I come to say thank You… I come to say thank You…all I have to say is thank You Lord… x2 Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord! All I have to say is thank You Lord… Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! I have to say is thank You Lord!!!// What shall I render! X3 what I render to You O! Lord! I will exalt Your Name and shout alleluia, what shall I render to You O Lord… I will render praises to You… x3 I will exalt Your Name and shout alleluia… I will render praises to You O! Lord!!!

Our Father in heaven, we thank You we bless Your Holy Name… what more can we say to You than to say thank You Lord… Almighty Jehovah… thank You for your love, Kindness, Patient, and peace You shower upon our life… You are Great.

Oooooh You are Great, You do miracle so Great.. There is no one else like you… There is no one else like You… Father You are Great!!! You do miracle so great… there is no one else like You…ooooh Lord there is no one else like You!!!

This has been another great week with the Holy Spirit running our show …Praise the Lord.. sometimes doubt make us vulnerable to the attacks of satan but when we have God as our next door neighbour is easier to shun satan out… to keep up with God through prayer and mediating on His Word… that keeps you firm standing on every Word of God spoken or written that you comes across…

Trusting God beloveth does not just happen overnight… it is a deliberate and intentional walk with God… it keeps us away from sin… and make us strong against every temptation that tries to make us powerless and subtle to the works of darkness … beloveth when we remain committed to the things of God… it is very easy to hear Him speak to us. When you do all these things consistently you will be obedient to God’s “Will” and “Purpose” in our live… it is easier to put away evil away from you… as we can later read below… Amen!!!

Beloveth, to keep yourself in God’s love, you must live holy and stay far away from temptations that way you keep evil far from you…. as God’s child, it is expected that you a live righteously… put on light to douse darkness every where you are…. Our Lord Jesus said you are light of the world … You are also the salt of the world…so our light must shine every where we go… we must live exemplary life style. We must shun evil and let Jesus reign now and forever…in Jesus amen!

Come along with us for more:

You must purge the evil from you.—Deuteronomy 22:21b

It is a dangerous and costly mistake not to take temptation seriously. The sad testimony of many who have succumbed to sin’s enticements is that they thought they were strong enough to remain in the midst of temptation and resist it. God requires that His people remove evil from their midst (Deut. 21:21).

One way to do this is to remove anything in your environment that may tempt you to sin. When wickedness surrounds you, you are in danger of becoming anesthetized to its destructive potential. Never assume that you are immune to temptation. Do not underestimate the craftiness of the evil one.

God does not tolerate evil, for evil cost the death of His Son. Sin causes untold pain and destruction to everyone it touches. Treating evil lightly shows foolish disregard for God’s redemptive work. An honest evaluation of your life will reveal temptations that you should remove, such as some forms of entertainment or ungodly relationships. When God convicts you of evil in your midst, remove it immediately!

There are times, however, when you are powerless to remove ungodly influences, so you must remove yourself from the temptation. Paul urges us to avoid every kind of evil (1 Thess. 5:22). When Joseph was enticed to commit adultery by his master’s wife, he fled immediately! (Gen. 39:12).

Do not lose your abhorrence of sin. Be diligent to keep any form of temptation out of your home, out of your relationships, out of your mind. You can do this only by maintaining your love relationship with God, recognizing that you are powerless to resist temptation in your own strength. You will not be able to walk closely with God unless you see sin as He sees it. Darkness and light cannot coexist. Run from the darkness to the light!

Yes! Darkness and light can never co-exist… Praise Jesus.. What do you need to put away from your life? Lies, stealing, deception, doubts, sexual immoralities, idolatry, beloveth flew away from temptation, never you think you can handle it… satan remain the oldest crook… can easily outsmart you if are not enriched in the Word of God…

Therefore never at easy in Zion… pray always…engage the Holy Spirit all through the day and night lest you fall into temptation and do evil before God… Who is a Holy God…

Our deliverance is secured by the Blood of Jesus … our redemption is  secured. Amen!!!

Have a blissful weekend… see you next week… The power of God is mighty to deliver and to make whole Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Further Reading: 2Pet 1:3-4, 2Cor.6:18, Ps 91:2, 1Tim6:8, 2 Cor.6:2, Matt. 24:44-51, Rom 5, Matt 5:13-16

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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