“But Your Head Is Gone”


Jehovah, eeeh, eeeh, eeeh,  Jehovah aaah, aaah, aaah. Jehovah eeeh, eeeh, eeeh, Jehovah aaah, aaah, aaah. Come and see what the Lord has done for me, He taken away my sorrow na shakara I do, a ga mu aburu alleluia buru, a ga mu apara alleluia apara, eeh, eeh, come join and me sing alleluia to my King, aaah, He has given victory, eeeh He has given victory, oooh, aaah, come and join me sing alleluia to my King.

Father, we cannot thank you enough for in You O Lord is victory. Let all the glory in heaven, here on earth be ascribe to You alone in Jesus Name. What a Wonder You are! You are more than we call You, You are everything to me Jesus, we worship, we adore Thee, we glorify You, we exalt You O Lord above every other God! Praise be to Your Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, am so excited to welcome you to our last meeting this boisterous and uncommon month of the Lord, it has been a wonderful and active month. The Spirit of God is here all through with us, working for us, through us and in us! I am overexcited because I have never seen God in this fashion, no not all; my confidence is sure more than ever before the beginning of this month of “Who God really is.”

I have more confidence in that Name because “my eyes, my ears have heard about the goodness of the Lord“. not like Thomas but who doubt but who like Thomas the great evangelist who question his doubt and the Lord show him and his doubt was cleared and so with better understanding of Who God is He went into mission and conquer nation (India) for the Lord.

Beloved, what can you say of the Lord after seeing His Mighty works in your life and the lives of His people all around you? Can you say of sure “I know whom I believe that He is able to do what you are trusting and believing Him for”

I have a God that changes not, I have a God that changes not, Jesus is my God Who changes not, Who changes not, Who changes not, forever more!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, we are rounding this wonderful month on a very good and happy note of God’s Goodness, Faithfulness, Love, Mercies and kindness. Note also that the month has not ended, however, we still have few more days before its end but the before it end; whatever you are standing in for according to His “Will” in your life will be delivered to you in Jesus Name.

There will be no-carry over. The Spirit of God will bring all to manifestation in Jesus Name.

Hear this, child of God, in case there is anything in your life that is stubborn and has refuse to bow to the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ, today is its last day in your life if you will follow the principal that is contained in the message below. Any moment it comes barging and making boost like Goliath did to the children of Israelite simply apply this cliché “But your head is gone”

Did you get that? Write it down in your note pad, and use it continually and soon you will forget that it ever existed. Praise the Lord! Didn’t David bring down the head of Goliath in spite of his boast? (1 Sam 17:4-51)And so shall the Lord bring down that situation in your life if you belief. You are prevailing over that situation because “the battle is of the Lord,” beloved make your boast over that situation in the Lord. And you will smite its head and the head will be gone (1 Sam 17: 50-51).

Yes! Tell that situation that “but your head is gone”, and it shall be so in Jesus Name. Go back to my teaching about what you should do when you have received a Word concerning a situation but it seems to you that is still there. Keep on confessing the Word you receive and sooner than you will remember it shall be done. Praise the Lord.

Please join me as we discover more:


2 Kings 2:1-3:27, Psalm 76:7-12, Proverbs 16:20, Acts 3:1-26

“But Your Head Is Gone”

Therefore repent and turn back, so that your sins may be wiped out, that seasons of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.—Acts 3:19

One of the things we must do if we are to stay spiritually fresh is to break decisively with everything that Christ cannot approve.

When we are fighting sin and evil, we are fighting a defeated foe, because Jesus met and conquered every sin on the cross. You will never meet a single sin that has not been defeated by Christ. So if sin is bullying you, do what E. Stanley Jones advised. He said: “When sin intimidates me, I quietly ask it to bend its neck. When it does, I joyfully point to the footprints of the Son of God on its neck. My inferiority complex is gone. I am on the winning side.” This language may be picturesque, but the truth is powerful—because of what Christ has accomplished on Calvary, we walk the earth amid conquered foes.

A far-fetched but illustrative story from the ancient battles of Africa tells how a warrior was beheaded during a skirmish, but he fought on even though his head was gone. He succeeded in killing many until someone said, “But your head has gone! You’re dead,” whereupon he fell down and died. When sin comes against you, point and say: “Look, your head has gone. My Master conquered you on the cross. Begone! You are headless.” Evil fights on, but it is brainless. It depends on prejudices, old habits, and perhaps above all on our lack of decisiveness. So if there are still any sins in your life that need to be dealt with, face them in the assurance that they are conquered foes, and break decisively with everything that Christ cannot approve.


O God, thank You for reminding me that I need not develop an inferiority complex in relation to sin—it is a conquered foe. Help me to accept and enter into the great victory of Calvary. In Christ’s powerful name. Amen.

Further Study

1Jn 1; Pr 28:13; Col 2:14

What prevents us from prospering?

How are we to deal with sin?

Did you get it now, in order words you are telling that situation that “it is headless and therefore is dead and is not suppose to inflicting any pain in your life again, it has no such power because is dead, Jesus declared it finish and so it is.

Do I have a believer in the house with me? Every troublers of our life is henceforth declared “headless in Jesus Name” beloved a headless human is dead and must not have any power to torment any child of God, likewise any other thing in life. If a man/woman whose head is off is dead, how can a lifeless thing such as sickness, worst situation torment us? So going forward, point to it where it belong to, “in the grave” that was where Jesus took them and got them buried and so it has no such power to torment your life any longer.

Break every power of sins, evil and stagnations in your life, “Be decisive” Beloved, Standing on this teaching, we declared that “It is done.” “So shall it be.” and “IT IS FINISHED,” as declared the Lord Jesus on the Cross in Jesus Name (Jn 19:30). Note “FINISHED” is written in capital letter in my own bible check if it same in yours, then don’t ever shake stand firm in the Word God that “IT IS FINISHED,” and so shall it be forever in Jesus Name.

I want to sincerely appreciate your contributions towards the disseminations of the gospel of our Lord Jesus. You are light. You are a sweet smelling savour. You are a living sacrifice. You are an ambassador of Christ. You are a priest (1Thess 5:5, Eph 5:8, Eph 1:18, Rom 2:19, Matt 5:14-16, Lk 11:36, 2 Cor 2:15; Eph 6:20, 1Pet 2:9, 1Jn 2:8) therefore go forth and make God proud by living a life worthy of Him to glory Him be all the glory. Shalom!

Have a blissful weekend, manifesting God’s goodness everywhere you go. See you next week/ next month by God’s grace.

Beloved, remember to pray for the mind of God to be open to His handmaid as we seek His face concerning the coming month, so that we will continual to declare His Word as His Oracle in Jesus Name (Jas 1:16-18).

Remain blessed in the Lord.