Welcome You into Your Month of “Laughter in Christ Jesus


I have joy like a river, joy like a river, joy like a river in my soul. I have joy like a river, joy like a river, joy like a river in my soul. Praise God alleluia; Praise God Amen. Praise God alleluia; Praise God Amen.

Our Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, we exalt You forever. Thank You for Your greatness, goodness and Mercies in our lives. Thank You for the gift of a new month, another opportunity to be everything You made us to be. Father we give you a shout of Praise, adoration to You Lord, nobody like You Lord, like Jehovah. Thank You for privilege to see another month in this side of eternity. Let Your speak forth goodness in every area we are believing and trusting for in Jesus Name.

Beloved, its gonna be good, in the morning, move on with the pilgrim for everything is gonna be good.  Am glad to welcome you into a new month, this is a month you and I have been waiting for. It is loaded with good surprises and blessings that our mouth cannot contain. This month is so special because the Spirit of God spoke forth concerning it long before it came. When I am not sure about what I was told, God sent forth a man to proclaim same word to me, and I was taken aback because I was just meeting this person for the first time and He spoke forth in the situation at hand using the very word the Spirit of God revealed to me.

Beloved, we are in the eight month of the year and it is usually the associated with “New Beginning,” it is a privilege to see another opportunity knocking at our door to make right what was wrong in the past. Past is goon into history though not forgotten because it form bases for the future to stand on.

Some are locked up in the past while the future lurk away untapped. Beloved if you are trapped in your past, you will never live in the presence. If the past is associated with pain then it becomes worst. Jesus Christ our Saviour has the power to change ugly situation to pleasant ones. He has the power to turn everything around for your good. A helpless situation is not helpless before Jesus if He is invited into it.

He brings out beauty in ashes, can you image that? Jesus is set to make someone laugh. Is there are anyone in our midst that is shouting “Alas!” The Master of the Universe is here to turns things around to your favour. The Axe head will yet swim. You will laugh again beloved, because God said so. He will wipe away your tears, He will comfort you, He will make your lines to fall into pleasant places.

He will give you reason to dance and rejoice again. The Lord will walk in that situation and cause you to laugh. Are you ready to receive from the Lord His Word/ promise to us this month? Then we are ready to announce same to you.

Beloved, we are glad to welcome you into your month of “Laughter in Christ Jesus (Ps 126:2, Job 8:20-22). No more sorrow in Jesus Name. I see joy beaming on your face, I see you walking out strong in that situation. I see you overcoming that which hitherto overcame you; I see new/ fresh ideas being reveal to you.

I see you strategizing and moving in the right direction as the Spirit of God leads you. I see you at the top at the end of the month in Jesus Name. Beloved, I see God causing you to laugh in Jesus Name.

Everything that has taken away your joy/ laughter hitherto is hereby cause from the root in Jesus Name. Every power that had held you bound and has taken away your glory is burning to ashes in Jesus Name. Beloved you must laugh, whether the devil likes it or not, God has given you reason to laugh and you must surely laugh in Jesus Name.

He brought out beauty in an ugly situation in the life of my son recently that same God has not change, He is still in the business of doing good, you will surely laugh, my own  laughter is guaranteed by the Blood and Word of Jesus. I receive it by faith and it must thereof come to past in Jesus Name.

Join us for more revelation if that is your confession too:


2 Chronicles 21:12-24:16, Psalm 90:13-17, Proverbs 19:13-14, Acts 27:9-29

Joy—More Than Pleasure

Satisfy us in the morning with Your faithful love so that we may shout with joy and be glad all our days.—Psalm 90:14

One of the reasons why so many Christians do not experience the delights of spiritual joy is that they do not expect to. A woman who came into the experience of Christian conversion said: “Strange, but I never associated joy with God before.” How sad that many do not expect their faith to make them basically and fully joyful now. They think that joy is reserved for the hereafter. Our Lord pointed out to the disciples that it was for the present.

We can better understand this supernatural joy if we distinguish it from the pleasures of life with which it is sometimes confused. Spiritual or supernatural joy is quite different from pleasure or happiness. A worldling can experience pleasure and happiness, but he cannot experience supernatural joy. Indeed, worldly people often pride themselves in knowing how to experience pleasure.

Yet pleasure and Christian joy cannot be equated. Look with me at some of the differences. Pleasure depends on circumstances. It requires a measure of health and wealth. It demands that the life conditions be kindly, and thus it can be stolen from us by things like lack of money—or even a toothache. Christian joy is completely independent of circumstances. It is there in the believer even when “strength and health and friends” are gone; when circumstances are not only unkind but savage. Out of all the miracles I have witnessed in my life, none is more wonderful than the miracle of seeing Christ’s exuberant joy burst forth in those who are caught up in pain or persecution. The springs of Christian joy are deep within and can exist, no matter what the circumstances.


O Father, how can I thank You enough for imparting into my sadness Your unconquerable gladness? No matter what happens—all is well with my soul. I am so grateful. Amen.

Further Study

Jn 16:17-33; Ac 5:12-42; 15:23-25; 2Co 6:10

How did the apostles respond to persecution?

How did Paul express it?

Are you expecting laughter from the Lord while you are here on earth or you are still in the class of those who are awaiting rejoicing at the end of the journey here on earth? Then you are missing something great. Joy is one of the fruit of the Spirit therefore we must be joyful and happy while serving the Master.

Do not allow satan to short change you, be glad and rejoice in the Lord. Laughter is a good medicine to the heart, don’t joke with being happy and rejoicing in Lord else even the later joy you are hoping for might be deny you for unbelief. Praise the Lord.

Once again we welcome you into your month of “Laughter in Christ Jesus.”

Remain blessed in the Lord

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