The Lord reigneth let the earth tremble, He reigneth let the earth tremble. The Lord reigneth let the earth tremble, He reigneth let the earth tremble, Alleluia is the heavenly language. Alleluia is a heavenly language// I will lift up my voice, I will gladly sing not for what He has done but You are. You are the song that I sing, melody in my voice, the reason I sing is to Praise You Lord! He reigns, Jesus reigns, yes! He reigns forever more, for ever more!

What shall we do today? today ooo,I will lift up my voice in Praise, for I know You are always there for me, almighty God, You are my all in all, no matter what they say, when trouble comes my way I will Praise You, Lord! for You are along are worthy Lord, to be glorify and Praise! You been faithful Lord! from the ages pass, that is why You Name O! is forever more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our heavenly Father we bow in Worship and adoration to You alone Who is worthy of our Praise, be Thou glorify O! Lord! be Thou Worship Father, alleluia to You Holy Name! Blessed the Name of the Lord! for You alone are worthy of our praises.

We want to thank You ahead for the answers to our prayers today Lord! we want to honour You for Your kindness all through this year to us for every answered prayers and those that are yet to manifest, we know You are working behind the scene and sooner than we will can ever imagine it will spring forth. Praise the Name of Living Jesus!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, welcome to the last session of our prayer in this wonderful year, we will like to appreciate you for being there and always praying all manners of prayers through the directions of Holy Spirit. Thank you for interceding for the body of Christ, for those who are afflicted and those who are despondent because of life situations. Thank you for giving to those in need and above all thank you for trusting in God even when it is most difficult, may the Lord reward you and meet all your needs in Jesus Name.

What a privilege to be part of this prayer meeting today, It is by God’s grace not be your desire but God made it possible and you cease it thank you once again.

Beloveth the Word of God is yea and Amen! He mean every Word spoke (prophesy) or written in His book (Bible and other Holy books). I personal want to thank God for making me part of today’s prayer meeting because if not for Him I would have been counted among the dead on the eve of Christmas but thanks be to Almighty God for spared my life from what I will describe as agonizing death – a trailer with a forty feet container almost crushing the mini cab I enter to make a deliver to a client.

I don’t know how God held the container from falling or the tyre dragging our cab along but in all of it beloveth, God did the awesome miracle He spoke to us at the beginning of the month if only you and I will Praise His Name. Thank You Father for being God unto this ministry and most especially to your hand-maid, Thank You for not allowing the world to ask “where was the God she spoke so much about,”

Beloveth aside it being agonizing death, it wouldn’t have been easy to identify the people involved, so it would have been a case of mass burial as families may not even identify bodies of their love ones but God spare us that pain and shame the devil and his cohorts who are not happy about the Word of God reaching out to so many from this platform and saving souls from hell.

Thank You Father for honouring Your own be Thou exalted forever more (Eph 2:4-10).

Beloveth, sincerely Worship as a weapon of warfare is powerful and potent.  Hope you are engaging so as to benefit its reward thereafter. Is an onslaught to the schemes of satan and lifting to our Father, let somebody shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will take more teaching on worship today and tomorrow that is the ground finale, so that you will have better understanding of powerful weapon in your mouth that side speaking life, your mouth can also bring down walls of Jericho when it engages in Praising rather than complaining and murmuring.

Beloveth, do you want to a mega breakthrough start engaging in praises, it is a spiritual weapon and the Bible told us that we in spiritual battle. We are called to be good soldiers of Jesus Christ (2 Tim 2:3).

The enemy attacks different areas of our lives: our health, family, relationships, and faith. Beloveth they are more to what you are facing than what is natural.

The Biblical word is “scheme” it’s found in Eph 6:11. It means “plot carefully contrived a strategic plan” of the devil. It is crucial to be spiritually alert that we are in a war, aware of the tactics of the enemy, and suited for battle in the armor of God. (Eph 6:11-18).

Worship is a highly powerful and effective tool in bringing about a breakthrough.

Here are three things the weapon of worship brings to our battle:

Worship redirect our focus- it shift our focus on how we feel in any given circumstance and it opens door to peace even in that uncertain future.

