Let the living water flow over my soul. Let the Holy Spirit come and take control of every situation that troubles my heart, all my pains and sorrow unto Thee I come. Jesus Jesus, J- e-s-u-s.  For You are Alpha, Omega, Faithful and Unchanging, Glorious God, I bow before Your Throne.

Blessed Jehovah, we thank You for all that You have done for us, for giving us life in abundance, of Your goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, loving us when we deserve it not due to our sinful nature. Thank You and thank You again.

Beloved, how was it at the prayer altar yesterday? Did you pray down His glory? Was your heaven blast? For me it was a moment of glory. It was a moment of revelation too.

Do you know that many unanswered prayers are as a result of keeping offence against God? You are not happy about the way things are going for you and because of that you zero off and blame God for everything, taking no responsibility at all for your shortcomings and sins.

Beloved refuse to be offended in God or you lose your right to whatever you are desiring from Him (Matt 11:6). If you are offended in God you simple lose your defense (Mk 6: 25; Jer 8:19). Some go to the extent of asking God if He is still in heaven according to His Word or He has handover to Satan and his cohorts.

Be warned, any offense against God result to death (Lk 7:19-23). Same John the Baptist who in chapter three and verse fifteen of Luke was testifying about Jesus being the “beloved Son of God” was asking in chapter seven “if Christ is the one to come or should they expect another.”

Beloved, beware of being offended in God. God cannot heal you in your offense because He cannot break His Word (Matt 11:6; Lk 17:1). Every root of offence troubles people destiny. By offense you cheaply lose your defense and you will be cheaply be attack by the devil and his demons.

 Stay away from all manners of offences. Satan will intentional use your brothers or sisters to offend you and when you are embittered, you will not find favour before God because you are walking in bitterness and unforgiveness which will hinder your prayers (Heb 12:15; Lk 17:1-4).

Even when you are tested by God beloved, do not be offended against God:

“Wherefore hast Thou afflicted Thy servant?” Numbers 11:11


Our heavenly Father sends us frequent troubles to try our faith. If our faith be worth anything, it will stand the test. Gilt is afraid of fire, but gold is not: the paste gem dreads to be touched by the diamond, but the true jewel fears no test.

It is a poor faith which can only trust God when friends are true, the body full of health, and the business profitable; but that is true faith which holds by the Lord’s faithfulness when friends are gone, when the body is sick, when spirits are depressed, and the light of our Father’s countenance is hidden.

A faith which can say, in the direst trouble, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him,” is heaven-born faith. The Lord afflicts His servants to glorify Himself, for He is greatly glorified in the graces of His people, which are His own handiwork. When “tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope,” the Lord is honoured by these growing virtues.

We should never know the music of the harp if the strings were left untouched; nor enjoy the juice of the grape if it were not trodden in the winepress; nor discover the sweet perfume of cinnamon if it were not pressed and beaten; nor feel the warmth of fire if the coals were not utterly consumed.

The wisdom and power of the great Workman are discovered by the trials through which His vessels of mercy are permitted to pass. Present afflictions tend also to heighten future joy. There must be shades in the picture to bring out the beauty of the lights. Could we be so supremely blessed in heaven, if we had not known the curse of sin and the sorrow of earth? Will not peace be sweeter after conflict, and rest more welcome after toil? Will not the recollection of past sufferings enhance the bliss of the glorified?

There are many other comfortable answers to the question with which we opened our brief meditation, let us muse upon it all day long.

Can you say with Job “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”  Why such a hard saying, someone is asking? Come and discover more what will make your faith unshakable in whom you believed in (2 Tim 1-12).

“Now on whom dost thou trust?” Isaiah 36:5


Reader, this is an important question. Listen to the Christian’s answer, and see if it is yours. “On whom dost thou trust?” “I trust,” says the Christian, “in a triune God. I trust the Father, believing that He has chosen me from before the foundations of the world; I trust Him to provide for me in providence, to teach me, to guide me, to correct me if need be, and to bring me home to His own house where the many mansions are.

I trust the Son. Very God of very God is He—the man Christ Jesus. I trust in Him to take away all my sins by His own sacrifice, and to adorn me with His perfect righteousness. I trust Him to be my Intercessor, to present my prayers and desires before His Father’s throne, and I trust Him to be my Advocate at the last great day, to plead my cause, and to justify me. I trust Him for what He is, for what He has done, and for what He has promised yet to do.

And I trust the Holy Spirit—He has begun to save me from my inbred sins; I trust Him to drive them all out; I trust Him to curb my temper, to subdue my will, to enlighten my understanding, to check my passions, to comfort my despondency, to help my weakness, to illuminate my darkness; I trust Him to dwell in me as my life, to reign in me as my King, to sanctify me wholly, spirit, soul, and body, and then to take me up to dwell with the saints in light for ever.”

Oh, blessed trust! To trust Him whose power will never be exhausted, whose love will never wane, whose kindness will never change, whose faithfulness will never fail, whose wisdom will never be nonplussed, and whose perfect goodness can never know a diminution!

Happy art thou, reader, if this trust is thine! So trusting, thou shalt enjoy sweet peace now, and glory hereafter, and the foundation of thy trust shall never be removed.

Yes! The foundation of our trust will never be removed. If my trust is a man, I will be much afraid but my trust in the triune God is as good as trusting in the Rock that never fail me. Alleluia somebody!

Don’t forget this dearly beloved “no matter what you are going through, never cast aspersion on God else you are consume forever” (Job 9:4; Isa 45:9). He so love you and will do everything for you including giving up His son for your sake what more can He not do? (Rom 8:32; 35-38; Ps 138:8; Isa 41:17). Glory be to God!

Am sure someone is lighted this day. He is the light and darkness cannot comprehend Him. Bitter people don’t go far in life (Heb 12:15).

Receive grace be offense free. Pray this prayer “Jesus show the way out; up and forward in Jesus Name.”

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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