You are a Mighty God the Great I AM, alleluia! alleluia…You are a Mighty God, the Great I AM, alleluia! alleluia…// What a Mighty God we serve, alleluia!!! What a Mighty God we serve…Heaven and earth adore Thee, angels bows before Him, what a Mighty God we serve…..

Excellent Jehovah we worship and adore Thee, We magnify Your Holy Name…alleluia to the King of kings… the Lord of Lord… we Praise and worship Your Holy Name in Jesus Name… Thank you for the gift of another month full of your glory, blessing, and breakthroughs… we are so glad we belong to Father in You is peace and victory, we return to give You Praise honour, adoration in Jesus Name Amen!!!

Beloveth, happy new month… hope you are looking forward to the what says He will do in our midst this month, I cannot wait to leap over walls and run through troops because God is on my side and I cannot give up, I will not be weary because in my weakness I am strong… for the Lord is my strength and in Him is my salvation…I believe that is someone testimony in Jesus Name…

Beloveth this is our first praying meeting for the month, the power of God will manifest greatly in our midst and do the unusual as we pray.

Our topic today is a pointer  to how we pray…do you know your God …the Word of God says they that know their God will do exploits… do you know your God”…Can you remember what God did for you that will make you to stand firm and declare  I know Him, He will still do this one….the three Hebrew boys said we know our God is able to deliver us even if He did not, let be know to you O king we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou has set up  Dan 3:17-18.

So the extent you know your God will determine the extent you will put your trust in Him, believe in Him and relay on Him….(Jn 3:16, Rom 8:32).

Beloveth is not enough to know God by other people’s experiences…it is equally important to know God by your experience, so you must ensure that you establish a relationship with God that will make you have a first- hand knowledge about Him…so that when it looks like a delay, uncertainty, doubt, persecution is coming your way; you will be able to stand like we saw in the lives of the three Hebrew boys- “for we know the God whom we serve is able to …” Praise the Lord!

Beloveth always remember that they that know their God will do exploits alleluia…!!! (Dan 11:32).

Come along with us if you are ready to know the Only True God:

This is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and the One You have sent—Jesus Christ.—John 17:3

Knowing God through experience is radically different than knowing about God from a theology textbook. According to the Bible, you cannot say you know God unless you have experienced Him (Phil. 3:8, 10). Biblical knowledge always involves experience. You may become discouraged because the truths you read about in the Bible are much richer than the reality of your own experience.

If you have not experienced God’s power at work in and through your life, do not settle for a secondhand knowledge of God’s power, rejoicing in what He has done in others. Jesus’ prayer was that you would come to know God and His presence in your life and experience.

Don’t discount the power of God as described in Scripture simply because you have not experienced it. Bring your experience up to the standard of Scripture, never reduce Scripture to the level of your experience. Don’t settle for a head knowledge of God’s love. Jesus prayed that you would experience the depth and width and height of His love and that you would enjoy God’s full and unending love in the day-to-day experiences of your life.

If you sense there are biblical truths that you are not experiencing, keep that truth before you and ask God to bring it into your everyday experience. Ask God if there are any adjustments you need to make in order to receive His promise. Don’t give up on the promises of God, stay with them until you are fully experiencing them.

Beloveth, head knowledge of God is not enough, you have a first-hand experience about God…you have to have real encounter with Him as Jacob did and when he woke up he said “ Surely the Lord is in this place and I knew it not”(Gen 28:16).

Beloveth, let us ask God to make us to know Him depth, width and height of His love and that you enjoy God’s full and unending love in your day- to –day experiences in your life. amen

Father, answer us we pray Thee that you grant our heart desires and enable us experience daily in all our activities in Jesus Name….

Beloved read the following to strengthen your understanding about the God w stand to declare to you – Ps 57:2,-3, 7, Prov 15:29, 2Tim 1:12, Eph 6:18.

Let us pray:

Remain blessed in the Lord.