I have reason to Praise the Lord…I have a reason to Praise the in my life I have a reason to Praise the Lord…in my life I have a reason  to Praise the Lord….// Father we declare that we love You..we declare an everlasting love for You…. Father we declare that we love You… we declare an everlasting love for You…

Our Father we thank You…we blessed Your Holy Name… thank you for the gift of another day in Your presence. You are the Most High God…there is none like Thee…thank You Father blessed be Thy Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name…

I have a Father that faileth not…He is so Faithful, So Dependable, So Wonderful, So Great… I bow in worship…. Father be Thou glorify in Jesus Name.

Beloveth good morning, are still in awe of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ? Am still so grateful to God for this awesome deed and love towards man…(Ps 144:3-4) in spite of that God still love us… Verse 2  says My Goodness and my Fortress; My High Tower, My Deliver; My shield and He in Whom I trust: Who subdueth my people under me. Wow! am so excited..what about you?

The angel said to Mary Magdalene “Woman why are crying?” and she reply “Because they have taken away my Lord and I don’t know where they have put Him.” when Jesus asked her “Woman, why are you weeping? Who do you seek?

You see sincerity in Mary’s voice of concern about Jesus …” supposing Him to be the gardener, she said, “Sir, if you have taken Him away, tell me where you have put Him, and I will go and get Him…”

Beloveth, how sincerely is your love for Jesus…, Mary Magdalene love for Jesus is not hidden…it was well demonstrated, it was not a pretense, nor an eye services, it was hypocritical, but sincere and genuine love… even to a dead Jesus… what a sincere love…little wonder why Jesus called her Name “Mary” and instantly she recognizes His voice…. What an awesome relation with our Savoiur…

Is so amazing to hear someone saying ‘ I don’t know what God wants me to do for Him… I don’t know my ministry… I don’t know where my passion lies….

Listen all these things does not happen overnight…it not an apparition, your walk with Jesus leads you to where He wants you to be… the problem people sometimes have is that they don’t want to experience the teething stage of their ministry or career… they want to arrive at the glorious side without a foundation, background story, experiences to share to those who may wondering or who needs guidance… they only see the rosy part of that Job, career, ministry, home making…. They want the fruition stage not the tilling stage…. And that is the problem parading the societ,y the world we are in today….

Mary Magdalene is a demonstration of a faithful servant (handmaid) of God…. she was not only following Jesus while He was here but even He was in the grave (Jesus is risen now) she still kept her passion for the Lord alive…what about you, beloveth…

Jesus is no longer in the grave…He is risen and alive…. are ready to be a carrier of the goodnews? Mary ran out to spread the goodnews what are you doing with all the resources God bestowed on you… what are doing with it… how are you demonstrating your love for Christ?

Relationship with Christ made Mary to recognizes Jesus voice….what about you… are you having a intimate relation with Jesus? or you are busy rocking life with the time allocated to you to be in this part of eternity…. Remember you will not be here forever…. It is appointed unto man once to die and after death is judgment … what are you going home with? What will you tell your Master?

Mary spread the goodnews of Jesus being alive…. what news are you spreading… is a goodnews or self-news or a rumors…. Don’t forget Mary spread the goodnews of risen Jesus and it stands till today….be part of it….

Come along for more:

They said to her, “Woman, why are you crying?” “Because they’ve taken away my Lord,” she told them, “and I don’t know where they’ve put Him.”—John 20:13

Mary Magdalene could vividly remember the day Jesus delivered her from her demonic bondage. She became His devoted follower that day (Luke 8:2). She watched Him heal the sick and teach people about God’s love. Her life was transformed as she experienced the joy of being with Jesus.

Then her world seemed to fall apart! Her Lord was arrested and brutally murdered. The crowds that had shouted “Hosanna!” at the beginning of the week cried “Crucify him!” by week’s end. A final blow came when she went to anoint Jesus’ body at the tomb. She saw that His tomb was empty.

Someone had apparently stolen His body. As she sobbed in despair, angels asked the poignant question, “Why are you weeping?” She was standing before an empty tomb! Jesus had risen, just as He had promised! Knowing that Jesus was alive put everything back into perspective, and Mary joyfully raced to share the good news with others.

The Christian life is not always easy. There are joyful moments of walking with Jesus, but there are also times when nothing makes sense and when your world seems to be crumbling. The world will mock your Lord, and you may grow discouraged.

At those times, you need to peer into the empty tomb. It is the abandoned tomb that gives you hope, for it symbolizes the life that is yours from your risen Lord. The empty tomb promises that nothing, not even death itself, can defeat the purposes of your Lord. Are you weeping beside an empty tomb?

Are you? Yes our walk with Jesus may not all be easy and palatable but in Him is our hope and our salvation… so the more intimating is your walk with Christ; the more is easier to hear His voice and the more quicker is to respond to His call…. Get up and keep going…stop weeping for there is hope at the end of tunnel… the light shines brighter as you approach it…

“Go” Jesus said to His disciples of which we are among today…”God spread the goodnews of the Risen Christ…. Talk about the Hope in Him and the eternal life to all who believed…. Praise the Name of the Lord….Alleluia!!!!

Further Reading Ps 117:2, Isa 45:23

Join us to sing this song as we demonstrate our love for Our Maker…

You make my life so beautiful
And as You are, You have made me here on earth
There’s nothing greater than this
That’s why I love You forever more
You make my life so beautiful
And as You are, You have made me here on earth
There’s nothing greater than this
That’s why I love You forever more

I want more of You
I want more of You, Jesus
The more I know You
The more I want to know You
Jesus, more of You

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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