Glory, most glory is the Lord 3x. Glory, most glory is the Lord 3x. Is the Lord Most High. I come to say thank You, we came to say thank You. All we have to say is thank You Lord. Thank You Lord 2x all we have to say is thank You Lord.

Father, we thank You for the gift of 2015. The year You made and said we should rejoice and be glad in it. We saw You practical in every aspect of our existence. You displayed Your Faithfulness, Your Splendor and Your Sovereignty in our lives and those around us.

You gave us Your Word at the very beginning of this wonderful year even when we do not know what it hold for us. You promised us victory wrought by Your hand “Supernatural Victories” and You did just that. As at my last count Lord, You are still Faithful to Your promises of deliverance from every of our foes.  Thank You Lord.

Without much to say other than thanksgiving, beloved, are you thanking God for the safety and provisions all through the year? Finally the Lord had placed year 2015 under your feet. It did not see your end rather you saw its end. Are you shouting “Alleluia?” Are praising God?

The doctors report said you will not live to see the end of the year but here you are still breathing, still trusting the Lord. That same God will do His wonders in your life before the end of today in Jesus Name.

You were financially wrecked at the beginning of this year that you did not know how to meet your obligations but today you are still standing in the land of the living. The Lord has done it again. Your financial position is improving per day, you’re gaining dominance (read yesterday devotion for more insight).

What about those you were rescued from hell. Rescued from the pit of destruction. Victorious the Lord did it, not your prayer, nor our preaching but the Hand of the Lord did it for you or the person(s) you have been interceding on their behalf. Glory, adoration be to the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Ancient Ones, the Lion from the tribe of Judea.

Beloved, permit me to ask this question on this last day of the year “if the trumpet sounds today are you ready to be with the Lord? Will the Lord bid you “welcome good and faithful servant?”

As we round up the year today, once again examine your life, reflect over the year, January- December. How well have you faring? Decide and pray over your choices as you step into year 2016 to draw you closer to God and live more like Jesus. Let us get more from below:

“So shall we ever be with the Lord.” 1Thessalonians 4:17

Even the sweetest visits from Christ, how short they are—and how transitory! One moment our eyes see Him, and we rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory, but again a little time and we do not see Him, for our beloved withdraws Himself from us; like a roe or a young hart He leaps over the mountains of division; He is gone to the land of spices, and feeds no more among the lilies.

“If today He deigns to bless us

With a sense of pardoned sin,

He tomorrow may distress us,

Make us feel the plague within.”

Oh, how sweet the prospect of the time when we shall not behold Him at a distance, but see Him face to face: when He shall not be as a wayfaring man tarrying but for a night, but shall eternally enfold us in the bosom of His glory. We shall not see Him for a little season, but

“Millions of years our wondering eyes,

Shall o’er our Saviour’s beauties rove;

And myriad ages we’ll adore,

The wonders of His love.”

In heaven there shall be no interruptions from care or sin; no weeping shall dim our eyes; no earthly business shall distract our happy thoughts; we shall have nothing to hinder us from gazing for ever on the Sun of Righteousness with unwearied eyes. Oh, if it be so sweet to see Him now and then, how sweet to gaze on that blessed face for aye, and never have a cloud rolling between, and never have to turn one’s eyes away to look on a world of weariness and woe! Blest day, when wilt thou dawn?

Rise, O unsetting sun! The joys of sense may leave us as soon as they will, for this shall make glorious amends. If to die is but to enter into uninterrupted communion with Jesus, then death is indeed gain, and the black drop is swallowed up in a sea of victory.

The supernatural victory only God through Jesus can wrought in any individual lives. Come and see how God did for Lydia, yours will not be an exception even on this last day:

Whose heart the Lord opened.” Acts 16:14

In Lydia’s conversion there are many points of interest. It was brought about by providential circumstances. She was a seller of purple, of the city of Thyatira, but just at the right time for hearing Paul we find her at Philippi; providence, which is the handmaid of grace, led her to the right spot.

Again, grace was preparing her soul for the blessing—grace preparing for grace. She did not know the Saviour, but as a Jewess, she knew many truths which were excellent stepping-stones to a knowledge of Jesus. Her conversion took place in the use of the means. On the Sabbath she went when prayer was wont to be made, and there prayer was heard.

Never neglect the means of grace; God may bless us when we are not in His house, but we have the greater reason to hope that He will when we are in communion with His saints. Observe the words, “Whose heart the Lord opened.” She did not open her own heart. Her prayers did not do it; Paul did not do it. The Lord Himself must open the heart, to receive the things which make for our peace.

He alone can put the key into the hole of the door and open it, and get admittance for Himself. He is the heart’s master as He is the heart’s maker. The first outward evidence of the opened heart was obedience. As soon as Lydia had believed in Jesus, she was baptized. It is a sweet sign of a humble and broken heart, when the child of God is willing to obey a command which is not essential to his salvation, which is not forced upon him by a selfish fear of condemnation, but is a simple act of obedience and of communion with his Master.

The next evidence was love, manifesting itself in acts of grateful kindness to the apostles. Love to the saints has ever been a mark of the true convert. Those who do nothing for Christ or His church, give but sorry evidence of an “opened” heart. Lord, evermore give me an opened heart.

Is someone making that prayer along with us at this day of year 2015? May your prayer be answered and may the Lord grant you all your heart desires as we look forward to another glorious year ahead in Jesus Name. Amen!

From all of us at Overcomers- Faith, we wish you a Happy New Year. Endeavour to be in one of the cross-over services that will hold today in various churches. Don’t miss out!

See you in 2016 God willing.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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