What a Mighty God we serve, what a Mighty God we serve, Heaven and adore Thee, angels bow before Thee, what a Mighty God we serve. I surrender, I surrender all, O I surrender, I surrender all, all to Thee my blessed Saviour I surrender all.

Yes! Father we surrender all to Thee for you are our God, creator of heaven and earth. All power belong to You alone Who is worthy of our Praise. Great are You Lord, You are greatly to be Praise. How excellent, how Wonderful are You Lord. Thank You for the gift of this month, thank You for miracles, healings, deliverances, for all that You have done to all that believe and trust in You. Indeed we cannot thank you enough for Your Mighty power at work in our lives and situation.

I choose to reverence greatly for giving us Your Son, Who came and die that we may live. Thank You Jesus for walking upon water, after Thee it has not been recorded that man has ever walked upon water. I salute You Father in heaven above and God over our lives, let Your Name be Praise forever and ever.

Beloved, is been a wonderful month. All through the month, it has been an exciting moments and we cannot but thank God for what He has done, is doing and will forever continue to do in our life and situation. Praise God.

I have a miracle in my life; I have a testimony in my life is a song I love so much. Because beloved, it is by grace alone not by works least any man shall boost. God is the only One Who can do all things and I always wants to lean on Him Who command and it comes to pass. He speaks and the earth quakes. Praise the Lord somebody!!!!!!!

Beloved, we are ending the month on a very remarkable and interesting note, why or how someone just asked. Because we are going to end the month with prayer. What a wonderful way to end and start a new month.

However, before we are going to go in today’s business to discuss prayer, there is are two important issue we must discuss or bring to your notice. The theme of this year has been given to us and we must align ourselves and position ourselves to profit from it. It must not be catchy or a slogan rather it must a Living Word in our life. It must rheme in our lives and situation. Praise God!

We must overcome. That is our Ministry Name –that should be our way of life. We are overcomer and therefore must always overcome everything or situation come what may. The Spirit of God in man is positioned to deliver and to make whole. Praise God!

Now what I want us to mediate therein is when God gives us a promise how soon do you want it to come to pass? Note I did not say “when God wants to make a promise to you.” I said, “When God have made a promise how soon do you want the manifestation in your life? Praise God!

Earlier in the year, I had a discussion with a friend and a sister, she said something that was striking to me. She said “my dear in our prayer this morning, we cut a revelation and I asked her further and she said, they cut a revelation that even though a Word or promise has gone forth, when you experience that promise is of importance too.

Beloved that cut my attention and sincerely I went to God in prayer in that understanding and a light break forth and my prayers were answered and I Pet 2:6 became a reality in my life too.

Let me paint a scenario for you, imagine a man who had this understand quite early while growing up, he righteous before God and know He knows his redemption right in the Lord therefore he advance at the right time in life and at the end of his life he lived a very successful life at his ripe age. Compare same with a man who does not have this revelation or understanding and was struggling through life though close to his ripe age situation turn around and he started living a successful life. which will you prefer to live with an understanding of who you are in Christ and a successful or live struggling all through your life only for things to turn around when you close to your grave.

Beloved thank God for this revelation as you it came quite early in the year and we must run with that understanding so that we live victoriously every day, every week, every month all making up the twelve months of this year. Praise God.

The second thing I also want to share with you is that by works no man prevail. It is by grace you are save and that grace is meant to preserve you and keep you. So we must be careful how we live. We must not give satan any footing to torment our live this year. We must seal off every point where the accurse of the brethren will find occasion to accuse you and make you venerable when Jesus has already empower you to do exploits in His Name Praise God.

All what am discussing with you you will further read in the message but for emphasis sake you and I must hold on to this ministration as we walk our path through the year.

Now our duty today is to pray to God to make His promises to come to pass in our live early. Imagine if you are to be in an occasion for 12 O’clock in the noon and it start to rain and eventually you are able to make it to the veune by 4pm, what on earth do you think you will benefit at such event? You may be lucky to get some food and drink but the main reason would have been delivery long before you get there and you can never be the same with someone who was seated before the beginning of that event.

Therefore we must pray this prayer very well, O! Lord satisfy early! You may not understand the magnitude of this prayer, imagine a situation where you were unable to pay your children’s school fees and while other are in school, they were at home with you and someone who is owning you refuses to pay and as such you don’t have access to the cash though in paper you have money, and towards the period of the exams your debtor credited your account with the money of what use is the money to you at that time compared if he had paid you early what you would have achieved with it.

Beloved, you have been looking for job since after graduation and you mates have gotten jobs, some married with kids and you are still living with your parents and in some occasion have to ask for mobilization fees from them from time to time. You better pray this prayer very well.

What about a woman who has been married for long without the fruit of the womb when those who are you mates are giving their children in marriage you are still doing school runs if you have gotten blessed by then, my sister, my brother go on your kneels or any position that will give you comfort and pray until you get answer from above.

