His Name is higher far above other names, His Name is Jesus, His Name is Lord, His Name is Jesus, His Name// Jehovah is Your Name (Jehovah is Your Name). Jehovah is Your Name (Jehovah is Your Name) ! Might warrior, great in battle Jehovah is Your Name.

Praising the Lord always, Praising the Lord always! Praising the Lord with all heart! Praising the Lord with all my heart always My Lord is good, alleluia my Lord is good, alleluia my Lord is good yes He Isa good to us!!!

Father receive our praises and worship, may Your Holy Name be lifted above every other gods in Jesus Name!

How are doing dearly beloved, hope your receiving your glory package. As our praises go up; our answers come down. Hope you are engaging as suggested, so that answers will come. Praise the living Jesus.

We are just few hours from now to the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus, thank God for making it possible for you and I to be part of those celebrating this  year Christmas. Therefore let us be thankful and show love to  those  around us who wants to see Jesus- you can be that Jesus the world is seeking

As horror as this year may look, there are some lesson to learn from  it, because one day you will tell your own story to someone who needs to be encouraged. Praise the Lord!

In our faith clinic today we will be considering some important teachings which will help as we journey along until we get to our glory land. Praise the Lord.

Join us for more:

I will make thy windows of agates.” Isaiah 54:12

The church is most instructively symbolized by a building erected by heavenly power, and designed by divine skill. Such a spiritual house must not be dark, for the Israelites had light in their dwellings; there must therefore be windows to let the light in and to allow the inhabitants to gaze abroad.

These windows are precious as agates: the ways in which the church beholds her Lord and heaven, and spiritual truth in general, are to be had in the highest esteem. Agates are not the most transparent of gems, they are but semi-pellucid at the best:

“Our knowledge of that life is small,

Our eye of faith is dim.”

Faith is one of these precious agate windows, but alas! it is often so misty and beclouded, that we see but darkly, and mistake much that we do see. Yet if we cannot gaze through windows of diamonds and know even as we are known, it is a glorious thing to behold the altogether lovely One, even though the glass be hazy as the agate.

 Experience is another of these dim but precious windows, yielding to us a subdued religious light, in which we see the sufferings of the Man of Sorrows, through our own afflictions. Our weak eyes could not endure windows of transparent glass to let in the Master’s glory, but when they are dimmed with weeping, the beams of the Sun of Righteousness are tempered, and shine through the windows of agate with a soft radiance inexpressibly soothing to tempted souls.

 Sanctification, as it conforms us to our Lord, is another agate window. Only as we become heavenly can we comprehend heavenly things. The pure in heart see a pure God. Those who are like Jesus see Him as He is. Because we are so little like Him, the window is but agate; because we are somewhat like Him, it is agate.

 We thank God for what we have, and long for more. When shall we see God and Jesus, and heaven and truth, face to face?

Beloveth, I want to believe that these mentioned above- faith, Experience and sanctification all increased in measure more than you can ever remember in your entire life.

Remember God has not stop working, He promised to make your window agate, He will not stop until His Word come to pass in your life He did for Mary mother of Jesus, yours is next in line.

Keep the fire burning; keep hope alive, increase in statue as Jesus did. Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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