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You are a miracle working God; Jesus You are miracle working Baba, You are miracle working God; You are a miracle working God.// Blessed be the Name of the Name of the Lord e is Worthy to be praised and adore, Lord we lift our holy Hands in one accord singing blessed be Thy Name, honour to the Name of the Lord.

Father, You are a miracle working God in You Lord we will find refuge. Thank You for the wonderful things You are doing in our lives and situations. Beautiful God doing beautiful tins, allow be thy Name, let Thy kingdom come and You will be done on earth.

Arise Father to show forth Your Praise, glory be to You alone in Jesus Name. Everlasting King of glory arise! And be God indeed for us. Have Your way Lord, arise and be God indeed unto us. Thank You for bring us to the last week in the month of June, You will yet deliver all to us to the glory of your Name in Jesus Name Amen!

Beloved, who is like unto our Father? Truly there is none like Him. Do you have any reason to blessed the Name of the Lord? For me and my household, we have many reasons to praise the Lord. I have countless reason to praise the Lord. If you are in my camp this morning shout a worthy alleluia!!!!

However, if you think you have no reason to Praise the Name of God this morning, because of what you are going through this morning, I want to know that breathe in your nostrils belong to God, the you refuse to Praise, I also want you to know that He is the One that will bring your plans to past. So relax in Presence by giving thanks and you will see the miraculous working on your behalf.

Is possible the area you are trusting God to work for you is yet to materialize, beloved engage in Praise and you will engage the miracle working God and you will breakthrough in that area now in Jesus Name.

Talking about God’s favour, we have a bible character to consider by Name “Noah.” who also found favour before God. Not only that he counted as righteous before God, he also feared God and like Abraham showed His family the way of God. Beloved, are you righteous before God? Are you pointing the children God blessed you with back to Him? If have not been doing that, here is another opportunity to do just that.

Read and apply and see God working in your favour to. God created us to fellowship with Him. He made us for His own pleasures. God created us that we will bring forth godly seed and bring them back to Him.

So God’s favours are for those who are committed to use His blessings to further kingdom business and not self aggrandizement. Look at the fathers of old and trace their family lines, each of them have their children pursuing God’s business and will and for those who became lofty along the way God take them of the line of His blessings. Confirm this by looking back and remembering as much as you can.

God’s blessing cannot be use in amiss as Apostle James put it, rather God uses it to further His plan for those He created. Consider Noah’s children. God used them to multiply the earth according to His divine purpose from creation “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth (Gen 1:22; 11:8).

If you are still standing for God’s Great Favour as He promise us in this month, you still have ample opportunity to draw His attention to yourself by bring the seed He gave you to worship and adorn Him. your children must be godly seeds who has God’s purpose in their heart also. Let us discover more below:


Then the Lord said to Noah, “Enter the ark, you and all your household, for I have seen that you [alone] are righteous before Me in this generation.”—Genesis 7:1


The children of Noah faced a significant decision. They lived in a world where everyone blatantly disregarded God. Wickedness was the norm. No one would have condemned Noah’s sons for living evil lives like the rest of society—no one except their father. In a world rampant with ungodly attitudes and every form of wicked behavior, they were fortunate to be Noah’s sons.

When their father invited them to spend the next hundred years building an ark in obedience to a word from God, Noah’s sons had to choose whether to believe those around them or to trust their father. They chose to join their father. What a wonderful testimony of Noah’s godly influence in his home! How fortunate for Shem, Ham, and Japheth that their father refused to compromise his integrity, even though everyone else in his society had done so.

Your life has an influence on those around you as well. Your spouse and your children are profoundly affected by your choices. Your coworkers, your neighbors, and your friends will all be impacted by your life. As the world tries to persuade people to follow its standard, your life should stand in stark contrast as an example of a righteous person. Your life should convince those around you of the wisdom of following God. Do not underestimate the positive effect that your obedience will have upon those close to you.

Are still complaining and making excuses for your failures in godly character? Noah was a man like you, he lived with those who are corrupted but his integrity cut God’s attention at his time. Lots, Abraham cousin also lived among people that were so corrupted that God wiped their seed and forestalled their existence from the surface of earth but yet the bible bore him witness that his daughters were virgins beloved, are you wondering while it was so? Father Abraham influenced him for God. And little wonder he was mentioned in among the hero’s of faith.

How are managing your family and your affaires? Are you building up excuses to give on the last day, unfortunately it will be too late to amend your ways at that time. May be reading the story of Noah might be of help to us, so let’s do just that:


Noah, however, found favor in the eyes of the Lord.These are the family records of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among his contemporaries; Noah walked with God.—Genesis 6:8–9

No matter how ungodly the environment you may be in, God will always find you and walk with you. Noah lived in perhaps the most wicked age in history. No one worshiped God. All the people worshiped idols and pursued their own sinful pleasures. Noah’s neighbors were evil; every person he associated with in the marketplace, or along the street, or in public gatherings, ridiculed the very thought of being faithful to God. Every temptation imaginable was abundantly available to Noah. How oppressive such an environment would have been to a righteous person!

The people of Noah’s day were so wicked that God planned the most complete and drastic act of judgment recorded in Scripture. Nevertheless, Noah was not lost to God in the crowd of sinners. God noticed every act of Noah’s righteousness. Noah had chosen to live uprightly before God despite what everyone around him was doing, and God had observed him. There may have been times when Noah wondered if it mattered if he lived a righteous life, since no one else was. Yet he continued, and his persistence in righteousness saved his life and the lives of his family members.

Are you constantly surrounded by evil? Do you struggle at times to live a righteous life when those you associate with each day have no concern for God? Find assurance in the life of Noah. God watches you, even as He observed Noah. God will seek you out of the crowd every time, and He wants to bless you and your family just as He blessed Noah.

On this note we declare this week open. Go and be all that God has made you to be. Return back with testimonies at the end to His glory.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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