What a Mighty God we serve, what a Mighty God we serve, heaven and earth adore thee, angels bow before Thee, what a Mighty God we serve.// Lord You are so good, You are so Kind Mighty Jesus I worship You, You are so kind.

Faithful God we bless You, we worship You we adore You, there is none like thee. Let glory, honour be yours forever in Jesus Name. Merciful Jesus we worship You, we adore You forever. Forgive us all our trespasses, cleanse us from all unrighteousness, purge us and make us whole in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are doing? Hope you doing fine? Glory be to God. Greater Glory is not by  luck, or chance neither is it by error. Greater glory is a gift you receive by fully engaging in the work of your master. It is endue from above as you faithfully engage your Spirit in seeking the Lord. It is endue upon you as you faithfully engage in saving souls from perishing.

For God made Him sin without sin so that you having receive the gift salvation will also engage in saving others from going down to hell.

It so important we establish this background before the end of this month else we may not have the opportunity of capturing it thereafter.

So be ready to live as Jesus live and be ready also to disciple others as this is the will of God and is pleasing to your Father Who art in heaven. Beloved, Paul was a man of great zeal for his Fathers work by killing those that is confessing the Lord Jesus as their Lord. But a time came, God call him out from that destructive path and call him into his marvelousness light to preach to the gentiles (Gen. 1:13-16).

We have started a series on service. We will also be bringing your way series that will help your Christian race. So fully be alert as we fully engage all the nozzles in making theme of the year a reality in our life as we move on. Glory be to God in the highest.

Beloved are tired of trying things out and struggling to make it work? I have good news for you the Lord is here today to grant rest to you. There is rest that the Lord gives. We not are not to labour to enter into it. It has been granted to all who have given their lives to Jesus.

However, if you are yet to give your life to Jesus. You have an opportunity to do that right now so that you too will enter into rest prepared for you by Jesus by clicking here.

Beloved, there is rest for everyone who ready to live as Jesus did.

Ask God to help you by taking away from you cares of this world and vanity that is associated with things of this world. I pray for you, may the Hand of the Lord be risen upon you for good and help you in Jesus Name.

Let get into today’s studies:

“There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.” Hebrews 4:9


How different will be the state of the believer in heaven from what it is here! Here he is born to toil and suffer weariness, but in the land of the immortal, fatigue is never known. Anxious to serve his Master, he finds his strength unequal to his zeal: his constant cry is, “Help me to serve Thee, O my God.”

If he be thoroughly active, he will have much labour; not too much for his will, but more than enough for his power, so that he will cry out, “I am not wearied of the labour, but I am wearied in it.” Ah! Christian, the hot day of weariness lasts not for ever; the sun is nearing the horizon; it shall rise again with a brighter day than thou hast ever seen upon a land where they serve God day and night, and yet rest from their labours.

Here, rest is but partial, there, it is perfect. Here, the Christian is always unsettled; he feels that he has not yet attained. There, all are at rest; they have attained the summit of the mountain; they have ascended to the bosom of their God. Higher they cannot go. Ah, toil-worn labourer, only think when thou shalt rest for ever! Canst thou conceive it?

It is a rest eternal; a rest that “remaineth.” Here, my best joys bear “mortal” on their brow; my fair flowers fade; my dainty cups are drained to dregs; my sweetest birds fall before Death’s arrows; my most pleasant days are shadowed into nights; and the flood-tides of my bliss subside into ebbs of sorrow; but there, everything is immortal; the harp abides unrusted, the crown unwithered, the eye undimmed, the voice unfaltering, the heart unwavering, and the immortal being is wholly absorbed in infinite delight.

Happy day! happy! when mortality shall be swallowed up of life, and the Eternal Sabbath shall begin.

Let keep going;


“Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken Thou me in Thy way.” Psalm 119:37


There are divers kinds of vanity. The cap and bells of the fool, the mirth of the world, the dance, the lyre, and the cup of the dissolute, all these men know to be vanities; they wear upon their forefront their proper name and title. Far more treacherous are those equally vain things, the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches.

A man may follow vanity as truly in the counting-house as in the theatre. If he be spending his life in amassing wealth, he passes his days in a vain show. Unless we follow Christ, and make our God the great object of life, we only differ in appearance from the most frivolous. It is clear that there is much need of the first prayer of our text. “Quicken Thou me in Thy way.”

The Psalmist confesses that he is dull, heavy, lumpy, all but dead. Perhaps, dear reader, you feel the same. We are so sluggish that the best motives cannot quicken us, apart from the Lord Himself. What! will not hell quicken me? Shall I think of sinners perishing, and yet not be awakened? Will not heaven quicken me? Can I think of the reward that awaiteth the righteous, and yet be cold? Will not death quicken me? Can I think of dying, and standing before my God, and yet be slothful in my Master’s service?

Will not Christ’s love constrain me? Can I think of His dear wounds, can I sit at the foot of His cross, and not be stirred with fervency and zeal? It seems so! No mere consideration can quicken us to zeal, but God Himself must do it, hence the cry, “Quicken Thou me.” The Psalmist breathes out his whole soul in vehement pleadings: his body and his soul unite in prayer. “Turn away mine eyes,” says the body: “Quicken Thou me,” cries the soul. This is a fit prayer for every day. O Lord, hear it in my case this night.

Beloved, are you asking God to take away your eyes from vanity? Everything that hitherto distract you must be put under your feet by Jesus so that you will serve God with whole heart and be rewarded in Jesus Name. We cease today to fulfill the lust of flesh, and the lust of the eyes and vain glory of life. Beloved walk in the Spirit, and yea shall not fulfil flesh’s lust (1Jn 2:16; Gal 5:16)

I decree peace into your life such peace that Jesus gives, receive in Jesus Name (Jn 14:27). Enter into the rest of your Father as promise us when you make Him the Author and Finisher of your life. Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

Remember And God is able to make all grace abound unto you; that ye, having always all sufficiency in everything, may abound unto every good work. 2 Cor 9:8 (ASV)



Remain blessed in the Lord.


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