We thank You Lord! We thank You Lord! We thank You Jehovah Almighty! We thank You Lord! We thank You Lord! We thank You Jehovah Almighty!// Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! Who is like unto Thee O Lord! among the gods, who is like You are glorious in holiness fearful in Praising! Doing wonders alleluia! always doing wonders alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We bow before the throne You are a glorious God! Father, we thank You we bless Your Holy Name! We exalt You, We magnify Father, receive our Praise, receive our adorations, let all the saints in heaven and on earth give You Praise forever and ever in Jesus Name!

Thank You for gift of another week, another day in presence, we do not take it for granted for You alone is worthy, You alone is God, be glorify again in our live as the day goes by in Jesus Name! Help us to live worthy of Your calling, deliver us from all temptations in Jesus Name!

Beloveth, good morning, how was your weekend? Hope you were in church yesterday? Thank you for honouring God, our Father, He will do the same for you. May be you don’t get the prayer.

When you set out on Sunday morning seeking God in His sanctuary, you simply did one thing, you “Honoured Him.” Praise God. Nothing will happen if you don’t go, if you are old enough, nobody will scold or question you but when you wake up on a Sunday morning and dress up to go and worship God, beloved God will be happy and when you are also in situation or condition that you cannot help yourself, God will help you.

Do you know that God cannot worship Himself, that why He created you and I and host of angels in heaven who worship morning to morning. And when you discover this secret, under rain; in the sun you will go to sanctuary to worship Him. When all are well and when is not; you will seek Him and worship Him too (Rev 4:11).

Satan knew this secret and that is why he seeks to hinder you and I from worshipping God through all forms of vices and evil but when you discover the key to God’s heart you will not fail to appear before Him and worship Him.

Lucifer was the head of heavenly choirs that leads other hosts of angels to worship God but when pride entered him, he also desired to be worshipped but he forgot that he was created and God is the Creator (Jer 18:1-10)

Beloveth, who is the man after God’s heart according to the Word of God? David is the man after God’s heart, he understood that he was nothing before God picked him and made King over His own people. Therefore, even in his Kingly robe David danced before God without reserved and was so pleased, when his wife despised him for that action God closed her womb (2Sam. 6:20-23).

Is someone getting some revelation in the house? Don’t forget what God has promised to do in our midst this month and humbly positioned yourself to be blessed too.

God cannot worship Himself therefore when you took it upon yourself to worship Him (Praise Him), He will bless you in return. He will honour you as you honoured Him in your worship time. Don’t miss any opportunity to worship God because you will never remain the same thereafter. Meaning that God will transform you and those around you will be wondering but you know, Praise the Lord!

Beloveth, the year is gradually unfolding on a lots are happening and fear and doubt might be creeping into your mind to hinder you for being a fruitful vine for the Lord. Don’t allow it for fear is not God; it is not of faith either. The Spirit we received is not of fear but of power, and of love, and a sound mind (2Tim 1:7).

We want to encourage you this morning to move on, pray always and receive strength for the journey ahead in Jesus Name. don’t let fear cripple you because the fearful will not inherent the kingdom of God, so be bold for the Lord (Rev 21:8).

Come on for more:

“I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me.” Psalm 23:4

Behold, how independent of outward circumstances the Holy Ghost can make the Christian! What a bright light may shine within us when it is all dark without! How firm, how happy, how calm, how peaceful we may be, when the world shakes to and fro, and the pillars of the earth are removed! Even death itself, with all its terrible influences, has no power to suspend the music of a Christian’s heart, but rather makes that music become more sweet, more clear, more heavenly, till the last kind act which death can do is to let the earthly strain melt into the heavenly chorus, the temporal joy into the eternal bliss!

Let us have confidence, then, in the blessed Spirit’s power to comfort us. Dear reader, are you looking forward to poverty? Fear not; the divine Spirit can give you, in your want, a greater plenty than the rich have in their abundance. You know not what joys may be stored up for you in the cottage around which grace will plant the roses of content. Are you conscious of a growing failure of your bodily powers? Do you expect to suffer long nights of languishing and days of pain?

O be not sad! That bed may become a throne to you. You little know how every pang that shoots through your body may be a refining fire to consume your dross—a beam of glory to light up the secret parts of your soul. Are the eyes growing dim? Jesus will be your light. Do the ears fail you? Jesus’ name will be your soul’s best music, and His person your dear delight. Socrates used to say, “Philosophers can be happy without music;” and Christians can be happier than philosophers when all outward causes of rejoicing are withdrawn.

In Thee, my God, my heart shall triumph, come what may of ills without! By thy power, O blessed Spirit, my heart shall be exceeding glad, though all things should fail me here below.

Beloveth, fear not. Or like the psalmist said it “I shall not fear, for Thou art with me. If that is confession this day then be ready for what has set to do in you and through you in Jesus Name.

Don’t allow Satan to cloud you with fear, even if is the ‘unknown” just remember that nothing is hidden in God and if you of God he will always give you revelation in Jesus Name. the revelation that will set you apart and make you triumph in Christ Jesus Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On this note we declare the week open and by God’s grace we will return at the end with greater testimonies in Jesus Name!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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