Life’s Seasons


Our Father in heaven we glorify Your Holy Name we bow down before Thee…our Father in heaven we glorify Your Holy Name we bow down before Thee..// Let the Living water flow over my soul….Let the Holy Spirit come and take control of every situations that troubles my heart all my care and burden unto Thee I come….

Our Father we bow before You..we worship Thee we glorify Your Holy Name…arise O God and take Your place…stretch forth Your hand and defend us where we are weak… in Your mercy remember us and save us O from the fowler’s traps and lead us in Your path of righteous living. Let Your favour locate us Father that our enemies will bow before us in Jesus Name Amen!!!

Beloveth, good morning…how are doing today? Hope you have every reason to Praise God…beloveth let us Praise the Name of God in good times and in bad times…or do I rather said in down times…we have down times more often that we wonder where is God’s faithfulness… Where are His promises?

Satan devices strategies of making us to questioned God rather than to Praise Him…I don’t know if you can identify with what am saying?

What happens when you loses your Job and bills starts piling up, the child fall sick and you cannot take her to a good hospital for proper attention, house rent is due and there is no money to pay…children are sent out from school because you are yet to pay the bill or may never pay… business is down, feeding is by God’s grace…beloveth is only natural to feel sad or upset and you start looking at the other side of life…in some cases satan comes whispering to your spirit alternatives that are never real or solution to the present  problem that will create more in future…

What do you do beloveth? Do you sit down and bemoan what have befalls you or do you look to God in spite of how you feel or what your inner being is saying and tell God, “I still trust You” “I know you will remember me and help me”…”I know that there is nothing impossible for you to do.” The Psalmist said in time of his crises “Lord, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I (Ps 61:2).” At the end of this psalm we saw him saying…O prepare mercy and truth, which may preserve him…so will I sing Praise unto Thy Name forever, that I may daily perform my vows.

Beloveth I take courage and trust in God to declare what the psalmist just said. Don’t forget this man was overwhelmed, he lost has control, he is no more in-charge…he is in pains, still he trusted God and ask for His guidance to a Rock that is higher than him …he want further to promises to Praise His Name in spite of what he is going through ..he also promise to perform his vows to Him… are you still wondering why God announced to everyone that cares to listen that “David” is the man after His heart.

Beloveth, as we topic depicts life’s seasons…. There are seasons in life that we must know as God’s children so that we don’t miss the mark or give satan unnecessary footing in our lives. Praise the Lord…

Let us learn also from the psalmist as such a time when we are overwhelmed to hand our life over to the One Who has the manual and can do all things. He will know what to do but we must learn to handover to Him and wait patiently upon Him too…

Don’t allow yourself to be trap into confusion or be down cast rather lift up your voice and worship…it brings solution faster than you can ever imagine.

Come along for more:

There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven.—Ecclesiastes 3:1

The beauty in the way God designed the four seasons is that, though each one is distinct, they all work together to bring life and growth. Spring is a period of freshness and new life. Summer sees growth and productivity. Autumn is a time for harvesting the rewards of past labors. Winter is the season of dormancy and closure. Each season has its own unique beauty and makes a significant contribution to life.

Just as God planned seasons in nature, He planned seasons in life as well. Life has its springtime, when we begin new things and look excitedly toward the future. Summer comes and we work diligently in the heat of the day at all that God has assigned to us. With autumn comes the fruition of things begun at an earlier time in our lives. Winter brings an end to a particular period in our lives. Sometimes winter brings hardship, but we remain hopeful, for another spring is just around the corner!

In God’s perfect design for our lives, He has planned for times of fruitfulness and activity. He will also build in times of quiet and rest. There will be times when He asks us to remain faithful doing the same work day after day. But there will also be periods of excitement and new beginnings.

By God’s grace, we will enjoy seasons of harvesting the fruit of our faithfulness. By God’s grace we will also overcome the cold winters of heartache and grief, for without winter there would be no spring. Just as it is with the seasons of nature, these seasons in our lives work together to bring about God’s perfect will for each one of us.

Beloveth…you read it all…there are season as it in nature so also it is in life…seasons as ordained by God in our indivdual life will not throw us off balance rather may we through God’s Word and promises stand firm in Him as we go through our challenging times in Jesus Name… may we put our trust in God especially as that time when we don’t know or understand what to do…may God give us wisdom and revelation on the way to go in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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