Father, we thank You, we bless Your Name, we worship You, thank for a brand new day. Thank You for the gift of life; Thank You for presence in our life. Thank You for the peace of all Nations. We are grateful unto Thee.

Unto Thee will I lift up my soul, Father, let me not be ashamed, let not my enemy triumph over me. Magnificence are You Lord! Omnipotent, Omniscience are You Lord. Amen!

Beloved, the Lord said “Draw nearer to Me and I will draw near to you”. Behold another opportunity to be in His Presence and we must not toy with it. A golden opportunity and it must be fully utilized. Praise the Lord.

Why do I said that? In God’s presence, diverse miracles takes place. His Godly Nature over shadows you and you will never go back the same way you came. The good thing about God’s presence is that it has nothing to do with location, time nor person. The presence of God manifest heavily in the state of our mind. You can be in church where the highest spiritual songs are sang and your mind is not present. Others might testify of His goodness but you have nothing to say, why?

Physically, you are there but spiritually (mind), you are absence. I think I have a witness in the house. So the presence of God made manifest is mostly in our mind and not about where you are.

Beloved, is high time we engage the Holy Spirit all through the day, how? By constantly speaking the Word. And allowing the Spirit to minister back to your Spirit mind. By offering prayers every time you are prompted to do so. You will see yourself living very close to the throne. Your heaven is open. You don’t need to shout or scream to be heard when you pray.

More so, when we operate in God’s presence our desires are bound to be granted. By who? By God ofcourse. He promised us that and that He is bound to keep. Can God grant all our desires? To answer this, I  invite you again to come with me as we consider the message before us again today to see what He will not fail to keep.

Come, let’s draw near to God this day:


“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you James 4:8

The nearer we come to God, the more graciously will He reveal Himself to us. When the prodigal comes to his father, his father runs to meet him. When the wandering dove returns to the ark, Noah puts out his hand to pull her in unto him. When the tender wife seeks her husband’s society, he comes to her on wings of love. Come then, dear friend, let us draw nigh to God who so graciously awaits us, yea, comes to meet us.

Did you ever notice that passage in Isaiah 58:9? There the Lord seems to put Himself at the disposal of His people, saying to them, “Here I am.” As much as to say — “What have you to say to me? What can I do for you? I am waiting to bless you. How can we hesitate to draw near? God is nigh to forgive, to bless, to comfort, to help, to quicken, to deliver. Let it be the main point with us to get near to God. This done, all is done. If we draw near to others, they may before long grow weary of us and leave us; but if we seek the Lord alone, no change will come over His mind, but He will continue to come nearer and yet nearer to us by fuller and more joyful fellowship.

Where do you still experience barriers in your walk with God? What is the enemy telling you about God that have keep you away from Him? What charges is he bring against you? God on the throne remains the judge. Even in His justice, the Blood pleas your case. Are you still afraid of the sins you committed against God.

Come, He remember it no more. Come and experience newness from God. Come for your desires the Lord will grant.


The desire of the righteous shall be granted.” Prov. 10:24


Because it is a righteous desire it is safe for God to grant it. It would be neither good for the man himself, nor for society at large, that such a promise should be made to the unrighteous. Let us keep the Lord’s commands, and He will rightfully have respect to our desires.

When righteous men are left to desire unrighteous desires, they will not be granted to them. But then these are not their real desires; they are their wanderings or blunders; and it is well that they should be refused. Their gracious desires shall come before the Lord, and He will not say them nay.

Does the Lord deny us our requests for a time? Let the promise for today encourage us to ask again. Has He denied us altogether? We will thank Him still, for it always was our desire that He should deny us if He judged a denial to be best.

As to some things, we ask very boldly. Our chief desires are for holiness, usefulness, likeness to Christ, preparedness for Heaven. These are the desires of grace rather than of nature — the desires of the righteous man rather than of the mere man. God will not stint us in these things, but will do for us exceeding abundantly. “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” This day, my soul, ask largely!

Are you prepared to ask largely? We have belittled our God even from our asking. But the Lord told us to open wide our mouth and He will fill it up.

Let us ask largely today from the Lord and we will see Him moving in our directions.

Praise the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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IFEOMA OHONDU is the founder of the MattersoftheHeart foundation, a platform where issues affecting our everyday life are discussed and where necessary proffer solution. She is part of the end time army, who will not break their rank to fulfill the urgent call of God upon her life by declaring His word to the helpless, the doubting, the comfortless and the dying world. The world will experience great restoration and healing in the Word of God through her ministration. She is a voice to emphasize key spiritual truth about Faith, Healing and Encouragement.