Father, we adored You, we worship You, thank You for yet another opportunity hear Your Word and be blessed. What is man Lord that You are so mindful of him? Help us each day to know and to do those things that only count in eternity. Help us to remember that we nothing without You, so that we will diligently seek and thirst after You like the bear pant after waters.

Jesus, the Living Water, help us to desire You, to drink from Your Word till we are filled to overflowing. Thank You Jesus, for we cannot thank You enough for You are the Living God. Amen! Amen!!

Beloved, beautiful day I must tell you, thank God for the showers, the air so cool and the atmosphere so calm, glory be to God. We thank You Lord for these wonders of nature that money cannot buy.

Come to think of it, if natural water or rain can give such peace within and outside us, have you ever imagine how much more Jesus, the Living Water can do?

Water, we know are used in doing so many things too numerous to mention, from washing, to cleaning, planting, drinking, smoothing, extinguishing, just name it, all in one package.

Then consider what the Living Water will have in its package, but do we make use of it? We scarcely optimize the benefits in Christ.

So as we pray today, may we ask Jesus to come into our life and fill us to overflowing. Wash us thoroughly and make us whole through the Living Water to enable us fit for the Master’s use:

For My people have committed a double evil:

They have abandoned Me, the fountain of living water,

and dug cisterns for themselves, cracked cisterns that cannot hold water.—Jeremiah 2:13

There should never be “dry spells” in the Christian life. God said that He would be like an artesian well in the life of a believer. Artesian wells bubbled forth with a cold, fresh, never-ending supply of water from the depths of the earth, quenching any thirst and always satisfying. This is the picture of the spiritual refreshment that belongs to the person in whom the Holy Spirit resides.

Have you ever heard people say they are experiencing a dry spell in their Christian life? What are they saying? Are they saying that the Lord ran out of water? It should never cross your mind that the fountain of living waters residing within you should ever be reduced to a trickle. You don’t need to run all over the country trying to find sources of spiritual refreshment. Conferences, retreats, and books can all bring encouragement, but if you are a Christian, the source of living water already resides within you.

Have you exchanged the living fountain for man-made cisterns that cannot hold water? Why would you exchange an artesian well for a broken water tank? Artesian wells do not dry up. Broken cisterns do. If you are experiencing spiritual dryness right now, is it because you have been attempting to find your source of spiritual refreshment from man-made sources, which will fail you every time?

Jesus extended an invitation to you when He said: “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink” (John 7:37). Have you been refreshed by the living water only Jesus can provide? Where can this refreshment be gotten? We can only get it at the feet Jesus, listening to His teaching; on our knees receiving from heaven:


Then Mary took a pound of fragrant oil—pure and expensive nard—anointed Jesus’ feet, and wiped His feet with her hair. So the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil.—John 12:3

Mary seemed drawn to the feet of Jesus. It is not surprising that of all those who followed Jesus, Mary was the one to anoint His feet. The disciples would have their opportunity to show the same love, but pride would prevent them (John 13:12–13). Martha, too, was prone toward acts of service, but she had developed a different kind of relationship with Jesus than Mary had. While Martha had labored on Jesus’ behalf in the kitchen, Mary had joyfully sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to Him teach (Luke 10:38–42).

Because Mary had come to know and love Jesus in this way, she was ready to humble herself and offer this poignant expression of love to Him. Such depth and sincerity of love comes only through spending time in close fellowship with Jesus.

The way we express our love for Jesus depends on the kind of relationship we have developed with Him. Our love for Him will not grow unless we spend time with Him, listen to His voice, and experience His love for us. If we find that our love for Jesus has waned or that we struggle to serve Him, it is a clear sign that we must take time to sit at His feet. We may have been involved in Christian activity on His behalf and yet neglected our relationship with Him.

After we have spent time in intimate fellowship with our Lord, and after we have heard His voice and received His love, we will be prepared to serve Him, even laying down our life for Him if that is what He asks.

Are you ready to pray for the indwelling of the Living Water in You? Do you desire the unbreakable bonding that we unit you and Christ forever? the set time is now, so get on your knees and pray your way through.

May God answer you when you call and grant you your heart desires in Jesus Name! Amen!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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IFEOMA OHONDU is the founder of the MattersoftheHeart foundation, a platform where issues affecting our everyday life are discussed and where necessary proffer solution. She is part of the end time army, who will not break their rank to fulfill the urgent call of God upon her life by declaring His word to the helpless, the doubting, the comfortless and the dying world. The world will experience great restoration and healing in the Word of God through her ministration. She is a voice to emphasize key spiritual truth about Faith, Healing and Encouragement.