The Father Draws You


Everlasting Father, everlasting Son, Immortal Holy Ghost be Thou glorified. Everlasting Father, Everlasting Son, Immortal Holy Ghost be Thou glorified.// Unquestionable, You are the Lord. Unquestionable, You are the Lord. Unquestionable, Unquestionable, Unquestionable You are the Lord.

Our Father in heaven, we thank You, we blessed Your Name, we glorify You, we blessed Your Holy Name! Receive all glory, all honour, all adorations in Jesus Name. Blessed Redeemer, we thank You, for another opportunity to be everything You have made us to be. I believe Your Hand will bring it pass, nothing can stop the Hand of God concerning me.

Beloved, good morning! How was your weekend? Hope great. Glory be to God in the highest. Am sure many are celebrating God’s goodness over their lives and situations as result of last week ministration especially on Friday’s teaching. Praise God.

This week will not deliver less by the grace of God, we will be fill with both power and anointing. The Lord will give us both grace and glory to function this week in Jesus Name. Nothing will hinder us. No power or fear nor circumstance will be strong enough to hinder us.

To the glory of God the topic before us this week is such a wonderful one. “The Father draws you.” Wow! This is among the great sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ and it also a lesson to us. The Father make the ground fertile for the farmer or the sower. Are still wondering why that boss, son, husband, wife, in-law has not yet given his/her life to Jesus?

You will find the answer in the teaching of today. you will have relief and you will keep trusting God to do the needful and Holy Spirit to help you to get the person convicted because it only God through the workings of the Holy Spirit  that can do that.

The coming of our Lord Jesus into this world was in obedience to the will of His Father. Jesus did not come on His own accord but by the consent of His Father. His acceptance to break the “seal” is the salvation we are celebrating today.

What a love that the Saviour has shown unto us that while we are yet sinners, He died for us. God’s love is incomprehensible. Like I said last Friday, when you meditate on God’s kind of love, you will begin to see how wide and long and high and deep His love is and the good news is that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

My prayer for you on today’s teachings is the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom, understanding and the necessary knowledge to read and apply this teaching in your live and situations. Cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He led you on where He wants to use you. Use it as a guide as we walk through this year and the Spirit of God will help you as the day go by in Jesus Name.

Come on with me as we discover more from today’s teaching:


He said, “This is why I told you that no one can come to Me unless it is granted to him by the Father.”—John 6:65


Throughout Jesus’ ministry on earth, He never seemed intimidated by the crowds. Instead, He looked into the multitudes and focused on those whom His Father was sending to Him. Jesus knew that because of sin, no one naturally seeks after God. Sinful man’s inclination is to hide from God, rather than to come to Him (Gen. 3:8; Ps. 14:1–3). Therefore, whenever Jesus saw that the Father was drawing a person to Himself, Jesus immediately began relating to that person.

Jesus observed the great lengths to which the despised tax collector, Zacchaeus, had gone in order to see Him pass by. In response, Jesus immediately left the crowd and spent time with this man in whom the Father was obviously working (Luke 19:1–10). When Jesus noticed a man following after Him, Jesus spoke to Andrew, “Come!” (John 1:39). Every time the disciples experienced a new insight into the truths of God, Jesus recognized that it was the Father who had been at work in their lives (Matt. 16:17).

As the multitudes gathered around Jesus, He spoke some truths that were difficult for the people to grasp (John 6:60). So challenging were His words that many of His listeners departed, but Jesus did not become discouraged. He saw that the Father was working in the lives of His disciples, and that is where Jesus invested His time.

As you desire to spend time alone with Jesus, recognize that this is the Father drawing you to His Son. You do not seek quiet times with God in order to experience Him. The fact that He has brought you to a place of fellowship with Him is evidence that you are already sensing His activity.

As you read the Scriptures and pray, trust that God will honor your response to His leading by teaching you more about Himself.

Jesus worked in obedience with His Father while He was here on earth. We are also call to such obedience. Are you willing to do same? Are you willing to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He works out your salvation and that of those you are trusting Him for? Praise the Lord!

“The Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.” 1John 4:14


It is a sweet thought that Jesus Christ did not come forth without His Father’s permission, authority, consent, and assistance. He was sent of the Father, that He might be the Saviour of men. We are too apt to forget that, while there are distinctions as to the persons in the Trinity, there are no distinctions of honour.

We too frequently ascribe the honour of our salvation, or at least the depths of its benevolence, more to Jesus Christ than we do the Father. This is a very great mistake. What if Jesus came? Did not His Father send Him? If He spake wondrously, did not His Father pour grace into His lips, that He might be an able minister of the new covenant? He who knoweth the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost as he should know them, never setteth one before another in his love; he sees them at Bethlehem, at Gethsemane, and on Calvary, all equally engaged in the work of salvation.

O Christian, hast thou put thy confidence in the Man Christ Jesus? Hast thou placed thy reliance solely on Him? And art thou united with Him? Then believe that thou art united unto the God of heaven. Since to the Man Christ Jesus thou art brother, and holdest closest fellowship, thou art linked thereby with God the Eternal, and “the Ancient of days” is thy Father and thy friend. Didst thou ever consider the depth of love in the heart of Jehovah, when God the Father equipped His Son for the great enterprise of mercy? If not, be this thy day’s meditation.

The Father sent Him! Contemplate that subject. Think how Jesus works what the Father wills. In the wounds of the dying Saviour see the love of the great I AM. Let every thought of Jesus be also connected with the Eternal, ever-blessed God, for “It pleased the Lord to bruise Him; He hath put Him to grief.”

For “It pleased the Lord to bruise Him; He hath put Him to grief.” how often we murmur when we suffer a little hardship on behalf of our savior or for the sake of our faith. May God help to run this race and run it to the end.

As we start the week learning about the obedience of Christ, may we learn to obey God in all His directives in Jesus Name.

This week is declared blessed in Jesus Name. We walk through it and return with testimonies at the end in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord!

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