Jesus, what a Wonder You are, You are so gentle, so good and so kind. You Who shine like a bright morning star, Jesus what a Wonder You Are. // Jesus is a Mighty God, He is Mighty God x2, all powers bow before Him, He is Mighty God x2.

Father, we are declaring that all powers must bow before You in heaven and on earth. No power can stand before the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Have Your way Lord in our lives today. Help us to reverence You all the days of our lives. Help us O Lord not to fail You. Be merciful unto Your children O Lord and let all we do and live for be pleasing unto You Lord in Jesus Name.

Beloved, what a wonderful day we have ahead of us today. Thank God for the showers that are coming from above. We Thank Him, we bless His Holy name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

The month of June is gradually rolling away, but not without impacting our lives individually and as a one body in Christ. I believe that most of us will not forget this month in a hurry for the miracles received and deliverance that only God can do in our lives. Thank You Jesus for being there for us.

Coming our way today is Word from the Throne speaking to us in an accent distinct and clear of what the Lord is doing in most live in this month. Is telling us what and what is going on in the spiritual realm concerning our matters before God.

The Lord is turning round those openings, situation, circumstances which the enemy intended for evil for our good. He is sifting off the chaff and husk that covered us from being useful, profiting, glorious, and honorable in our lives and He is sending down His glory in our lives and making us a wonder that Satan and his agents will see and be shock to death.

The Lord have said be patient and I believe that so many of us are believing God at His word that He has not forgotten us, He is working day and night to put our enemies under our footstool. Beloved our God is Faithful even when we remain unfaithful (Lam 3:25).

Am so glad that He that is in me is greater than he that is in world and He has redeemed His people from everlasting damnation. Praise the Lord.

Let’s get going dear beloved:

“For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth.” Amos 9:9


Every sifting comes by divine command and permission. Satan must ask leave before he can lay a finger upon Job. Nay, more, in some sense our siftings are directly the work of heaven, for the text says, “I will sift the house of Israel.” Satan, like a drudge, may hold the sieve, hoping to destroy the corn; but the overruling hand of the Master is accomplishing the purity of the grain by the very process which the enemy intended to be destructive.

Precious, but much sifted corn of the Lord’s floor, be comforted by the blessed fact that the Lord directeth both flail and sieve to His own glory, and to thine eternal profit. The Lord Jesus will surely use the fan which is in His hand, and will divide the precious from the vile. All are not Israel that are of Israel; the heap on the barn floor is not clean provender, and hence the winnowing process must be performed.

In the sieve true weight alone has power. Husks and chaff being devoid of substance must fly before the wind, and only solid corn will remain. Observe the complete safety of the Lord’s wheat; even the least grain has a promise of preservation. God Himself sifts, and therefore it is stern and terrible work; He sifts them in all places, “among all nations”; He sifts them in the most effectual manner, “like as corn is sifted in a sieve”; and yet for all this, not the smallest, lightest, or most shrivelled grain, is permitted to fall to the ground.

Every individual believer is precious in the sight of the Lord, a shepherd would not lose one sheep, nor a jeweller one diamond, nor a mother one child, nor a man one limb of his body, nor will the Lord lose one of His redeemed people. However little we may be, if we are the Lord’s, we may rejoice that we are preserved in Christ Jesus.

Lord, I know that none give to You will You lose, O Lord remember the those who are perishing even at this time, send rescuers to them that they will not perish but be delivered from the pit of hell we pray Thee O Lord.

Beloved, here is call for us to move into the field and harvest the ripe corns. Do not lag behind lest it will be destroyed by the enemy of our souls. Do not give excuse that will zero out all the Spirit of God is doing in the lives of these ones. Be up and get going. Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, for if those who first received did not run with the message they received, you will not have been saved today, so run to save others who are yet to come into the ark of salvation. Let’s keep going:

“Straightway they forsook their nets, and followed Him.” Mark 1:18


When they heard the call of Jesus, Simon and Andrew obeyed at once without demur. If we would always, punctually and with resolute zeal, put in practice what we hear upon the spot, or at the first fit occasion, our attendance at the means of grace, and our reading of good books, could not fail to enrich us spiritually. He will not lose his loaf who has taken care at once to eat it, neither can he be deprived of the benefit of the doctrine who has already acted upon it.

Most readers and hearers become moved so far as to purpose to amend; but, alas! the proposal is a blossom which has not been knit, and therefore no fruit comes of it; they wait, they waver, and then they forget, till, like the ponds in nights of frost, when the sun shines by day, they are only thawed in time to be frozen again.

That fatal tomorrow is blood-red with the murder of fair resolutions; it is the slaughter-house of the innocents. We are very concerned that our little book of “Evening Readings” should not be fruitless, and therefore we pray that readers may not be readers only, but doers, of the word. The practice of truth is the most profitable reading of it.

Should the reader be impressed with any duty while perusing these pages, let him hasten to fulfil it before the holy glow has departed from his soul, and let him leave his nets, and all that he has, sooner than be found rebellious to the Master’s call. Do not give place to the devil by delay! Haste while opportunity and quickening are in happy conjunction.

Do not be caught in your own nets, but break the meshes of worldliness, and away where glory calls you. Happy is the writer who shall meet with readers resolved to carry out his teachings: his harvest shall be a hundredfold, and his Master shall have great honour. Would to God that such might be our reward upon these brief meditations and hurried hints. Grant it, O Lord, unto thy servant!

Beloved, ‘little foxes that spoils the vine,’ “Delay” is one of the foxes that destroy the vine. Do not delay but hasten lest anyone allotted to be save by you be destroyed before you get there. Start from your own Jerusalem; start from your home. Make haste the Lord bids you lest the night comes suddenly that no one will work again. Heaven is real; Hell is real.

Remain blessed in the Lord.