Holy Spirit you are welcome. You are welcome in this place. Holy Spirit You are welcome, You are welcome in this place. We welcome You Lord we welcome You. We welcome You Lord we welcome You. We welcome You, Lord we welcome You. We welcome You, Lord we welcome You. Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the darkness, my God that is Who You are. 2x.

Thank You Father for the gift of today. Faithful are You Lord. You are Worthy to be praise. Thank You for the miracle of sleeping and waking up this morning to the glory of Your Name. Thank You Most High God for I know that You will bless us again today to the glory of Your Name.

Beloveth, another prayer time is before us praise God. Another opportunity to be blessed is before us praise God. God is our Father, our friend and our companion. He listen to the faintest beat of our heart even our tears are before Him.

This is the first of its kind in this blessed month of the Lord. It our victory month remember and we must make every opportunity to make our request known to God. His promises never fail.

Many evil is plaguing our land hence the need for the brethren to rise and pray. If we refuse to pray evil will take over the land. Brethren rise up and pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devil has unleash his agents to waste innocent blood in the land. Men and brethren what do we do? Stand and watch why the evil takes over the land? We must rise up and shout the Name of Jesus and every evil throne must crumble in Jesus Name.

Today, we will devote time praying for our ministers. They are standing between the porch and the altar. They intercedes on our behalf, they are targets from the occult world. That is why we must pray for ministers.

There are so many reasons why we must pray for them, if you are ready for more discovery let’s go:

Let us pray

“Brethren, pray for us.” 1Thessalonians 5:25


This one morning in the year we reserved to refresh the reader’s memory upon the subject of prayer for ministers, and we do most earnestly implore every Christian household to grant the fervent request of the text first uttered by an apostle and now repeated by us.

Brethren, our work is Solemnly momentous, involving weal or woe to thousands; we treat with souls for God on eternal business, and our word is either a savour of life unto life, or of death unto death. A very heavy responsibility rests upon us, and it will be no small mercy if at the last we be found clear of the blood of all men.

As officers in Christ’s army, we are the especial mark of the enmity of men and devils; they watch for our halting, and labour to take us by the heels. Our sacred calling involves us in temptations from which you are exempt, above all it too often draws us away from our personal enjoyment of truth into a ministerial and official consideration of it.

We meet with many knotty cases, and our wits are at a non plus; we observe very sad backslidings, and our hearts are wounded; we see millions perishing, and our spirits sink. We wish to profit you by our preaching; we desire to be blest to your children; we long to be useful both to saints and sinners; therefore, dear friends, intercede for us with our God.

Miserable men are we if we miss the aid of your prayers, but happy are we if we live in your supplications. You do not look to us but to our Master for spiritual blessings, and yet how many times has He given those blessings through His ministers; ask then, again and again, that we may be the earthen vessels into which the Lord may put the treasure of the gospel.

We, the whole company of missionaries, ministers, city missionaries, and students, do in the name of Jesus beseech you

“Brethren, Pray for us.”

The next prayer we are going to pray is for all who are dead in sins. We are dead in sin until grace find us. Beloved, are you alive in Christ or dead in sin? Come along as you find out more:

“When I passed by thee, I said unto thee, Live.” Ezekiel 16:6


Saved one, consider gratefully this mandate (of mercy. Note that this fiat of God is majestic. In our text, we perceive a sinner with nothing in him but sin, expecting nothing but wrath; but the eternal Lord passes by in His glory; He looks. He pauses, and He pronounces the solitary but royal word, “Live.” There speaks a God. Who but He could venture thus to deal with life and dispense it with a single syllable?

Again, this fiat is manifold. When He saith “Live,” it includes many things. Here is judicial life. The sinner is ready to be condemned, but the mighty One saith, “Live,” and he rises pardoned and absolved. It is spiritual life. We knew not Jesus—our eyes could not see Christ, our ears could not hear His voice—Jehovah said “Live,” and we were quickened who were dead in trespasses and sins.

Moreover, it includes glory-life, which is the perfection of spiritual life. “I said unto thee, Live:” and that word rolls on through all the years of time till death comes, and in the midst of the shadows of death, the Lord’s voice is still heard, “Live!” In the morning of the resurrection it is that self-same voice which is echoed by the arch-angel, “Live,” and as holy spirits rise to heaven to be blest for ever in the glory of their God, it is in the power of this same word, “Live.”

 Note again, that it is an irresistible mandate. Saul of Tarsus is on the road to Damascus to arrest the saints of the living God. A voice is heard from heaven and a light is seen above the brightness of the sun, and Saul is crying out, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” This mandate is a mandate of free grace.

When sinners are saved, it is only and solely because God will do it to magnify His free, unpurchased, unsought grace. Christians, see your position, debtors to grace; show your gratitude by earnest, Christlike lives, and as God has bidden you live, see to it that you live in earnest.

See to it that you fall not back into sin or yield to temptations. Hold firm the salvation that the blood of Jesus Christ has purchase for you. Pray we beseech Thee.

Father, listen to your children as they pray today in Jesus Name.

Brethren, let us pray. Remember that the effectual prayer of  a righteous man availeth much.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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