I will lift up Jesus higher, I will lift up Jesus higher, oooh Jehovah Alpha Omega I will lift up Jesus higher, oooh Jehovah Alpha Omega I will lift up Jesus higher.// Come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good.

Our Father in heaven O! God we thank You we bless Your Holy Name, we adore You we lift You higher, we bless the Name of the Lord, we adore Him, glory alleluia to the King of kings the Lord of lords, the Ancient One, the Beginning and the End, we glorify You, we give You Praise, our alleluia belongs to you forever in Jesus Name.

Alleluia Amen, alleluia Amen, shout alleu, alleu, alleluia, alleluia Amen amen, shout alleu, alleu, allelu, alleluia Amen amen amen!

Beloved, good morning from the throne of grace, Praise be to God on high, thank God for another prayer session, let sing this song together, – The Lord will bless someone today, the Lord will bless someone today, the Lord will bless someone today, there is a miracle on the way. Alleluia!  The Lord will bless someone today, the Lord will bless someone today, the Lord will bless someone today, it may be you, it may be I, it may be someone by your side, it may be you, it may be I, it may be someone by my side alleluia!

Beloveth, I sang this song with every sense of humility for the first time as a Corper during an evangelizing meeting at a female prison during my National Youth service. It was very touchy for me and every time I sing it it bring back memories of that outreach to me.

In the prison there is no plan or hope except miracle and here are group of women, some very old, some middle age and and some very young ones singing that God is going to bless someone today in that gathering it may be you or I as the Lord chooses but they have hope despite the hopeless within the prison wall, these ones have hope of God’s blessing to them!

Wow! I done know what you are passing through, I don’t know what you have decided to do, I don’t know what satan is whispering to your ears and that is bring you to desperate situation but one thing I know is that God is going to bless you and I today beyond our thinking and imaginations in Jesus Name.

Beloved, God is going to answer our prayers today in Jesus Name. Every plans of the enemies to cut short our joy, scuttle the plans of God concerning us by the reason of today prayer session the fire of the Holy Ghost will come down and consumer it all in Jesus Name!

Be alert, be strong, hold firm every Word of prophesy and see God come through for you in Jesus Name. Pray like never before and see power exchanging hands today in Jesus Name!

“Isaac dwelt by the well Lahai-roi.” Genesis 25:11


Hagar had once found deliverance there and Ishmael had drank from the water so graciously revealed by the God who liveth and seeth the sons of men; but this was a merely casual visit, such as worldlings pay to the Lord in times of need, when it serves their turn. They cry to Him in trouble, but forsake Him in prosperity.

Isaac dwelt there, and made the well of the living and all-seeing God his constant source of supply. The usual tenor of a man’s life, the dwelling of his soul, is the true test of his state. Perhaps the providential visitation experienced by Hagar struck Isaac’s mind, and led him to revere the place; its mystical name endeared it to him; his frequent musings by its brim at eventide made him familiar with the well; his meeting Rebecca there had made his spirit feel at home near the spot; but best of all, the fact that he there enjoyed fellowship with the living God, had made him select that hallowed ground for his dwelling.

Let us learn to live in the presence of the living God; let us pray the Holy Spirit that this day, and every other day, we may feel, “Thou God seest me.” May the Lord Jehovah be as a well to us, delightful, comforting, unfailing, springing up unto eternal life. The bottle of the creature cracks and dries up, but the well of the Creator never fails; happy is he who dwells at the well, and so has abundant and constant supplies near at hand.

The Lord has been a sure helper to others: His name is Shaddai, God All-sufficient; our hearts have often had most delightful intercourse with Him; through Him our soul has found her glorious Husband, the Lord Jesus; and in Him this day we live, and move, and have our being; let us, then, dwell in closest fellowship with Him. Glorious Lord, constrain us that we may never leave Thee, but dwell by the well of the living God.

May the Lord help us and constrain us never to leave His Presence in Jesus Name.

Beloved, the Spirit of God is here with us, I want to draw your attention to the way this month has been going most especially this week teaching, we started the week with the consciousness that The Lord is there – Jehovah Shammah (God is with us). Yesterday, we saw All Sufficient God- our Healer, our Provider, our Balm at Gilead, Deliverer and today was not an exception as “The God that seeth us” is in the house Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, is possible your strength is failing and you are giving up, but I want to announce to you, this is not the best time to do that because “The Lord is at hand.”

Hear what God told Moses – I have seen the afflictions of my people in that are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows; (Exo 3:7).

I don’t know who you are but this is what the Lord is saying concerning you. therefore do not give up, don’t be despair, hold on to God He will not fail you, He will not disappoint you, He is sending a Redeemer to you because He has seen your tears, He has seen the afflictions of your taskmaster has subjected you to.

If this message is for you, then your time of remembrance has come so stand firm on the Word of God, keep your hope alive and don’t give up, because the Lord is at hand (Isa 13:6). He will destroy all the works of wicked ones against you. Amen!

Pray for He seeth thee, He will answer.

Thank You Father for the assurance that you seeth us, thank You for answers that will come to us speedily, O! Lord hear us as we pray today in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.