I have seen the goodness and compassion. I have seen the Lord goodness alleluia Praise the Lord! I have seen the goodness and compassion. I have seen the Lord goodness alleluia Praise the Lord! Come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good. There is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good. He gave me victory, He gave me peace of mind, come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good.

Father You are so good! be Thou exalted Lord above the earth, O Lord! You are so good!  be Thou exalted Lord above the  earth. Oooh Lord, You are so good be Thou exalted Lord above the earth, O Lord! You are so good, be Thou exalted Lord above the earth.

Excellent Jehovah, Wonderful Jehovah, there is no one greater than Jehovah Lord divine. Thank You Father for another beautify day You have made and said we should rejoice and be glad in it. Ancient days we worship You we glorify Your Holy Name. we give You Praise, adoration to Your Holy Name. Be Thou exalted, be Thou exalted, be Thou exalted Immanuel, Be Thou exalted, be Thou exalted, be Thou exalted Immanuel.

Have Your way again in this week, come and do that which no man can do. Multiply Your grace upon our life, help us as the day go by to live as true children of God! we give You Praise, we adore You, we glorify You both now and forever Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Beloved, how was your weekend? Can you testify the goodness of the Lord upon your life? Has the Lord been faithful to you? Did He show up this weekend? Praise the Lord!!!!!

My weekend was good? I can testify of the Lord goodness in my life and my families. His faithfulness is second to none, I raise my hands in worship and I kneel at His presence to say “Thank You Lord!”

Beloved, if you have nothing to be grateful about, I want you to appreciate God for the gift of life and vitality. Yes! Appreciate and sing melodious songs to adore the King of kings, Who preserved your live in the midst of all the evil in the world. Praise His Holy Name, exalt him far above every other gods even in that seeming worst situation, acknowledge His faithfulness. One thing is sure “God can never fail.”  Another important thing to note about God is that “God cannot lie”

Why is the above saying true about the God because both are the nature of God. To be Faithful is natural to Him. To be truthful is natural to Him. There is no turning of shadow from Him. He is Constant and He has the ability to perform what He said. Beloveth, if there is any trying time in human history or in our time is now but it is not unknown to God.

He knows the end from the beginning that is why He will reveal to us if we are paying attention and if we are keeping watch. For us as a ministry God prepared us ahead of time and at the end He promised to go ahead of us (can you still remember our new year ministration?) take time to go through. The Lord promised his presence shall go ahead of us because He knew the evil the wicked ones have planned to lunch in the year.

Therefore He instructed us to have a seven powerful Praise- gate which we did every Saturday until we completed it and I have a conviction my heart that the Lord received it as a sweet smelling savour and as a result He gave us a promise of glory. While the people of the world are wailing; you and I will be moving from glory to glory! Praise the Lord. In God’s Presence is protection and provision. When the Lord goes ahead of you and I will fear any evil? Will you lack any good thing? Of course not, because He knows what to do at each point in time.

Belovedth, this month will end on a good note for you and I and as many that believe in God Almighty. He will make every crooked path straighten; in the midst of fear God will encourage you. We will lack no good thing. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!

He is our hope and our comfort in the day of evil, therefore put your hope in Him, don’t be pre-occupied with the negative news that are parading all over the places, it is not for us, we take our news from the Word of God and therefore be encouraged in every promised that the Lord has spoken to you or you have read that is applicable to your situation or the case before.

Healing is the children meat Jesus said; therefore claim it for yourself and your family. Run under the shadow of the Most High God and be safe.  You will hear with ears and see with your eyes but none of these plagues will come near your dwelling place. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you are going through a turbulent time, don’t worry, the Lord is just pruning you and afterward you will bear much fruit. Come along and read the more and be encouraged:

“Thou art my hope in the day of evil.” Jeremiah 17:17

The path of the Christian is not always bright with sunshine; he has his seasons of darkness and of storm. True, it is written in God’s Word, “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace;” and it is a great truth, that religion is calculated to give a man happiness below as well as bliss above; but experience tells us that if the course of the just be “As the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day,” yet sometimes that light is eclipsed.

At certain periods clouds cover the believer’s sun, and he walks in darkness and sees no light. There are many who have rejoiced in the presence of God for a season; they have basked in the sunshine in the earlier stages of their Christian career; they have walked along the “green pastures” by the side of the “still waters,” but suddenly they find the glorious sky is clouded; instead of the Land of Goshen they have to tread the sandy desert; in the place of sweet waters, they find troubled streams, bitter to their taste, and they say, “Surely, if I were a child of God, this would not happen.”

Oh! say not so, thou who art walking in darkness. The best of God’s saints must drink the wormwood; the dearest of His children must bear the cross. No Christian has enjoyed perpetual prosperity; no believer can always keep his harp from the willows. Perhaps the Lord allotted you at first a smooth and unclouded path, because you were weak and timid.

He tempered the wind to the shorn lamb, but now that you are stronger in the spiritual life, you must enter upon the riper and rougher experience of God’s full-grown children. We need winds and tempests to exercise our faith, to tear off the rotten bough of self-dependence, and to root us more firmly in Christ. The day of evil reveals to us the value of our glorious hope.

Did you read that “the day of evil will reveal to us the value of our glorious hope?” Yes! When you see the evil happening around you, then you will appreciate the death of Christ on the Cross for you and you will endlessly look forward to the promise of home eternal, Praise the Lord!

Belovedth put not your trust in man but always put your trust in God. For curse is the man who trusted man and maketh flesh his arm and whose heart departed from God (Jer 17:5-6). But blessed is the man that trusted in the Lord and who whose hope the Lord is for He shall be like a tree planted by the waters and that spreadeth out her roots by the waters, and shall not see when the heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit (Jer 17:7-8).

Take out time to read the bible passage of today’s ministration. Always put your trust in the Lord who can promise and bring it to pass and unlike man, he is mere mortal, once breathe is out of His nostrils, all his promises become futile. Praise the Lord!

We are almost at the end of the month; however we are still standing on the promises of God. Stand still and know that He is God, whatever grace you need to scale through until this evil is over the Lord will constantly supply. Keep close to him always and make Him your refuge and fortress (Jer 15:20).

On this note dearly beloved we declare this week open and we will testify at the end in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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IFEOMA OHONDU is the founder of the MattersoftheHeart foundation, a platform where issues affecting our everyday life are discussed and where necessary proffer solution. She is part of the end time army, who will not break their rank to fulfill the urgent call of God upon her life by declaring His word to the helpless, the doubting, the comfortless and the dying world. The world will experience great restoration and healing in the Word of God through her ministration. She is a voice to emphasize key spiritual truth about Faith, Healing and Encouragement.