Glory be to God in the highest Amen! Glory be to God in the highest Amen! For His mercies endureth forever Amen, for His mercies enduerth forever Amen. Who is like unto Thee O Lord! Who is like unto Thee O Lord! among the gods who is like Thee, You are glorious in holiness fearful in praising doing wonders alleluia, doing wonders alleluia.

Unquestionable You are the Lord! Unquestionable You are the Lord, unquestionable, unquestionable, unquestionable You are the Lord. Thank You Lord for all the things you have done. We bless Your Holy Name forever You are Lord! Great and Mighty is the Lord. Faithful Messiah, thank You for the gift of life, thank You for watching over us, we cannot thank you enough for Your goodness and mercies has no end.

Beloved, you better put your trust in God. Have I ever said in this fashion ever since I started this ministry, hear me again, God is good to fail. Faithful is our God, in Him is our refuge and our fortress; He is our strength when we are weak. Our help when are we distress, He is our all in all.

Indeed unquestionable He is our God! All powers bow before Him, I have seen the threat of men and I ran to the temple of my Father and cried unto Him. my Father, who promised never to leave me nor forsake me, He arose me and showed me mercies, He fought my battles and win the war on my behalf and behold my enemy came trembling and bow at the feet of my God. What a Mighty God I serve. His Name is Jehovah, He is Mighty in battle, Great is the Holy One of Israel, glory be to Jesus.

Do I have a witness in the house? In case you are still doubting or you are arguing about Who God is and what He can do. As He is in the beginning, He is now and ever shall be. The God that divided the Red sea is still alive. the God that delivered Daniel is my God. That same God that saved Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego  is still potent. The God that walked upon the sea is here in our midst and He is going to exactly what you want Him to do.

What are those things that You are trusting Him to do, come to with faith and ask of Him to help You. He will do it more than you can ever imagine that He will do. So be clam and know that Jehovah is our God, He will never leave You nor forsake you. Jehovah Shammar is His Name. He will grant you peace on all sides, Praise be His Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Join me as we discovery more about Him below:


Genesis 29:13-30:43, Psalm 10:1-6, Proverbs 2:16-19, Matthew 11:1-19


Stop Arguing!

He says to himself, “I will never be moved—from generation to generation.”—Psalm 10:6


“At life’s core,” says Dr. Larry Crabb, “the real issues are theological issues.” When life is brought down to its irreducible minimum, the issue always is—God. What do we make of Him? How does He fit into our lives?

Have you not found that whenever you make sure God is in His place, everything around you falls into place too? You see things from a different perspective. Solomon describes God as sovereign in Ecclesiastes 6:10. Man “is not able to contend with the One stronger than he,” and the sooner we recognize that the better. A purpose was written into the universe long before we arrived, and though at times it may look as if God is not in control, this is not so. And, he adds, because God is bigger than we are, it is useless to put ourselves in conflict with Him. C. S. Lewis put it well when he said in The Problem of Pain: “To argue with God is to argue with the very power that makes it possible to argue at all.”

How different life would be for us if we would get hold of the fact that God is sovereign and that we are His subjects. God is the Potter; we are the clay. God is omnipotent; we are impotent—relatively speaking, anyway. God is consistent; we are inconsistent. God has a crystal-clear perspective on everything; we more often than not are confused. What is all this saying to us? Arguing against the divine purpose is a waste of time. Better to trust the Almighty; He always knows what He is doing.


My Father and my God, I have gathered some wisdom on my journey through life, but now I pray for the kind of wisdom that is greater and sharper than all earthly wisdom—Your wisdom. Make me a wise person, my Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Pr 2:1-3:35

What are we not to let out of our sight?

What do the wise inherit?

May we like Jesus put our trust in God, doubting not about His power and what He can do for us in every situation. He is always God and will not fail to satisfy us. Glory be to God on high.

Beloved, hold on to your faith, let it not shake as God will indeed be God. Amen!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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