Joy in my heart to the Lord, sing a new song to the Lord x2, I will praise Your Name. I will worship you. Glory alleluia sing a new song to the Lord. What shall we do today? Today, I will lift my voice in praise, for I know you are always there for me, Almighty God, you are my All in All, no matter what I face when success comes my way, I will praise Your Name, You alone worthy x2….

Father, indeed You are alone are Worthy to be praise and glorified. You Are indeed Faithful to us. Thank You Father. Blessed be Thou Holy Name forever and ever. Thank You Lord for waking us up this morning and availing us the privilege to be in your presence, O Lord! All are Your doings, therefore we return to give You praise, to give You honour for counting us worthy. Thank You Father.

Beloved, do you know that it has proven that it is only God that can wakes us up each time we sleep. A doctor and also a great servant of God, in narrating this said that “in their profession, they have drugs that put one off to sleep in order to manage some health conditions and by estimation determine how long the patient is likely to sleep but the truth is that if anything goes wrong and the patient could not wake up, there is no drugs to apply rather than to keep waiting and believing that such individual wakes up so long as the breathe is still there.” He confessed he had never given a thought it this way for His long time in his career, until God opened it up for him.

So when you lie down and wakes up, no matter what is going on in your life, you must be grateful to God who in His mercies took out time of His schedule and still remembers that He has to wake up and the day or moment He forget to do so that is it. (Ps 92:1-5)

No matter what you have scheduled to do and accomplish become dreams that were never birthed. And for those who specializes in hiding talents and gifting’s from the Lord. those dreams/plans will never see the light of the day but for those like the apostles of old who disciple many for the Lord, their vision will still live on (this is not my focus for today, maybe if the Holy spirit permits us we will yet treat it- dreams that went to grave unrealized). Praise the Lord.

Our focus this morning is stilling running on the wings of yesterday’s devotion talking about God’s love that never fails but endureth forever. Beloved, not for a willful sinner but with those sinners that will turn away from evil to good when the power of God comes upon them for rescue. Praise the Lord.

Our Father in His reassuring manner is reminding us today that He will not leave us comfortless but will come back (for) to you (emphasis mine). I don’t know what you are going through at time you are reading this pieces. Is possible you are in a great storm, passing through challenges, on a sick bed, waiting for your miracle babies, marriages and jobs. The Lord said I should tell you that “He is in it with you. He sent me to tell you that He will not leave you comfortless but will for you.”

Don’t you ever give up, for weeping may tarry in the night but your joy comes in the morning. The bridegroom might delay but He will surely show up before the eleventh hour.

The rule of the game here is “never give up”. I have come a long way too and I can tell you that there are moments you want to cry (cry, weep, pour out your heart to Him! Hannah did it and Samuel came answering her). There are periods that your carnal nature will put up a fight against your spirit man (put up praise, pray as you have never done before- even as simply as saying – Jesus help me). There are moments that you will feel that everybody around you is wrong, you are the only one who is ever right (watch unforgiving spirit, bitterness, malice), and there are moment you want to be confrontational with God (it might not be a bad idea, Job did it. God also encourages it – Jer 33:3).

In all this you are permitted to do because you are in darkest moment in life but if hold on and not give up on God, though He tarries, He must return as promised. Never murmur, don’t dishonor the things of God (Exo 15:24; 16:1-36).

Beloved, you are free to do all but never allow doubt to crept into your mind else you never enter into your promise. This is the caveat – you may not enter your promise or your rest as promised by God (Exo 6:8, Num14:22; Deut 2:14-16). Therefore guide your mind with all diligence (Prov 4:23), this is one of our Cardinal point we focus on because you are what you feed your spirit man.

If you feed in with negatives everything turns negative; if you feed it with positive things so you will turn out to become God’s master pieces- why because God spokes and it came forth. For instance when the earth is in its chaotic state God look at it- He was not discourage rather He spoke forth – “Let there be…. and there was” (Gen 1:3-25 )  even now He had not stop speaking command your situation and He will still bring it to pass. Speak light into your dark situation and Jesus will show forth- Jn 8:12; 12:46; 1 Pet 4:11.

Hang on there; He will return:

“I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” John 14:18

He left us, and yet we are not left orphans. He is our comfort, and He is gone; but we are not comfortless. Our comfort is that He will come to us, and this is consolation enough to sustain us through His prolonged absence. Jesus is already on His way: He says, “I come quickly”: He rides post-haste toward us. He says, “I will come”: and none can prevent His coming, or put it back for a quarter of an hour. He specially says, “I will come to you”; and so He will. His coming is specially to and for His own people. This is meant to be their present comfort while they mourn that the Bridegroom doth not yet appear.

When we lose the joyful sense of His presence we mourn; but we may not sorrow as if there were no hope. Our Lord in a little wrath has hid Himself from us for a moment; but He will return in full favor. He leaves us in a sense, but only in a sense. When He withdraws, He leaves a pledge behind that He will return. O Lord, come quickly! There is no life in this earthly existence if thou be gone. We sigh for the return of thy sweet smile. When wilt thou come unto us? We are sure thou wilt appear; but be thou like a roe, or a young hart. Make no tarrying, O our God!

Hang on for your spouse comes hither:

“My sister, my spouse.” Song 4:12

Observe the sweet titles with which the heavenly Solomon with intense affection addresses His bride the church. “My sister, one near to me by ties of nature, partaker of the same sympathies. My spouse, nearest and dearest, united to me by the tenderest bands of love; my sweet companion, part of my own self.

My sister, by my Incarnation, which makes me bone of thy bone and flesh of thy flesh; my spouse, by heavenly betrothal, in which I have espoused thee unto myself in righteousness. My sister, whom I knew of old, and over whom I watched from her earliest infancy; my spouse, taken from among the daughters, embraced by arms of love, and affianced unto me for ever.

See how true it is that our royal Kinsman is not ashamed of us, for He dwells with manifest delight upon this two-fold relationship. We have the word “my” twice in our version; as if Christ dwelt with rapture on His possession of His Church. “His delights were with the sons of men,” because those sons of men were His own chosen ones.

He, the Shepherd, sought the sheep, because they were His sheep; He has gone about “to seek and to save that which was lost,” because that which was lost was His long before it was lost to itself or lost to Him. The church is the exclusive portion of her Lord; none else may claim a partnership, or pretend to share her love. Jesus, thy church delights to have it so!

Let every believing soul drink solace out of these wells. Soul! Christ is near to thee in ties of relationship; Christ is dear to thee in bonds of marriage union, and thou art dear to Him; behold He grasps both of thy hands with both His own, saying, “My sister, my spouse.”

Mark the two sacred holdfasts by which thy Lord gets such a double hold of thee that He neither can nor will ever let thee go. Be not, O beloved, slow to return the hallowed flame of His love.

Is there anyone amongst today grasping with a depleting relationship, the Lord is promising to comfort you and heal your relationship as you fellow Him through and through. Dwell in the safety that is in Christ Jesus, the arm of flesh may fail you; but Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. not forgetting that safety belongs to God- Ps119:117. 1 pet 4:11

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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