A Dip into the Depths


Praising the Lord always, praising the Lord always, praising the Lord with all my heart, praising the Lord with my heart always. Alleluia, my Lord is good, Alleluia, my Lord is good, Alleluia, my Lord is good, He is good to me. Alleluia, my Lord is good, Alleluia, my Lord is good, Alleluia, my Lord is good, yes, He is good to me.//  What shall I say unto the Lord, all I have say is Thank You Lord, thank You Lord, thank You Lord, all I have to say is Thank You Lord.

Father we thank You we blessed Your Holy Name, we exalt You, we glorify Your Holy Name, blessed be Thy Holy Name. Jesus You are the Lord of life, O Jesus You are the Lord of my live, please Jesus You are the Lord of my life. Thank You Lord. Father Lord, I offer this song to Your throne this morning and I pray that You receive it and bless it and the blessing will be upon us forever in Jesus Name.

We give thanks to Lord for all the things You have done. We give thanks to Lord for all the things You have done, Thank You Lord. thank Lord for all things You have done, thank You Lord, Thank You Lord for all the things You have done.

Yes! Lord we give You thanks for all You have done for me and my household, my friends and family, glory be to Your Holy Name. Blessed be Your Holy Name Father in Jesus Name.

Beloved, I thank God for the topic of today, is possible you have some places you are struggling in your live or better still Your Christian life and like me I have some questions and I need some answers too. I believe that this will address some issues in your life and you will be blessed for coming forth.

Join me as we discovery some truth in the Word for God:

Leviticus 1:1-3:17, Psalm 24:1-10, Proverbs 6:1-3, Mark 1:1-20

A Dip into the Depths

Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord? … The one who has clean hands and a pure heart.—Psalm 24:3-4

If we take an honest and straightforward look at what is going on inside us, we must be ready for a number of strong spiritual challenges. But we must not allow ourselves to be disheartened, for in looking at our hearts we become ready to move upwards into the mountains of God.

The suggestion I want to make to you is this—recognize the subtle and insidious nature of sin. There is a view in the Christian church that as long as we focus on the sins that are obvious (sins of behavior), then we can forget any hidden sins that may be in the heart, trusting God to deal with them in His own way. Dealing with obvious sin is extremely important—don’t hear me minimizing this fact. Moral discipline is part of the Christian commitment. We are expected to resist the temptations that come our way and correct any spiritual violations that may occur. But to concern ourselves only with obvious sin and avoid facing the sins of the heart will cause us to miss our footing on the slopes of God.

Someone has put it like this: “The grime has been so embedded in the carpet that a simple vacuuming will not do the job. We need a scrubbing brush and a strong detergent.” Diligence in putting right the things that are obviously wrong is good, but without a clear understanding of how sin has penetrated our hearts, we will be nothing more than surface-copers.


Father, forgive me that I have been so content to live on the surface of life. Help me see that, in turning my gaze to what is going on inside me, You are not seeking to demean me but to develop me. Give me grace not to shrink from the task. Amen.

Further Study

Jr 17:1-11; Gn 3:8; Pr 28:13

What is the tendency of the human heart?

What is one condition for us to prosper spiritually?

Father, help us to deal with those hidden sin only you see in Jesus Name. Do not allow us to sweep it under the carpet but we must put up effort to get rid of it from our lives in Jesus Name.

Blessed Redeemer we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name. help us O God in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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