I will Praise You Lord …I will Praise You Lord… I will Praise You Lord I will Praise You Lord… if nobody will Praise Your Name I will Praise You Lord… if nobody will worship You Lord I will Praise You Lord…// Holy are You Lord.. all creation call You Lord… Worthy is Your Name… O we worship Your majesty…. Awesome God… How great are Thou… You are God, Mighty are You miracle… standing on the Holy Name… Lord we bow and worship You….

Our Father we Thank You… we bless Your Holy Name… we adore Thee we give You Praise… alleluia! for worthy are You Lord… Thank You Jesus for the great and mighty things You have done for me… Ancient of Days… hallow be Thy Name… Let Thy Kingdome come and Thy will be done on earth… we bless Your Holy Name… we adore and we give You Praise… alleluia Thank You Father… be Thou exalted O Lord forever and ever in Jesus Name….

Our Father, we Thank You the gift of a brand new week… we return to give You Praise… we return to give You worship for Your the blessings that will accompanying it … glory be to Your Holy Name forever and ever Alleluia… Amen!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, how are doing… good to have you here….we are serving a Wonder Working Father… Yes glory be to His Holy Name forever and ever… Amen!!!!!!!! This week will do us good…yes! for the Lord, Our God is attending to every long outstanding needs/ cases… yes whatever has been a sort of concern to you… for months… and years… The Lord is bring solutions to them … watch out as you will testify soon to the glory of God…alleluia!!!!!!!!!!

He is alive amen! He is alive! Jesus is alive forever He is alive amen!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is alive amen! He is alive! Jesus is alive forever He is alive amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth… what a privilege to be counted among the living… we give God Praise… we do not take for granted… for it is a privilege… some recent happenings necessitated this thought… Our God is an Able God… Yes! He is Worthy of our Praise….He preserved us from destructions… He hide us under the shadow of His wings… alleluia… we only look and see but none shall come near our dwellings in Jesus Name…

Beloveth, our topic before us is meant to guide us on how to win people for the Lord and also run our business… Praise the Name of the Lord… it is a fact that some people cannot handle both ministry and business at the same time… one will suffer for the other…

So by the grace of God we will be considering all of that and we will also be seeing how beautiful our God can be… in helping us to unravel mysteries that have been hindrance to our breakthroughs….alleluia somebody!!!

Be sensitive in your spirit to see what God is pointing at… Praise the Name of the Lord… alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join us to discover more:

Winning People And Running A Business

Solomon, an entrepreneur of epic proportions (Ecclesiastes 2) and a man concerned about spiritual matters, penned five poignant observations about sowing and reaping — Principles that apply equally to business and the winning of the lost:

  1. Get out there and sow the seed because in time you will reap the benefits of your efforts.

Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you will find it after many days.” (Ecclesiastes 11:1)

  1. Diversify your efforts on several fronts, as you do not know what misfortune lies ahead.

Divide your portion to seven, or even to eight, for you do not know what mischance may occur on the earth.” (Ecclesiastes 11:2)

  1. Be forever at the sowing process as you do not know which of your efforts will pay off.

Sow your seed in the morning, and do not be idle in the evening, for you do not know whether morning or evening sowing will succeed, or whether both of them alike will be good.” (Ecclesiastes 11:6)

  1. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions before sowing or reaping as they may never exist.

He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap.” (Ecclesiastes 11:4)

  1. Understand that God is behind the scenes sovereignly (though perhaps mysteriously) superintending everything.

Just as you do not know the path of the wind and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman, so you do not know the activity of God who makes all things.” (Ecclesiastes 11:5)

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get out there and win the lost and make business!

Beloveth… we bless the Name of the Lord for His goodness enduerth forever and ever…

Hope you are blessed… Yes! Our success lies in God’s hand therefore we must take alone with us kingdom work as we go about our business/career… we gonna take out time to do our Father’s bidding while engaging in our various activities…

We were saved to save others… we are expected to invest in eternal investment… beloveth ask the Spirit of God to help you… as the day go by… you will make it in Jesus Name… and as we have earlier declared… the Hand of God is coming upon us and every long outstanding issues of concerning shall be taken care… In Jesus Name… shout  a believing Alleluia!!!!!!!!

On this note we declare this week open and blessed … we shall return with greater testimonies in Jesus Name…

Further Reading :Heb.12:1, 2Tim.1:7, Rev.3:12, Tit.2:11, Gen.49: Ps.119:63, 1Cor.2:4, 1Sam.12:24.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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