Worship makes the enemy scatter. God instructed Jehosophat to “put the worshippers in front as they went into battle and trust God to give the victory.” Jehosophat’s victory began with worship.(2Chro 20:19)

Worship is our testimony to the world- Paul and Silas demonstrated this in the prison, God sent an earthquake, breaking chains off every prisoner, and opening the doors of all those inside, the rest of the prisoners stayed because they were eyewitness to the suffering of these men who were still Praising God in spite of what befall them.

Beloveth, if you in a fight, what would be your weapon of choice? Undoubtedly, worship might not be your first option. Singing is not a great self-defense tactic, nor is playing an instrument. Nevertheless, worship is a weapon, And worship is also a choice.

In Hab 3: 17-18, hear what the writer in this bible passage nothing of a material to Name- no fig trees, -no grape vines, no olives, no sheep, and no cattle. They just haven’t produced any olives, no sheep and no cattle. This is more than poverty; this is deepest level of disappointment.

This is a life of great investment and expectation. This person planted the seeds, built the pen, invested the money, and due to no fault of his or her own has experience tremendous failure. Maybe you can relate?

The relationship fell apart, and you could do nothing to prevent it. The economy crashed, and you could not slow it down. You worked hard for degree, but you still got laid off. You brought the kids to church but they still made poor decisions. You have fail, and you did not choose to: in fact you had no choice in the matter, and that is what hurts the most- the powerlessness.

The author said “Yet I will rejoice… I will be joyful in God my Saviour.”Oh what a refreshing truth! Said another way, “I still have a choice.”

Beloveth you might not had a choice in what happened to you, you can choose how you respond to what happened to you. And here is the choice Worship! Worship is my weapon of choice! Worship is not just a weapon of choice; worship is a weapon that finds its power IN choice, reclaim the power today. Choose to worship.

In our prayer session today we are going higher in worship and praises, set as the Spirit of God leads us o. let us discover more:

“Friend, go up higher.” Luke 14:10

When first the life of grace begins in the soul, we do indeed draw near to God, but it is with great fear and trembling. The soul conscious of guilt, and humbled thereby, is overawed with the solemnity of its position; it is cast to the earth by a sense of the grandeur of Jehovah, in whose presence it stands. With unfeigned bashfulness it takes the lowest room.

But, in after life, as the Christian grows in grace, although he will never forget the solemnity of his position, and will never lose that holy awe which must encompass a gracious man when he is in the presence of the God who can create or can destroy; yet his fear has all its terror taken out of it; it becomes a holy reverence, and no more an overshadowing dread.

He is called up higher, to greater access to God in Christ Jesus. Then the man of God, walking amid the splendours of Deity, and veiling his face like the glorious cherubim, with those twin wings, the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ, will, reverent and bowed in spirit, approach the throne; and seeing there a God of love, of goodness, and of mercy, he will realize rather the covenant character of God than His absolute Deity.

He will see in God rather His goodness than His greatness, and more of His love than of His majesty. Then will the soul, bowing still as humbly as aforetime, enjoy a more sacred liberty of intercession; for while prostrate before the glory of the Infinite God, it will be sustained by the refreshing consciousness of being in the presence of boundless mercy and infinite love, and by the realization of acceptance “in the Beloved.”

Thus the believer is bidden to come up higher, and is enabled to exercise the privilege of rejoicing in God, and drawing near to Him in holy confidence, saying, “Abba, Father.”

“So may we go from strength to strength,

And daily grow in grace,

Till in Thine image raised at length,

We see Thee face to face.”


Beloveth, you have to go higher through worship, pour your heart out with praises and see God work through for you, chains that seem to bind you drop, powerless behind you when you praise Him.

Beloveth at this last day of prayer in 2020, devote it to thanksgiving and worship to the One who made it possible.

Father, in worship and humble adoration, we sing praises to You, as we Praise Father, come down in Your glory and manifest our glory for the world to see what am awesome God we serve and the beautiful glory radiating all around us.

Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Alleluia Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You the Most high God! You are the Most High God! Angels are singing You are the Most High God. And Your children are saying You are the Most High God! Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!! (Ps 150:6) and you are one of them, so Praise on!

Remain blessed in the Lord.