God.

Take this for example: Someone hurts us or upsets us, and we decide to become the architects of their judgment. But what does God say? “Friends, do not avenge yourselves; instead, leave room for His wrath. For it is written: Vengeance belongs to Me; I will repay” (Rm 12:19). Don’t you think God is hurt when He sees us ignoring His Word? We may have been sinned against, but is that any justification for sinning against God? Let’s not mince words here, for any violation of a divine principle must be called by its rightful name—sin. And no sin ought to be treated lightly—especially a sin against God.


O God, forgive me that so often I am more concerned about how others have treated me than the way I treat You. I see that a failure to trust You is a failure in love. I say, “I love You,” but only so far. Forgive me and help me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Ps 62:1-12; Mt 21:12-13; 23:37-39; Lk 19:41

What pain was inflicted on Jesus as He observed the Temple area?

What pain did Jesus feel as He approached the city?

Did you get it right? As much as we seeking God’s comfort in situations of life, hear this we must be concern more about how we react in situation when we are at the receiving end. vengeance is mine says the Living God!

He will avenge if we revenge not. Let us be concern more about how to give God’s glory in our relationship with Him and man and not how anyone chose to treat us.

Remember what we were told, anytime we disregard God’s instructions to us we are sinning against Him, so beware and desist from such. We often want to revenge ourselves but if you asked me I think it is better to wait on the Lord. one thing is sure you will learn how to be patient because God’s way is usually not our way.

Dear beloved, last week we had a teaching on “standing on the promises, by God’s grace before the end of this week we will communicating to us some “promises” that are generally and some that are specific, this is enable us to know which promise that we will be claiming in order to find fulfillment by the power of God so as to avoid frustrated when we did not see the manifestation of same. Praise the Lord!

On this note dearly beloved, we declare this week open and by God’s grace we will return at the end with surplus testimonies in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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