Ask God to satisfy you early so that your joy will be full. Throw down every thoughts or imagination that is trying to say otherwise to you as you are reading this ministration. I got that in my spirit and I want to tell you that is a great difference between “long suffering” and God answering your prayers early. That is the virtue from the Holy Spirit and one of the fruit of the Spirit no doubt but it has nothing to do with what we are discussing here right now. Stop listening to the lies from the pit of hell. Stop Satan from manipulating your destiny, rebuke him in the Name of the Lord Jesus and take your victory.

You must testify. What I am discussing with is written remember what we discussed few day ago concerning “the penetrating word of God.” if it written then you must partake of that promise. Praise God!

Open Ps 90:14, read out what is written there. Sorry am not going to write it here. I want you to search it out then read it out to yourself and mediate on it. Remember Rom 10:17. Praise God!

So are you ready to pray now! Is only one prayer point Lord satisfy early (mention your heart desire). Let us get it the massages for the day then go to pray:


“To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.” Rev. 2:7


No man may turn his back in the day of battle, or refuse to go to the holy war. We must fight if we would reign, and we must carry on the warfare till we overcome every enemy, or else this promise is not for us, since it is only for “him that overcometh.”

We are to overcome the false prophets who have come into the world, and all the evils which accompany their teaching. We are to overcome our own faintness of heart, and tendency to decline from our first love. Read the whole of the Spirit’s word to the church at Ephesus.

If by grace we win the day, as we shall if we truly follow our conquering Leader, then we shall be admitted to the very center of the paradise of God, and shall be permitted to pass by the cherub and his flaming sword, and come to that guarded tree, whereof if a man eat, he shall live for ever.

We shall thus escape that endless death which is the doom of sin, and gain that everlasting life which is the seal of innocence, the outgrowth of immortal principles of God-like holiness.

Come, my heart, pluck up courage! To flee the conflict will be to lose the joys of the new and better Eden; to fight unto victory is to walk with God in Paradise.

Yes! We are to fight unto victory. Jesus has won the war but if you ignorant you will stay down till you see yourself in heaven but I will rather live victoriously here and enter heaven like a brave (brilliant) solider not like a coward. Praise God!

Talking about grace, come and along to see what grace can do in a man’s life. Abram lived his 75 years without a record of living in his own house. Are you understanding what we are discussing above? Until God’s grace locate him, he was living in his Father’s house with his wife and no child to call his own. But when “Grace” met him. God changed his statue by changing his Name and bless him effortlessly. God show case His glory in the life of Abraham and his wife despite their inadequacies. The blessing of God in his life became a generational blessing just because of grace. Praise the Lord!

After today’s prayer, the Spirit of God will open your eyes of understanding. You must receive a revelation that will set you apart to testify of God’s abundant mercies, goodness and loving kindness come the end of this year.

But you must pray to enter it to it early, if it happens in December because that will be just 30days to another great promise from the Lord while we have been cruising in it for eleven month before then. Wow! Come on let’s discover more:

Ever Have A Tough Time Accepting The Grace Of God For Your Life?


Do I have good news for you!

Consider a couple of classic failures and how God graciously dealt with them:


  • God tells him that his 90 year old wife is going to bear a child. (See Genesis 17:16)
  • Abraham falls on his face and laughs (literally “mocks,” “scorns”), saying, “Will Sarahbear a child?” (Genesis 17:17)
  • In the following chapter God says of Abraham: He “will surely become a great and mighty nation, and in him all the nations of the earth will be blessed, for I have chosen him.” (Genesis 18:18)



  • God names Sarah “Princess,” “You (Abraham) shall call her Sarah… “(Literally, Princess) (Genesis 17:15)
  • God tells Abraham that within a year Sarah will bear a son. (Genesis 18:10)
  • Sarah, who is within earshot, also laughs, “Shall I indeed bear a child when I am so old?” (See Genesis 18:12, 13)

Imagine: God names Sarah “Princess” with the full knowledge that she will soon mock His promise to give her a son.


 It is obvious that God, in His great love and grace chooses and uses less than perfect people. People who are in the process of becoming.

So the next time you are inclined to write yourself off as an unqualified candidate for His grace, keep in mind blundering Abraham and Sarah, and God’s grace in dealing with them.

 “Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” (Romans 5:20)

I believe the Lord has bless you today through this great piece he sent our way. Thank for the blessings and His guidance all through this month. Pray as you have been directed and the Lord will honour you.

Don’t forget to Praise Him for His lovingkindness towards you and you will see your light break forth as the dawn of the morning. Glory be to Him on high.

Father, according to your Word in Jer 33:3 answer us as we pray in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, you are overcomer therefore live as such. We must live victoriously according to God’s Word to us this year.

See you next month and pray that the Spirit of God will be alive and abide with us in this ministry as we walk out our salvation and be ready when the trumpet shall sound. Praise the living Jesus! Alleluia!

Remain ever blessed in the Lord.