Excellent Jehovah, Wonderful Jehovah there is no one greater than Jehovah love divine. My sister, who is greater than Jehovah love divine? There is on one greater than Jehovah love divine. My brother, who is greater than Jehovah love divine? There is no one greater than Jehovah love Divine.// What a wonderful God, what a glorious God, He has done wonderful things for me,,,,

Our Father in heaven, we Thank You most Gracious God for Your presence in our life and for all the battles of life You are fighting for us. Father, as we yet praise Your Holy Name, You will again lay ambush to our detractors in Jesus Name. Thank You for another successful week that we have gone through, blessed be Thy Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, what a rest-fall week we have here, wishing it continues? We need a little work for the hand to be strong. Are you thanking God for watching over you? When the eye of the Almighty is upon you, you can go to bed with you two eyes close. The Lord keep you during the day and preserve you from the errors that flies at noon day. O my God, no pestilence will come near your dwelling.

Beloved also thank God is Friday and by the grace of God we will be bring your way some interesting teachings as it is our PCL day. So don’t be in a hurry to glance through but take your time as you have one or two things to pick along as you read on.

Beloveth, what are strongholds? What are things that can be a stronghold in an individual’s life or family or community lives? Can it be hereditary? Are you operating under a stronghold? Can there be known or unknown strongholds?

So many things come ready in mind when you see topics like this or come across section where it is been discuss. However, in our teaching’s today, you will be reading about the causes and the remedial. How best to it can be prevented from happening in your life and generations to come if Christ tarries.

Strongholds can come in different dimension. Have you ever come across a word like siege? When an individual is experience such as that, such a person is under a stronghold. Strongholds are enemies of one’s progress both in personal life and in relationship with God.

Beloveth, have you come across the word Cynical? How does it make you feel? All these are things you will be bringing your way today to help your Christian walk.

Knowledge is power. What you don’t know, you may not be able to handle. So come along as you learn more in the package of today.

Let get more in the message below:

“You are not to make a covenant with the people who are living in this land, and you are to tear down their altars. But you have not obeyed Me. What is this you have done?

Therefore, I now say: I will not drive out these people before you. They will be thorns in your sides, and their gods will be a trap to you.”—Judges 2:2–3

God gave the Israelites specific instructions: Drive the Canaanites out of every corner of the land, and obliterate any vestige of their abominable idol worship. This assignment was challenging! Their enemies had formidable chariots. The Canaanites had seemingly impregnable fortresses that were dangerous and difficult to overcome.

The Israelites failed to drive all the Canaanites from the land. Much about the Canaanite lifestyle and religion appealed to the Israelites’ sinful nature. Rather than destroying them and their idolatry, Israel compromised. The Canaanites would prove to be a troublesome distraction to the Israelites. Their idol worship would present a constant temptation.

When you became a Christian, God declared war on sin’s strongholds in your life. Sinful behaviors and attitudes were firmly entrenched in your character, but God commanded you to tear them down. The Holy Spirit pointed out areas of your life that were resistant to God’s will.

Were you tempted to merely establish a truce rather than obliterating every sin? Is anger one of sin’s strongholds? If so, it will rise up against you in moments of weakness. Is there a stronghold of lust in your life? If so, you will succumb to it when caught off guard. In careless moments, these strongholds will still tempt you to continue your past sinful behaviors.

Do not underestimate the destructive power of sin. If there are strongholds in your life that you have never defeated, the Holy Spirit is still prepared to bring you complete victory.

Every reader of this devotional that is under any form of strong hold I decree in the name of Jesus you are set free and you are made whole in Jesus Name. Any power that be that make your life uncomfortable today is their end in your life in the Name of Jesus. Do not open that door again beloved, make progress in your Christian walk and you will be free forever.

Beloveth, have you come across the word Cynical? How does it make you feel? Beloved, like a cancer, this hurtful word operate and paralysis it victims.

When you got born again, you are thought among other things to be good and kind, offer help to those in need and so on and so forth. And here you are doing just that but suddenly some happened and you became withdrawn and vow never to be involve again neither we will you available.

As hurting as this may be. As sad as you may also feel, God is bring healing your way today. You are not only going to be healed, you will also be made whole. If you are the person that heaven is visiting today, please make a joyful noise to the Lord. Lift up your hand and worship Him for He is worthy of your praise.

Come let’s run along as the Holy Spirit is here to help us. The son of man is here with healing in His wings and He is going to touch you now if you will be willing and obedient to what you are going to read hereafter:


My friend, my guess is that you have every reason to be cynical about life! After all, haven’t you been short-changed, not given due respect… exploited, and shunted aside?

Of course you have! But isn’t that how most of us have been treated from time to time?

Sadly, cynicism brings with it the seeds of spiritual paralysis and ineffectiveness in ministering to others…

After all, who wants to be around a bitter, brittle fud who expends his energy decrying life’s injustices?

So how can we avoid this cancer of the soul? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Stop grousing over the way it wasEspecially if you were right.
  • Accept the fact that in time your influence will probably diminish, and you will receive increasingly fewer accolades.
  • Focus on what is right, not on what is wrong.
  • Stay active in ministering personally to others. Getting down and dirty into peoples lives will help keep you fresh and on your knees, and too busy to bother with pampering yourself in cynicism.
  • Affect what you can and should, and then commit the rest to God, keeping in mind that He probably has not yet designated you to be The Chancellor of the Universe.
  • Instead of being a critic of the next generation, be a source of encouragement, and their champion.
  • Dont let unresolved conflicts remain.

Jesus’ response to His unjust treatment should serve as our model:

When they hurled their insults at Him, He did not retaliate; when He suffered, He made no threats. Instead, He entrusted Himself to Him who judges justly.” (1 Peter 2:23)

In observing older people around us, it is apparent that many have become sullen over their situation in life.

QUESTION: Do you plan to be one of them, or one of those rare, joyful, senior citizens around whom young people love to collect?

Given your present mind-set, into which camp do you think you are heading?

Beloved leaving you to give answers to the above question. Have a beautiful weekend. See you next week to the glory of God. don’t forget that obedient to the Word of God is what will bring deliverance from every stronghold no matter how long or how strong they prove to be.

Read Prov 4:18-27, 1:19

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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