Come and see the Lord is good. Come and the Lord is good there is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good. He gave victory, He gave me peace of mind, come see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good. I have seen the Lord goodness His mercies and compassion, I have see the Lord goodness, alleluia Praise the Lord.

Heavenly Father we thank You we bless your Name, who is like unto Thee, Father there is none like, how excellent is Your Name Dear Lord, thank You for another beautiful day You have made and we are to rejoice and be glad in it. What a Mighty God You are Father, let everything that has breathe Praise the Name of Jehovah.

Arise O Lord, come in Power, come in Your Might, let Your glory fill up this place of worship, receive our praises Lord and Your Name be magnify forever and ever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are doing this day, hope fine? Today is a day of prayer and we come to worship the King of kings, the Lord of lords, The ancient One, He is the Beginning and the End there is no one like Him none is greater than Him, shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever worshipped? Do you know that worship is in the center of relationship with God? in midst of our confusion and despair do you know that the best medicine to our Spirit and even our body is to “Worship.” or maybe let me ask you, have you ever worship in tongues? Beloved, if you have not I will tell you that you are missing out.

That is the highest form of worship when you are Praising God in an unknown tongues. You have moved from this realm to the heavenly realm to worship, you are lost and what matters to you at that moment is not the house rent that has not been paid nor the school fess that is outstanding what matters to you is to behold the beauty of the God, that you inner spirit is connected to the Spirit of God and you are seeing God in the way you ought to see Him irrespective of what is happening around or within you.

Beloved, such an experience will never leave you the same way it met you, something must happen, some changes must take place in realm that will manifest immediate or later but there will be an encounter that will move you to your next level. Wow! Is someone with me here? Can you hear you shout unto the Lord!

I delighted this morning ministering on “worship” because is has been my strength and my source of survival. No matter what the enemy is throwing at me, once enter into worship is as good as nothing is happening around me anymore. Am lost in God when I worship, am full of unexplainable joy knowing I am before the I AM that I AM, so no matter what it is, He is I AM. Wow! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, can you join me to worship this moment, I have done one level before leaving the house this morning. On my way to my office, I Praise all through coming down to my place of work and here I am ministering on the same “worship” please sing unto the Lord as your spirit leads you this moment, if it is possible be lost in His Presence and you will be good you did. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want you to know that whatever you may be going through the key or way out of it is “Worship,” don’t ever forget that. Join me as we discover more below:


Judges 19:1-20:25, Psalm 59:1-10Proverbs 13:13, Luke 24:1-24

Worship Is Central

I will keep watch for You, my strength, because God is my stronghold. My faithful God will come to meet me.—Psalm 59:9-10

If we are to go deeper with God, then we must understand both the importance and meaning of worship. Dr. Dick Averby, professor of the Old Testament at Dallas Seminary, claims that the antidote to every human problem is worship. I am sure he is thinking of personality problems, not physical problems, and allowing for this caveat, I would agree with him. Dr. Larry Crabb, professor of counseling at Colorado Christian University, says something similar: “Worship means, in the middle of life as it is experienced, that you find some way to be caught up in God’s character and purpose so that His will becomes central.”

Mature Christians are people who think of themselves first and foremost as worshipers. They will see their other roles in life—as fathers, mothers, factory workers, business people, farmers, doctors, evangelists, pastors, and so on—as secondary.

Some worship the servants of God more than they worship God Himself. A story is told of an occasion when Christmas Evans, the great Welsh preacher of a past century, was due to preach. Prior to the service the church was packed with people eager to hear the great orator. As the service was about to begin, it was announced that Christmas Evans was unable to keep the engagement and a lesser-known preacher would take his place. People began to show signs of leaving until the moderator said: “All those who have come to worship Christmas Evans may leave. All those who have come to worship God may stay.” No one left.


O God, my soul is too big to be satisfied with the writings of a mere man. I can be inspired by human words, but I can be fed only by Your words. May I continually seek You. Amen.

Further Study

Jn 6:25-58; Ps 132:7; Isa 55:2; 1Co 10:3-4

What did Jesus declare?

Why did the Jews stumble over it?

Beloved, are you among those who worship their pastor, their priest, their bishops more than the worship God, beware before you rise a strange fire before the altar of God and be consumed as did the sons of Aaron Nadab and Abihu, when they offered a strange fire before God, which he commanded not likewise do not take the worship of God and give to any mortal because God did not command it and therefore it is a strange fire before Him.

Beloved, I don’t know where you are at the moment but like I write earlier, there is nothing that can stand before you as you worship God from the deep of your heart. Worship is an antidote to any problem, at least it will lift it off your shoulder and place before the throne of grace, and as we operate in the atmosphere of grace especially this month, solution will come faster than you envisage in Jesus Name.

Beloved, are you weary? God has antidote for weariness; He has prescribed for your “abiding” for your tired and exhausted soul. Beloved the Spirit opposite for weariness is the simplicity of abiding in Christ. We are to remain in a constant, unbroken fellowship with Jesus Christ. This is not once a week visit, but we are invited to build a life around His presence

The welcome mat is out for you to make His Presence your true home. His presence is not meant to be a respite from storm or a lovely vacation home but it is a place in which you can build you life and never, never leave!

When your permanent residence is the presence of Christ and you allowed Him to whisper in your ear a plan for each day, every hour, and even the specific moments of your day, it is then that His glorious fruit will be beautifully evident and deliciously apparent in your well-watered life.

The Word “abide” in the Greek is translated as “to last or endure.” When you abide in Christ daily as you continually fill yourself in the cool stream of worship, you will most certainly outlast the devil and his strategies for you. You will no longer be a woman or a man who is stressed out and weary but you will be a picture of health and cultivated loveliness as you simple abide in Christ through “worship’

Let us make a practical practice of this teaching by offering “worship or praises” to God till we meet again next week,

Hope to see you in another realm come next week though worship in Jesus Name! The Lord will work in all your cares and problems as you offer Him worship (1Pet 5:7).

Keep a date with us.

Remain blessed in the Lord

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