Great is Thy faithfulness, Great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I needed thy hands have provided, great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto Thee.// O Lord, my God, how excellent is Thy Name, in all the earth how Wonderful is Thy Name, O Lord! x2

Heavenly Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, we worship You, we honour You for indeed You are great. Great are You Lord, Great are You Lord, Great are You Lord, Great are You Lord.

In heaven You are God, on earth You reigneth forever, O! Lord I praise and worship You. Thank You Father for the gift of this week. Thank You for watching over us, Thank You for protecting us against the assaults of the evil one. Glorious God Wonderful Redeemer, we thank You forever in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, hope you have a nice week? We can say less here in the ministry, our God is Faithful. Thank God for His word in season that healeth and draweth men unto Him, to Him be all the glory, all honour, all adoration in Jesus Name.

Beloved, Friday is here again and I believe God you have testimonies. Yes indeed we serve a God that is full of Wonders. He makes us to dance and rejoice even in that situation the enemy planed for evil, the Lord of host will turn it around according to His word for good for those who believe.

The Lord has help me to accept things even when looking at it I know that it is not the best for me. However, right in center of it, I have seen God arose in midst of the storm to calm the trouble sea. So right now am not move by things any longer, I will rather wait for the victory the Lord is granting me in that unpleasant situation and challenges. Beloved if you yet to get here, start now and see the devil screaming and running out because He that is you is ever greater than he that is in the world.

So many truth in the Word of God came to us through the teaching of this week and I believe you are blessed. Just a recap of the weekly teaching- The glory of the Lord shines among God’s children no doubt to expel all the works of darkness in their lives. We are to offer to God that work that is not stained with the blood of another. That is, we must not usurp responsibility that is divine assigned to others.

We must stay were God has appointed us to stand, else the Lord will not be pleased with our service. The Lord spoke against pollution of the altar of which you are and I by the death and resurrection of our Jesus now represent, a temple and altar of the Most High. Therefore, we must shun all abominable things that will polluted the altar as it seem.

Yesterday, the Lord made us see that man; that women that trust in Him. We must come to God believing that He is, for without faith it impossible to please Him.

Today’s lesson will not offer less as it is teaching us to stand for the truth come what may. We are not to be move by what the enemy is doing around us. Nothing will stop the Word of God. No man; no group is strong enough to stop the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ therefore child for God stand up and be valiant for the truth. If Daniel did not give up in his time, you and I have no excuse to give that will be tenable before the Throne for hiding and not sharing this gospel of truth.

Do not afraid of that man who can only destroy the body and not your Soul. But fear Him who is able to destroy both in hell (Matt 10:28).

The times we are in is evil but no child of God should give up, we must take a cue from what Jesus told the Asian church as it contains in the teaching of today and apply it to our daily living. Praise the Lord!

Let get into the teaching of the day. Be a practical Christian not hearer only and God will bless you for it:

“The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Dan. 11:32

“The Lord is a man of war, Jehovah is his name.” Those who enlist under His banner shall have a Commander who will train them for the conflict, and give them both vigor and valor. The times of which Daniel wrote were of the very worst kind, and then it was promised that the people of God would come out in their best colors: they would be strong and stout to confront the powerful adversary.

Oh, that we may know our God; His power, His faithfulness, His immutable love, and so may be ready to risk everything in His behalf. He is One whose character excites our enthusiasm, and makes us willing to live and to die for Him. Oh, that we may know our God by familiar fellowship with Him; for then we shall become like Him, and shall be prepared to stand up for truth and righteousness.

He who comes forth fresh from beholding the face of God will never fear the face of man. If we dwell with Him, we shall catch the heroic spirit, and to us a world of enemies will be but as the drop of a bucket. A countless array of men, or even of devils, will seem as little to us as the nations are to God, and He counts them only as grasshoppers. Oh, to be valiant for truth in this day of falsehood.

Yes! be valiant for the truth in this day of falsehood, all manners of wickedness in the lives of men. Beloved, be valiant for the truth. Praise God.

Beloved, ever wondered what is going on in our days, while are the one time hot and vibrate child of God suddenly grow cold, lose firm and peak out spiritually? We have an answer for you, just fellow us as we bring the teaching that will speak more of that to you and how best to stay on top on your spiritually walk with the Holy Spirit.

 Why Is It So Many Believers Grow Cold, Lose The Fire, And Peak Out Spiritually?

This was part of a conversation I had this morning with a 74 year old war horse of the faith who is still going strong for God. My mind reflected back on my early morning meditation on the passage in Revelation where Jesus admonished the Asian churches to stay on track spiritually. In effect he told them:


That is, stay vigilant like a person anticipating a thief: “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16:13) Don’t be lulled into the spiritual doldrums.


Seize what is already yours! Retain it. Don’t let it go! Don’t go back on what God has already given you! “If he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him.” (Hebrews 10:38)


Recently I received an e-mail from a Christian friend of long-standing. Anticipating a spiritual challenge, my heart sank in disappointment as he launched into a discussion of his twin passions of soccer and the stock market. Scant mention was made of the things of God. Retaining his “first love“? One wonders. (Jeremiah 2:2; Matthew 24:12)


In two areas: (1) Idolatry: “Is there anything that commands your affections more than the Lord Jesus Christ?” (2) Sexual impurity: “Is the trend in your thought life and actions moving toward increased purity, or increased enslavement?” (2 Corinthians 11:3; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-7)


Tough times lay ahead, warned Jesus, so be prepared to suffer, even to the point of death. Many times I have rehearsed what I would do if it came down to a choice between preserving my life or confessing Christ. If pressed, I would, by His grace, point to my forehead and say, “Put the bullet right here!

QUESTION: Music scores are often characterized by the diminuendo and the crescendo. With that metaphor in mind, are you moving toward a diminuendo-type existence of selfish refuge, self-indulgence and limited vision, or toward a crescendo of faith, sacrificial service, and investment in that which is eternal?

Beloved, where is your first love now, still in your heart or you have dumped on it the shelf to be pick up once awhile to glance through or under your pillow to wedge off witches and wizard. Beloveth are still playing with sins? We are told among other things to “Wake up” “Hold on” “Be faithful to the death” are you willing to abide by these? We are also admonish to “Keep your first love”, “Don’t compromise with sin”.

O the grace to live above all that will hinder our walk with God be release unto us in Jesus Name. May you not comprise your faith? May you not fall into sin that will take away your crown of glory, the grace to be strong to the end, receive in Jesus Name (Rev 2:7).

We will not fall by the wayside. The Lord called them grasshoppers and so they shall remain before our eyes in Jesus Name. The devil will not make us a mix meat in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!. We will bring forth fruits unto the Lord in Jesus Name (Rom 7:4)

Have a vibrate weekend in the Lord. See you on Monday again by God’s grace.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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