Who Can Forgive?


Come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good. There is nothing He cannot do come and see the Lord is good. He gave me victory, He gave me peace of mind, come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good.// lift him up higher, lift Him up higher, the Lord is good, I will lift Him up higher, everywhere I go, I will lift Him up higher. My God is good, I will lift Him up higher, everywhere I go I will lift Him up higher.

Jesus can never, never fail fail, He can never, never fail, Jesus can never fail, Jesus today and forever. Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes, Yes Lord! Father, we bow before Your presence, we give You Praise adoration and honour, great are You Lord, You are greatly to Praise Father You reign. Thank you for another beautiful day, blessed be Thy Holy Name. Father we worship You we exalt You, we give You Praise forever more.

Dearly beloved, how are doing? Hope You are doing great? Praise be to Jesus, the year is gradually settling in and I believe by the grace of God you are finding your bearing. Praise Jesus!

Where you able to zero down to your “demandingness” as we discussed yesterday? Are we living the life of Christ indeed if we exhibit such attitude? A song writer sang “I just want to be like Jesus in my life”2x, in my life, in my life, in my life, in my life, I just want to be like Jesus in my life.”

Beloved, is that also your desire to be like Jesus? as an individual; as a ministry it my/ our desires to be like Jesus. Glory to Jesus.

When we are lure into sin by satan, do remember that you have an advocate who paid a price to set you free and He also intercedes on your behalf before the Father to keep you and to preserve you till the end. Praise unto Jesus.

I want to you to also know that Jesus is not only praying for you, He also has the authority to forgive sin. The enemy of our soul will not like this one, that is why he also uses human agents who always and constantly reminding you of things the bible said that you are forgiven of, “if you confess your sin then you are forgiven (Job 11:13, Matt 9:6, Jn 8:32, 36).

Join me for more discoveries:

Genesis 24:1-54, Psalm 8:1-9, Proverbs 2:1-5, Matthew 8:28-9:17


Who Can Forgive?

The Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.—Matthew 9:6


Perhaps one of the most significant ways in which Jesus is unlike anyone else who has ever lived is that He has the ability to forgive sins. I am sure you will know the words of the famous hymn that refers to the forgiveness offered by Christ:

He breaks the power of cancelled sin,

He sets the prisoner free.

I know of no one else who can do that. Some psychoanalysts try to rid the soul of guilt, but though they may be successful with pseudo-guilt (guilt that is imagined rather than real), they are powerless to deal with the stain of sin that is deeply ingrained in every human soul. The secular therapist will examine the stuff of your dreams, invite you to answer a series of harmless questions, and then drag out from your forgotten past the source of all your trouble—some past transgression or sin. But even the most highly trained team of psychoanalysts cannot forgive. They may expose an old wound, but they cannot heal it. They may show you that your trouble is an ancient sin, but they cannot cleanse it from the system. And that is what our sick souls need most of all—forgiveness.

A man I talked to the other day said he went to a professional counselor, a non-Christian, who found the root of his trouble—an old and wicked sin. “Now,” said the man, “tell me the cure.” “Just forgive yourself,” said the analyst. Forgive yourself? It’s a lot easier to do that when you know that you yourself have been forgiven.


Lord Jesus, not only have You forgiven me, but You keep on forgiving me. Help me realize, however, that though Your forgiveness is free, it is not cheap. For You had to die in order to bring me forgiveness. Help me never forget that. Amen.

Further Study      

Mt 26:17-30; Ac 13:38; Heb 9:22

Why is forgiveness available?

Seek forgiveness for your sin today.

Beloved, do still allow satan to tie you down by lies and roaring like a lion? Then this is an acceptable the time you ought set yourself free from those lies from the pits of hell. Believe in the cleansing power of the Lamb Jesus and you will be made whole completely. No other power has the authority to forgive sin except that given to our Lord Jesus. hold on to Him and it shall be well with you. Close the door of accusation permanent in your life, Praise be to Jesus.

Desire to be like Jesus and satan will flew away from you forever.

Remain ever blessed in the Lord.

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