“She bound the scarlet line in the window.”


When I come into Your Presence am so glad. When I come into Your presence am so glad. In Your Presence there is anointing the Spirit will surround you in Your Presence anointing breaks the yoke// Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus how wonderful You are, You are precious than the morning star! You are brighter, more brighter than the lily that grows by the way, You are precious more precious than gold.

Faithful Father we thank you for the gift of another week You blessed and ordained for us to pass through, we grateful Father, we return all Praise to You, all adoration to You Father. I thank You for many miracles You did for me especially yesterday, You are Wonder Father, I return all the glory You, receive all honour, adoration to Your Name in Jesus Name!!!

Beloveth is another Friday, our PCL, Praise the Living Jesus!!!!!!!! Like Rahab followed the instruction she was given and was saved likewise you and I shall follow the instructions and commandment of God and will also be blessed. Praise the Living Jesus!

At Calvary Jesus suffered for me He loves me I cannot say why!

Is that your song also? On Calvary Hill Jesus died for me and shed His blood for my salvation, glory be to His Holy Name, alleluia somebody!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth I believe we still remember the story of Rahab, the harlot in the city of Jericoh who was counted among the saint by an act of obedience, she obeyed the instruction of the spies and God honour her for honouring Him.

Beloveth if a named harlot will be among the matriarch of our Lord Jesus Christ what about you? What a excuse do you have? Is not time for you to give up your worldly lifestyle like she did and was counted among God’s people. Old things passed away in her life behold all things became new (2 Cor 5:17). If grace worked for this daughter of God in the Old Testament, what about you who is living under the new covenant of grace (shed Blood of the Lamb) in the New Testament?

Beloveth today we shall be considering one of the topics we listed under  the Precious of Blood of Jesus – the Blood : Our Peacemaker and Arbitrator.

Coagulation is one of your blood’s most essential functions. The word “coagulation actually means bring together” or tightening up.” When your blood “tightens up” outside a wound, it forms a scab on your skin. Were it not for coagulation, you would lose your blood through that wound. Of course, if you lost too much blood, you would die – because the life of the flesh is in the blood.

This aspect of blood takes on a whole new meaning in the light of Colossians 1:20 which says of Christ: “ And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.”

Beloveth, the word “reconcile” in this scripture means basically the same thing as coagulate. Reconcile means “to bring together.” We were reconcile, or brought together,” with the Father when Jesus shed his Blood to remove our sins: we became join heir with Christ and at peace with God. we were not only made one with God in heaven, but we also have peace with people on earth.

Beloveth we are going to use this verse of the bible to pray and ask God to reconcile us to himself if we are yet to accept Him as our Lord and personal Saviour and our unbelieving brethrens to Himself, reconcile us to our brethren that we have miss understanding with. Hear a testimony of the author who one of their member got offended after painting one of children’s classroom in the church of which her husband think that the colour is unsightly.

She prayed this Col 1:20 and surprising the woman who usually drop off her phone on hearing their voice called them and apologized to them for her attitude, that she no longer angry.

Since that time, I have been praying Col 1:20 for people with martial problem and even for couples who are divorced or separated. Marriages have been reconciled- brought together by Christ shedding His Blood on the cross. Old wounds have been healed and left behind.

Accordingly to the author, my experiment proved to me that the blood of Jesus is powerful enough to coagulate even the most impossible relationships.

Beloveth, we gonna try this out that is the essence of PCL- Practical Christian Living. We pray it and trust the Blood of Jesus to arbitrate for us as the scarlet line Rahab bind on her window; for which failing to obey will not be be binding on the spies.

Come along for more:

“She bound the scarlet line in the window.” Joshua 2:21

Rahab depended for her preservation upon the promise of the spies, whom she looked upon as the representatives of the God of Israel. Her faith was simple and firm, but it was very obedient. To tie the scarlet line in the window was a very trivial act in itself, but she dared not run the risk of omitting it.

Come, my soul, is there not here a lesson for thee? Hast thou been attentive to all thy Lord’s will, even though some of His commands should seem non-essential? Hast thou observed in his own way the two ordinances of believers’ baptism and the Lord’s Supper? These neglected, argue much unloving disobedience in thy heart. Be henceforth in all things blameless, even to the tying of a thread, if that be matter of command.

This act of Rahab sets forth a yet more solemn lesson. Have I implicitly trusted in the precious blood of Jesus? Have I tied the scarlet cord, as with a Gordian knot in my window, so that my trust can never be removed? Or can I look out towards the Dead Sea of my sins, or the Jerusalem of my hopes, without seeing the blood, and seeing all things in connection with its blessed power?

The passer-by can see a cord of so conspicuous a colour, if it hangs from the window: it will be well for me if my life makes the efficacy of the atonement conspicuous to all onlookers. What is there to be ashamed of? Let men or devils gaze if they will, the blood is my boast and my song.

My soul, there is One who will see that scarlet line, even when from weakness of faith thou canst not see it thyself; Jehovah, the Avenger, will see it and pass over thee. Jericho’s walls fell flat: Rahab’s house was on the wall, and yet it stood unmoved; my nature is built into the wall of humanity, and yet when destruction smites the race, I shall be secure. My soul, tie the scarlet thread in the window afresh, and rest in peace.

Beloveth, let the season makes a way for us in all our Gordian knot in Jesus Name. We must appear “Glorious” at end in Jesus Name. The Blood of Jesus will prevail for us in Jesus Name. After the shedding of Blood on the Cross our Saviour Jesus Christ appeared gloriously on the three days to Mary Magdalene and other of disciples Matt 28:3; same will be your portion in Jesus Name!

Simple obey every Word of God at this season that bring forth the desire miracles in Jesus Name.

Have a blessed glorious weekend; see you on Monday by God’s grace. Love you!

Remain blessed in the Lord.