You are the Lord that healeth me, You are the Lord my healer, You sent Your Word and You heal my diseases, You are the Lord my healer; You sent Your Word and You heal my disease You are the Lord my healer.// I will magnify the Lord (I will magnify the Lord) Who is worthy to be Praise, I will glorify the Lord, Who is worthy to be Praise. Hosanna blessed be the Lord, honour to the Lord, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted. The Lord reigneth blessed be the Lord, honour to the Lord, let the Rock of my salvation be exalted.

For I know in Whom I believe, God the Almighty, Praise be Thy Holy Name. For You are God, You miracle so great, there is no one else like You, there is no one else like You. Great are You Lord, You are greatly to be Praise, greatly to be Praise Father You reign. I am thanking You Lord for Who You are what You have done Lord, I am thank You Lord for Who You are what You have done, Dan Sakari Baba ooo. Great is Thy faithfulness, great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercy I see, all that I needed Thy Hand has provided, great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto Thee.

O Lord we thank You for a new month, a glorious month, a month You have made and ordained right from the foundation of the world, Father we magnify forever in Jesus Name. Have Your way O God as we come into Your Presence in this first of a new month seeking Your face through prayers, that You arise and have Your way. Father That You arise and show forth Your Praise, be Thou glorify forever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, happy new month;it worth celebrating an arrival of the new month. A proverb says “you don’t know the value of a thing until you lose it or it is misplaced.” Therefore, we bow down and worship Yahweh. Lord! We bow down and worship Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh. Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh.

Beloved, all through the night I ponder God’s goodness and gifts to us from the beginning of this year. I recalled all His wondrous Prophesy and Word to us. I cannot but bow in worship to eulogize His Holy Name. In summary,we have the gift of heavenly Father abiding with us and leading us in way to go and His gift of salvation through His Son saved us from sin and make us worthy to be called His own. His promises and gift to us at the very beginning of the year was huge for my little mind to comprehend what the mind of God is doing in our misdt but all I did was to follow suit.

However, recent happenings have revealed to me what the Spirit of God has done, is doing and will continue to do. Indeed, is going to be a year of glory to glory to as many as believed and trust in God. Did you recall when God told us that just because of the way we praise Him during the seven Saturday Praise-gate we held according to Word of God to us He promised to go ahead of us in this year 2020. We were all excited and you will agree with me that God’s Presence and guidance has done us good.

We declared Him a canopy in the first message of the year (Pls read through it again) has really shielded and protected us from the evil of the day. I was shocked as I was ready through it as it can only be the Spirit of God who said and performed what He has said.

Here we are again in another new month waiting to hear the mind of God for us, and so we are glad to announce to you the mind of God for you this month as we usher you into your month of “Unlimited Grace through Jesus Christ” (Act 15:11, Act 20:24,32, Rom  5 and 6, Isa 60:15-22).

Beloved we welcome you to your month of “Unlimited Grace.” It is by grace we are not consumed by the plagues of the Egyptians and it “grace” that brought distinction between us, it not by works but “Grace alone” and “Grace” will preserve us all through this dark period in Jesus Name!!!!!!!!!!!

I am bouncing in the Lord, I am bouncing in the Lord everyday. Bouncing bouncing bouncing, I am bouncing in the Lord everyday.

Beloved are you celebrating with us, this call for celebration and you have to celebrate with us as it pleased God to remember His covenant in the blood of Jesus shed for our salvation and show us mercy at such a time like this. He promised us a new beginning and His Hand will bring it to past.

That God for grace that counted worthy to be part of God’s kingdom, thank God for “grace” that adopted us be called sons of God beloved rejoice and be glad and use not your freedom to destruction but let it bring you into the household of Your Maker and keep you safe.

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“It is time to seek the Lord.” Hosea 10:12

This month of April is said to derive its name from the Latin verb aperio, which signifies to open, because all the buds and blossoms are now opening, and we have arrived at the gates of the flowery year. Reader, if you are yet unsaved, may your heart, in accord with the universal awakening of nature, be opened to receive the Lord.

Every blossoming flower warns you that it is time to seek the Lord; be not out of tune with nature, but let your heart bud and bloom with holy desires. Do you tell me that the warm blood of youth leaps in your veins? then, I entreat you, give your vigour to the Lord. It was my unspeakable happiness to be called in early youth, and I could fain praise the Lord every day for it.

Salvation is priceless, let it come when it may, but oh! an early salvation has a double value in it. Young men and maidens, since you may perish ere you reach your prime, “It is time to seek the Lord.” Ye who feel the first signs of decay, quicken your pace: that hollow cough, that hectic flush, are warnings which you must not trifle with; with you it is indeed time to seek the Lord.

Did I observe a little grey mingled with your once luxurious tresses? Years are stealing on apace, and death is drawing nearer by hasty marches, let each return of spring arouse you to set your house in order.

Dear reader, if you are now advanced in life, let me entreat and implore you to delay no longer. There is a day of grace for you now—be thankful for that, but it is a limited season and grows shorter every time that clock ticks. Here in this silent chamber, on this first night of another month, I speak to you as best I can by paper and ink, and from my inmost soul, as God’s servant, I lay before you this warning, “It is time to seek the Lord.” Slight not that work, it may be your last call from destruction, the final syllable from the lip of grace.

Beloved, seek the Lord and never give up until you hear the voice of the Lord declaring to you that Thou are made whole (Jn 5:14) and afterward sin no more, for grace is not a guarantee to continue in sin.

Beloved be grateful to God and Praise His Holy Name for He will deliver us His people and will restore back our land all that the enemy have take away by their wicked scheme. Praise the Name of the Lord.

I think this good news to us, let us celebrate the Name of the Lord as He promised to show us mercy and release grace unto us. Praise the Lord. There will be no more death; there will be no more destruction in the land. The Lord will cease their powers going forward in Jesus Name.

His Word has gone out of His mouth in righteousness and will not return to Him void. He will bring it to pass and we shall glorify and Praise His Name forever and ever in Jesus Name (Isa 60:15:22) and shall it be in Jesus Name, for our help is in the Name of the Lord (Ps 124:8). And His Kindness shall not depart from us (Isa 54:10).

Indeed blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven and whose sin is covered (Ps 32:1). Be steadfast in the Lord and hold fast that which Thou hast, that no man take Thy crown (Rev 3:11) ….

Come on beloved and pray that  “Now therefore arise, O LORD God, into thy resting place, thou, and the ark of thy strength: let thy priests, O LORD God, be clothed with salvation, and let thy saints rejoice in goodness. (2 Chr 6:41, Ps 3:8) for all that we have lost during this siege hear this “…. Our God is able to give much more than this” (2 Chr 25:9) and His Word enduerth forever (1 Pet 1:25, Ps 55:22).

Beloved once again, “welcome to your month of “Unlimited grace through Jesus Christ.”


Remain blessed in the Lord.

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