Glory be to God in the highest Amen… Glory be to God in the highest Amen… For His mercy enduerth forever Amen… For His mercy enduerth forever Amen…// I will call up the Lord… Who is worthy to be Praise… I will glorify the Lord He is worthy to be Praise… hosanna, blessed be Thy Lord… honour to the Lord.. let the Rock ofmy salvation be exalted…x2

Our Father we Thank You, we bless your Holy Name… We adored Thee, We give You Praise.. all Honour, Adoration to You O Lord… Blessed be Thy Holy Name… Thank You Jesus for You are Worthy to be Praise… All glory be to Thee… O Lord for You are Great… Thank You matchless Jesus for there is none to be compared with Thee… Receive our praises O Lord… receive our honour Jesus… let Your Peace rest on us Father… be Thou exalted Unlimited God.. Alleluia!

Our Father we worship You… We glorify Your Holy Name… Thank for the gift of a brand new week… It is blessed in Jesus Name… Everlasting Father, we bow at Your Presence… be Thou exalted unlimited God… Amen…

Beloveth… good morning… how are doing today… Praise the Name of the Lord for His Goodness and for Mercies that enduerth for ever and ever Amen…

Our God is Good all the time and all time our God is good… Beloveth lift up your voice and worship the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the I AM that I AM… Wow… Praise the Name of the Lord… Alleluia…

This is a brand new week with Great Mercies and Favour… Yes! The Goodness of God will journey with us this week and make every crooked path to be straight… Yes!

Beloveth.. I don’t know what are trusting for but hear the word of the Lord… “Listen for signal- when Thou hearest the sound of a going in the top of mulberry trees, than Thou shall bestir thyself: for then the Lord shall the Lord go out before Thee, to smite the host of the philistines…

Beloveth, what is the philistines before thee… you got to listen by paying attention to know when the Lord is ready and He is going before Thee… then you will bestir thou self… and follow Him..

Why… when the Lord go before Thee… He will make every crooked path to be straight… When the Lord   goes before thee, oppositions will bow and give way… When the Lord goes before Thee… He will fight your battles and defeat all your enemies… Alleluia…

I love that man of Calvary… Yes.. He is the Princess of Peace… Elohi, Adonai is His Name… alleluia….

Come along with us for more revelation on this…                   

Listen For the Signal

“And let it be, when thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt bestir thyself: for then shall the Lord go out before thee, to smite the host of the Philistines.” 2Sam. 5:24

There are signs of the Lord’s moving which should move us. The Spirit of God blows where He listeth, and we hear the sound thereof. Then is the time for us to be more than ever astir.

We must seize the golden opportunity, and make the most we can of it. It is ours to fight the Philistines at all times; but when the Lord Himself goes out before us, then we should be specially valiant in the war.

The breeze stirred the tops of the trees, and David and his men took this for the signal for an onslaught, and at their advance the Lord, Himself, smote the Philistines.

Oh, that this day the Lord may give us an opening to speak for Him with many of our friends! Let us be on the watch to avail ourselves of the hopeful opening when it comes. Who knows but this may be a day of good tidings; a season of soul-winning.

Let us keep our ear open to hear the rustle of the wind, and our minds reay to obey the signal. Is not this promise, “then shall the Lord go out before thee,” a sufficient encouragement to play the man? Since the Lord goes before us, we dare not hold back.

Yes… when the Lord goes before us… we dare not hold back… and we can also play the man… as the Lord will be a covering over us… alleluia…

On this note beloveth… May the Lord built a shield around-about you and make you succeed in all undertaking this week in Jesus Name… Amen…

On this note we declare this week blessed in Jesus Name….. And at the end… we shall  return with greater testimonies in Jesus Name Amen… Amen!!!

This is your month of Resounding Joy in Christ Jesus … Laughter will not cease in your camp in Jesus Name… Good-news will be a daily occurrence in your camp in Jesus Name… I see you going higher… moving higher… jumping higher in Jesus Name… Amen!!!

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Remain blessed in the Lord.

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