O my God how excellent is your Name, in all the earth, how wonderful is your Name. all mighty Jehovah, how excellent is Your Name, in all the earth how wonderful is you’re your Name. all glory, glory glory glory to the Lord. all glory, all glory, glory, glory to the Lord, alleluia, hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, hosanna blessed be Thy Name of the Lord amen. Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, blessed be Thy Name of the Lord Amen! Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, blessed be Thy Name of the Lord Amen.

Our Father, we come to say thank You for Your goodness and for Your Wonderful Works all through the month of August, Father I thank You for the salvation for my soul for preservation of the saints and your children whom You bought with a price. Thank You for being God indeed to us. glory be to Your Name on high.

Thank You Lord for the month of August, our month of sure-footedness; thank You because You did not allow our feet to slip but You held us and you showed Your loving kindness towards us. With everything in me Father, I return to give you Praise, I return to adore Your Holy Name, I return to worship You, be Thou exalted forever in Jesus Name.  O Lord my God! How excellent is Your Name, in all the earth how wonderful are you Lord.

Thank You Most High God for the blessings, healing, honour, grace and mercies, love, provisions, protection, laughter you gave to us, thank You forever more. Let the living Praise You Lord, for it is only Your breathe in our nostrils that distinguished from the dead, glory be to Your Name on high. What a wonder You are Lord. receive our Praise, thank You as we bow before you forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, are you happy? I am so excited that I belong to Jesus. He is my Father, my Lord and personal Saviour, He is all to me. In my ways the enemy has tried to challenge my stand in the Lord Jesus but I am happy that Jesus did not let me go. He held me firm to Himself. He guided me Jealously and He gave a song to sing. Father for this and many more, I return to worship You, I bow before the throne and I glory Your Name forever and ever in Jesus Name. Thank you for there for me and for as many as are trusting and believing in Your Mighty power. Your word is settled forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, of the truth, the Word of God is settle forever concerning us, the Lord will continue to give grace and glory and we will abound unto every good works. He will not let us down; He will not go. We will overcome and we will live victoriously even here on earth.

Hope your spiritual live was immersing blessed all through the month; mine was. I am grateful to God for the teaching of His Word. He love us with everlasting love and His power will continue to radiate in our life forever. We will not give up, we will not die but live to give Praise to Him forever and ever.

The month of August is graciously ending today and we all have cause to Praise His Holy Name. However before we round off I will like to bring to us a ministration on humility. As we were taught yesterday that God blesses and enrich a life that is broken and have a humbles deposition before Him.  This is our last Plc and we will be taking away two things – Humility and  Jealous. Humility as a expected of a man and the jealousness of God on His beloved.

The Lord promised to ensure our goings and no demon will stop the plan of God in our lives Praise the Lord. This a great comfort especially if you are going through a challenging period in your life, hang on there till your Helper – Jesus locate you. He healed blind Bartimaeus; He will restore all that you have lost. He healed the man at the pool of Bethesde; He will heal you too. Just hold on till He comes. He is jealousy of you and will not let you go. Let discover what more is required of us to be humble. Come on for more discover:


“For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” Luke 14:11

There are two ways to attain high esteem. One is the world’s method: Take every opportunity to promote yourself before others; seize occasions for recognition and manipulate your way into the center of attention. The other way is God’s way: Humble yourself. Rather than striving for recognition and influential positions, seek to put others first. Cultivate humility, for it does not come naturally. One of the many paradoxes of the Christian life is that when God sees your genuine humility, He exalts you.

Proverbs 16:18 warns that if we put our efforts into promoting ourselves, we will be brought down. Jesus told of a man who tried to enhance his own image (Luke 14:7–11). While attending a banquet, he immediately claimed the seat of honor. When the host saw this, he humiliated this man by asking him to move to the least honorable place to make room for a more distinguished guest. Jesus said the wise thing to do is to seek the lowest position and allow others to exalt you if they feel you are worthy.

There is an enormous difference between the way the world honors you and the way God does. Proverbs 25:27 indicates that glory is not legitimate if you seek it yourself. When the world exalts you, you are the one who receives the credit. When God exalts you, others will praise Him for what He has done in your life. If you honor God, He will honor you (1 Sam. 2:30). Strive to humble yourself and bring glory to God. Allow Him to be the One to honor you in the way that pleases Him!

Are you willing to humble yourself before God and be lifted? God helping me, I will what about you? Come along for more discover:


For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God. Deuteronomy 4:24


Our God is a consuming fire. He is satisfied only when His love totally consumes us. We usually think of a jealous person as someone resentful and suspicious, but the Lord’s jealousy on our behalf is something that should be precious to us! He has the complete right to our lives. He gave us life, and He wants to protect us from anything that could harm us. That is why He has commanded His children to worship no other gods, allowing nothing to distract us from His consuming love.

The Lord opposes anything that hinders our relationship with Him (Deut. 6:15). He knows the danger of other gods, how they will lure us away, deceive us, and leave us empty. He will tolerate nothing that takes precedence over our love for Him. Our faithfulness to God assures us of the abundant life He wants to give us. If we reject Him, He will pursue us until we return to Him.

We should not resent the fact that God wants to guard our relationship with Him. It should bring us comfort. Our relationship with God should be our top priority. It should dictate how we spend our time, our money, and our energy. If certain people or our possessions separate us from God, we must reexamine our hearts and give our devotion first to Him, as He commands. God wants each of us to love Him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength (Mark 12:30). Our love for God should extend to every corner of our lives. God loved us so much that He gave us His own Son. Let us respond by giving Him our highest devotion in return.

Yes He will not let me us go. Wow! What Awesome God we serve. In His Hand is our safety, Satan cannot reach us because our life is hidden in Christ and Christ in God. What a wonderful August for an encounter. I am highly humbled by God’s endless love and care. Our feet were indeed planted not be removed from the garden of the Lord. Praise the Lord somebody!

Beloved, I don’t want to us to go but is of necessity we do because our God has something greater coming our way in the new month so pray and position yourself to be blessed.

Have a nice weekend, see you next week by God’s grace.

Remain ever blessed in the Lord.

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