Miracle Worker, You are Miracle Worker, come and do a miracle, Your miracle today. Come and do Your Miracle, Your Miracle today. Destiny changer, You are my destiny changer. Come and change my destiny (my destiny today) 2x.

Glorious God, Wonderful Redeemer, Ancient of Days, The Beginning and the End, The I Am that I AM, The Alpha and Omega, we worship You, we honour You, we glorify You. Blessed be Your Holy Name in Jesus Name.

Come and do Your miracles in our lives today, Lord! Come and change our destinies today we ask you in Jesus Name. For You are Alpha and Omega, we worship You my God, You are Worthy to be praise.

Beloveth, how are you doing? Am confident that you are blessed of the Lord. Thank you once again for being with us all the year round, thank you for your encouraging words and suggestion to make this work better. God will reward you abundantly in Jesus Name.

We are still on the subject matter “Fear”. In the bible times, our first parents Adam and Eve succumbed to the deceit of satan out of fear. They did not trust God enough to do what He had planned out before their arrival, so when Satan made an offer to them, they jump at it not knowing that they were short changing themselves and so we do oftentimes (Gen 3:1-6).

What was the aftermath result? They lost their glorious destiny. They were sent out of the garden were their duties  were to dress only and went into hard labour where they have to till the ground, plant and wait to harvest before they eat. Our dear mother, Eve had to bring forth her children in pains, what a glorious destiny lost and exchange for nothing (Gen 3:7- 24).

But today, brethren, we are going to pray that every door we opened in our life out of fear of the unknown be close by His Mighty hand. That His divine order and destiny for us be made manifest by His Mighty hand in Jesus Name.

Beloved, don’t you think that the fall of our first parents was born out of fear? Secondly, they were not constantly touch with God’s presence? If they were, they will have been reassured of God’s divine plan for them. That is why God is so particular about securing your glorious destiny and as a result, He sent His only Son Jesus whom you just celebrated the memory of His appearing in human form few days back to save you and ensure that you make it to the end and be with Him forever (1Jn 1:7).

Follower labourers in the vain yard, our sub-topic today is a clarion call on us not to rest but to continue to labour in the vineyard till every soul is harvested and bring into the barn. He is a good rewarder and will not fall to pay His wages as at when due. Am so confident that He will pay me if I faint not, therefore let that confident be in you also for He love thee with an everlasting love:

“Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3

Sometimes the Lord Jesus tells His Church His love thoughts. “He does not think it enough behind her back to tell it, but in her very presence He says, ‘Thou art all fair, my love.’ It is true, this is not His ordinary method; He is a wise lover, and knows when to keep back the intimation of love and when to let it out; but there are times when He will make no secret of it; times when He will put it beyond all dispute in the souls of His people” (R. Erskine’s Sermons).

The Holy Spirit is often pleased, in a most gracious manner, to witness with our spirits of the love of Jesus. He takes of the things of Christ and reveals them unto us. No voice is heard from the clouds, and no vision is seen in the night, but we have a testimony more sure than either of these.

If an angel should fly from heaven and inform the saint personally of the Saviour’s love to him, the evidence would not be one whit more satisfactory than that which is borne in the heart by the Holy Ghost. Ask those of the Lord’s people who have lived the nearest to the gates of heaven, and they will tell you that they have had seasons when the love of Christ towards them has been a fact so clear and sure, that they could no more doubt it than they could question their own existence.

Yes, beloved believer, you and I have had times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord, and then our faith has mounted to the topmost heights of assurance. We have had confidence to lean our heads upon the bosom of our Lord, and we have no more questioned our Master’s affection to us than John did when in that blessed posture; nay, nor so much: for the dark question, “Lord, is it I that shall betray thee?” has been put far from us.

He has kissed us with the kisses of His mouth, and killed our doubts by the closeness of His embrace. His love has been sweeter than wine to our souls. He will not fail to honour us with His substance as we labour daily to add jewels to His crown:

“Call thy labourers, and give them their hire.” Matthew 20:8

God is a good paymaster; He pays His servants while at work as well as when they have done it; and one of His payments is this: an easy conscience. If you have spoken faithfully of Jesus to one person, when you go to bed at night you feel happy in thinking, “I have this day discharged my conscience of that man’s blood.”

There is a great comfort in doing something for Jesus. Oh, what a happiness to place jewels in His crown, and give Him to see of the travail of His soul! There is also very great reward in watching the first buddings of conviction in a soul! To say of that girl in the class, “She is tender of heart, I do hope that there is the Lord’s work within.”

To go home and pray over that boy, who said something in the afternoon which made you think he must know more of divine truth than you had feared! Oh, the joy of hope! But as for the joy of success! it is unspeakable. This joy, overwhelming as it is, is a hungry thing—you pine for more of it. To be a soul-winner is the happiest thing in the world. With every soul you bring to Christ, you get a new heaven upon earth.

But who can conceive the bliss which awaits us above! Oh, how sweet is that sentence, “Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!” Do you know what the joy of Christ is over a saved sinner? This is the very joy which we are to possess in heaven. Yes, when He mounts the throne, you shall mount with Him. When the heavens ring with “Well done, well done,” you shall partake in the reward; you have toiled with Him, you have suffered with Him, you shall now reign with Him; you have sown with Him, you shall reap with Him; your face was covered with sweat like His, and your soul was grieved for the sins of men as His soul was, now shall your face be bright with heaven’s splendour as is His countenance, and now shall your soul be filled with beatific joys even as His soul is.

Beloveth, make it a duty to stay very close to God this year.  Wipe away every evil thought and doubt about His promises in your life, family, career, businesses and ministry. We must endeavour to fellowship with one another as commanded us by God, we must observe and keep all that we are commanded in the Word to do such things as “do not let this book of the law depart from your mouth; meditate upon it and keep it if you want to have good success.” (Josh 1:8).

Fear not beloved! And see God manifesting in every areas of your life where you need to dominate (Deut 29:9). Praise God.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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