You are Excellent eeeee, You are Glorious eeh, You are Excellent e, Glorious e, Excellent eeeee. You are Powerful eeeh, You are Wonderful, You are Powerful eeh, Wonderful he, Powerful eeeee. // Heavenly I will never be tried, Heavenly race I will never be tried, heavenly race I will never be tried, by the grace of God.

Immortal Invisible the Only Wise God, we bow before Your presence today because of Who You are. We reverence You for ever and ever for You are Mighty. We honour You above all because there is none like Thee; none to be compare with Thee. Glorious God wonderful Redeemer, we worship You be thou be exalted in Jesus Name. Thank You for another beautiful day You have made therefore we should rejoice and be glad in it.

Glorious God, we bow before You for the gift of live and health of mind and body, glory be to Your Holy Name forever. Thank You for being God indeed unto us. We return to say “Thank You.”

Beloved, how are you doing this day? Hope you are bouncing in the Lord? Praise the Lord somebody!!!!!!!!!!!

We refuse to be held captive any longer by the Satan and his agents. Beloved, refuse to extend your captivity. Run to God and be with Him until you receive direction of what to do. Linger in God’s house until He speaks forth.

A time of intimacy is what we lack in our relationship with God and often times we pay dearly for it. When challenges comes our way we are at lost at what to do. Why because we do not see it coming, and we have no Word to stand on to dismiss the attack from the pit of hell, so we are either bound or hold captive, because of our lackadaisical attitude towards the things of God.

Sadly these are mogul in the secular world but He/she is spiritual dwarf. (Your mercies Lord).

Beloved, coming our way today is another poser that need our honest answer. It is not to be chorus answer but an individual assessment and answer. There is no success outside God for every good and perfect gift comes from Him alone. Some may be wealthy and have affluence but is it from God.

Is that blessing from God or it was gotten in an ill way? The truth is that they will never be generous with their gifts because they are sitting on a gun powder that can explode at anytime. (this is not our concern in today’s ministration).

However, is good to note that success comes with various prices. Whether good or bad. A minister who do not take time to train his/her children in the way of the Lord will reap a bad harvest. So whether you are in the secular or in the church, we must obey God’s instruction with regards of the Lord in training our children else there are consequences of such neglects.

Also as we climb the ladder of success in our career, how well are we doing in our spiritual life? Don’t run all the way without God else you will regret it. Sometime the God of providence allow same structure we have built to collapse before our eyes and we like Solomon will lament vanity upon vanity all is vanity. May that not be your or mine portion in Jesus Name.

This is a clarion call for us to wake up and make sure we are growing at both side. Not easy though but if you keep God ahead of you, He will always direct your path.

The God that giveth wealth and add no sorrow to it, is the God I am talking about. God will not make sorrow over His blessings in your life if you are humble enough to return same to him.

Someone is asking how will I return same to God? By tithing and by giving offerings and help. If you agree with me that you are a child of purpose. I also want you to agree with me like Esther God made you and place you were you are at such a time like this for a reason.

Now you must go to God always to find out what is required of you at each point in time. You must be responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit else you will miss it. That will not be your portion in Jesus Name.

The interesting thing about God is that His purpose will never be hindered. If you refuse to be use of Him, He will raise another that will deliver His purpose.

Last week Friday, we sang this song, if you can use anything Lord, You can use me” so be very mindful that our God can use anything, so if He decide to use you then is a privilege.(Jonah 1 :1-16) read verse (17) very carefully.

What is written thereof? Since Jonah refuse to obey God willing, God exercised His sovereignty over him. Discover more from the bible.

So as you go through this season of rejoicing, be careful that God is with you all the way. Do not toss Him aside, spend them with Him in your closest. Offer prayers now and then. When you are face with a hard task, call on Him to lead you, not forgetting to thank Him for the common blessings because it is not common.

Come on with me as we discover more:


“If Your presence does not go,” Moses responded to Him, “don’t make us go up from here.”—Exodus 33:15


It is possible to experience success and yet be void of God’s presence. If success is what is important to you, you may be tempted to choose accomplishments over your relationship with God. God offered to send an angel with the Israelites as they entered the Promised Land to ensure their success in every venture. No army could withstand them. No city wall could stop them. The wealth of the land lay before them. Everything they had ever dreamed of appeared to be theirs for the taking. The only thing missing would be the presence of God. God said they were an obstinate people, and He would not go with them when their hearts were far from Him.

The Israelites’ experience reveals that victory and great accomplishments are not necessarily a sign of God’s presence. Do not assume that your good health, your profitable business, or the growth of your ministry is due to the presence of God. It may be that you have inadvertently chosen success over your walk with the Lord.

Moses wisely concluded that success, no matter how great, is not a substitute for fellowship with God. Moses knew how quickly worldly achievements could disappear. His security came from his relationship with God. Success in the world’s eyes is not a sign of God’s blessing. It may, in fact, indicate that you have chosen a substitute for intimate fellowship with God.

Would you be satisfied to have success, power, and wealth, but not a relationship with God? Do you value God’s presence in your life more than the greatest achievements you could experience in the world?

Beloved, did you read this “It may be that you have inadvertently chosen success over your walk with the Lord.”

May God have mercy upon us, that we will not choose success over our relationship with Him in Jesus Name.

Discover more:

 Success… But At What Price?


During World War II, a friend’s father held office in London, returning occasionally to the United States to visit his family.

During one of his brief stays, his father noticed that he was playing sandlot baseball without a mitt. So he promptly went out and purchased one. The only problem was that the mitt was right handed and his son was a lefty.

You guessed it: A close bond did not exactly exist between this father and his eight year old son. Imagine: A father not knowing whether his son was right or left handed!

In the business world, this dad was respected and recognized as a “success.” At home however, he was an abysmal failure, having sacrificed his family for his career.

Last night my wife and I dined with a couple whose twenty-three year old daughter is being held by the authorities on felony charges.

During the course of the meal, the father (also a “successful” businessman) related how he had sacrificed his children during their formative years for his career. To compensate for his failings, he and his wife routinely indulged their offspring by catering to their slightest whimsical desires, while continually rescuing them from the consequences of any deviant behavior.

The results? Agonized parents whose daughter views them with great disdain, while facing the strong probability of spending several years in jail.


May I ask you some questions?

  • Does your spouse feel you are spending adequate time with the children?
  • Are you aware that “quality” time with your offspring rarely occurs without the requisite “quantity” time?
  • Judging by the quality of your present emotional bond with your children, are you developing in them a healthy sense of self-worth, or do they feel by your emotional or physical absence that they are not worthy of your time?
  • If you are blowing it with your kids, what is the core issue you are choosing to not deal with: Pride? Fear of failure? Greed? Or what?

Discipline (Literally: Instruct, correct, reform and reprove) your son, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to his deathA foolish son brings grief to his father and bitterness to the one who bore him.” (Proverbs 19:18; 17:25)

 Beloved, let us not be wise in our own eyes but always seek out God in every inch of our step. I believe God is ministering to me and someone who is also asking God lately about his/her relationship with Him.

Ask the Holy Spirit to discover where you have miss it and make amend. Are you placing priorities or neglecting what is important, it is time to retrace your steps and get it right.

Do not neglect your quite time for any reason. Always first thing first. If you cannot make it in the morning, ask the Holy Spirit to help you and before you know it you having a sweet communion with God and you will be glad you did.

Holy Spirit guide us and lead us in the way to go, so that will not juxtapose our relationship with God with earthly success in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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