All over the world, the Spirit is moving, all over the world as the prophet says it should be. All over the world there is mighty revelation as the glory of the Lord as the water cover the sea. Right here in this place the Spirit is moving, right here in the place as the prophet says it should be, right here in this place there is a mighty revelation as the glory of the Lord as the water cover the sea.// it is moving all over me, I can feel it, the later rain, riding Jesus give us more rain as we are wet; as we are soak with later rain.

Yes! Give us more rain we prayed Father and we shall be soak with the later rain. Thank You Father for another glorious day in Your Presence, glory be to Jesus, we are grateful Lord! You are a Great God, no one but You. Thank You for the wonders and Your glory that is shinning in our lives, blessed Redeemer, who is like unto Thee. You are Awesome in the place Mighty God, You are Awesome in this place haba Father, You are worthy of our Praise, to You O Lord we pray, You are awesome in this place Mighty God.

Receive our glory Lord as we return all the praises to Your Holy Name. Teaches us again from Your Word and make us better by day in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are you doing? Hope you are good? Beautiful is our God doing beautiful things in the life of His children, Praise the Lord! Today we will be considering who the Holy Spirit is. Many interpretations has been given to the Person of the Holy Spirit, the third Person in the Trinity , however through the help of the Spirit of God we will be expose to a better understanding of who “Holy Spirit” is at the end in Jesus Name.

The Holy Spirit is a promise fulfilled in every Christian life. No Christian we live a success life without the Holy Spirit. It is the power that moves us on even when we are weak nor can help ourselves. In Him is our hope finds expression as He encourages us to move on irrespective of what is happening at our surroundings at the moment.

He was there at the creation, so I see Him always as the bringer of my peace in every troubled situation. I will simply pray a prayer “Holy Spirit brood afresh on me now, on this situation please brood on it” and before long solution will come. I have practically experience Him moving my hands towards a direction especially when I am on the drawing broad or sewing pieces together. Oftentimes He leads me to the right place when I am at lost. He whispers the truth of what to do when I am lost. O! what about in the place of prayers, oftentimes I enjoying speaking in His language as it easier for me.

I need not to pray in my understand else satan hinders me by the way of reasoning out my prayers but when I flow in the Spirit, I make prayers that must be answered as the He goes ahead to get it done as I prayed with “togetherness” (hope you still remember what it stands for us in this ministry- praying with your head and heart in agreement). Praise the Lord.

Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit as He said that it is important that He goes but He will not leave us comfortless as the Holy Spirit will come and bring to our understanding and remembrance all He thought us (Jn 16:7).

Beloved, are you weak this morning I enjoin you to sing in a Spirit or pray in the Spirit and you will see power surge back into your life like on the day of Pentecost. He is watching over us and revealing the truth to us (Act 1:8).

Come along with me for a clearer understanding of “Who” the Holy Spirit is. Praise the Lord!

        1 Kings 5:1-6:38, Psalm 72:8-14, Proverbs 15:26-27, John 16:5-33

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak on His own.—John 16:13

The Christian faith is a religion of the Spirit, and unless we are continually filled with His divine resources, then our lives are largely ineffective. If the Scripture places so much emphasis on being possessed by the Holy Spirit, then it follows that we ought to find out everything we can about the One who seeks to indwell us.

I say “who,” for the Holy Spirit is not just an impersonal influence, nor is He just a sense of fellowship when we get together, nor an enthusiasm over ideas or causes. It is evident from the personal pronouns used of Him in the Scriptures that the writers viewed Him as a member of the Trinity, equal in honor and status to the Father and the Son. However, the Holy Spirit does not like to draw attention to Himself. In the Old Testament, the Spirit turns the spotlight fully upon the face of the Father. In the New Testament, He turns it fully upon the face of the Son. Never does He focus attention on Himself.

We owe a great deal of our understanding of the Holy Spirit to what Christ said of Him in the Gospels, for there Jesus returns the compliment and occasionally turns the spotlight upon the Holy Spirit, revealing His nature and His ministry. Jesus, in fact, put His disciples through a deliberate course of mental and spiritual training to prepare them for the reception of the Spirit. If we are to understand the Spirit’s ministry in our lives, then we must enroll in this course, too.


Gracious Father, as I seek to understand who the Holy Spirit is and what He wants to do in my life, give me an eager mind and a receptive spirit. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Further Study

Jn 14:16-31; 15:26-27; Lk 11:13; 24:49

What did Jesus teach about the Holy Spirit?

What does the word “comforter” mean?

Father help us not only to filled with the Spirit but also to “walk” in the Spirit as commanded Thou us in Jesus Name (Gal 5:16, 25).

May the fruit of the Spirit be evident in our lives in Jesus Name (Gal 5:22-23).

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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