Heavenly Father, we are before Your throne of mercy and we bow before You the Maker of heaven and earth. Thank You for another week before us. Gracious God, hallow be Thy Name. We are confident that You will do it again, how? We may know but we know that You more than able to see us through. Glory be to You forever and ever. Amen!

Beloved, we made it again, praise God. How was your weekend? Hope you are good. Blessed be Thy Name that is above every other Name, the Name of Jesus. How Excellent, how Wonderful is Your Name Lord.  Faithful is Your Name.

We ended last week with another condition which the Lord laid in our heart for someone who desires “greater glory” to care for the needy and the poor in among us. However, we starting the week with a practical example of someone in bible times who had the fear of God and honoured his oath to dear friend.

Sometime, I wonder what most people think they are. Because of the little privilege God granted to them, they feel so important that I cannot but laugh. Remember thee what you are made of? Remember thee why you are life still breathing? If anything goes wrong, you watch this same person gets weaker than vegetables.

The Psalmist after considering the works of God’s and fragile nature of man, asked God “what is man that you are so mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visited him?”… (Ps 8:4-5)

Mentioning help to some individual get them so irritated that you wonder whether they know that if they close their close to sleep, it only rest in the power of God to see those eyes open again. Some even expect God to send the Raven to feed the so called poor and needy as He did the in time of  Elijah (1 Kings 17:4-6).

You need a broken heart to enjoy God’s abundant blessings. Why? Someone just asked. God created the sea, oceans, river, stream all these are waters, but their contents varies.  He except a flow from one to another or else they become stagnate and smells like most ponds. Such the Lord will be careful to deal with.

We are not in any encouraging laziness among the children of God. Apostle Paul rebuke such. We are to work and earn respectful living and be of help to the church of God. But they are times that awaits everyman, it is beyond you, if you have no good works to show, where, will the Lord, the heavens draw from to help you in such a time. It is devoid of any economic planning, savings and budget.

Here is the beloved of the Father, showing kindness and love with the blessings God gave to Him. Knowing that it is God’s mercy that placed him where he was. Remember the story of the king and Lazarus. As much as the kind allowed him to eat from his table, it was the crumps that fell off the table but the poor man was kind enough to the dog in the king’s palace to lick his wound.

Here King David display what every Christian ought to do, the way we should live as children of the Most High God. God is no respecter of persons. As He does to one, He will do to another that has His fear in their heart.

Praise the Lord! read on for more discovery:

So Mephibosheth dwelt in Jerusalem: for he did eat continually at the king’s table; and was lame on both his feet.” 2Samuel 9:13

Mephibosheth was no great ornament to a royal table, yet he had a continual place at David’s board, because the king could see in his face the features of the beloved Jonathan. Like Mephibosheth, we may cry unto the King of Glory, “What is Thy servant, that Thou shouldst look upon such a dead dog as I am?” but still the Lord indulges us with most familiar intercourse with Himself, because He sees in our countenances the remembrance of His dearly-beloved Jesus.

The Lord’s people are dear for another’s sake. Such is the love which the Father bears to His only begotten, that for His sake He raises His lowly brethren from poverty and banishment, to courtly companionship, noble rank, and royal provision. Their deformity shall not rob them of their privileges. Lameness is no bar to sonship; the cripple is as much the heir as if he could run like Asahel. Our right does not limp, though our might may.

 A king’s table is a noble hiding-place for lame legs, and at the gospel feast we learn to glory in infirmities, because the power of Christ resteth upon us. Yet grievous disability may mar the persons of the best-loved saints. Here is one feasted by David, and yet so lame in both his feet that he could not go up with the king when he fled from the city, and was therefore maligned and injured by his servant Ziba.

Saints whose faith is weak, and whose knowledge is slender, are great losers; they are exposed to many enemies, and cannot follow the king whithersoever he goeth. This disease frequently arises from falls. Bad nursing in their spiritual infancy often causes converts to fall into a despondency from which they never recover, and sin in other cases brings broken bones.

Lord, help the lame to leap like an hart, and satisfy all Thy people with the bread of Thy table!

If the Lord will be kind to us despite our sinfulness and unfaithfulness, why will the saints of God not be kind to one another as were the early Christians, who met daily and share their bread with one another?

If God is so kind to you; why will you not to another?

“What is thy servant, that thou shouldest look upon such a dead dog as I am?” 2Samuel 9:8

If Mephibosheth was thus humbled by David’s kindness, what shall we be in the presence of our gracious Lord? The more grace we have, the less we shall think of ourselves, for grace, like light, reveals our impurity. Eminent saints have scarcely known to what to compare themselves, their sense of unworthiness has been so clear and keen. “I am,” says holy Rutherford, “a dry and withered branch, a piece of dead carcass, dry bones, and not able to step over a straw.”

In another place he writes, “Except as to open outbreakings, I want nothing of what Judas and Cain had.” The meanest objects in nature appear to the humbled mind to have a preference above itself, because they have never contracted sin: a dog may be greedy, fierce, or filthy, but it has no conscience to violate, no Holy Spirit to resist. A dog may be a worthless animal, and yet by a little kindness it is soon won to love its master, and is faithful unto death; but we forget the goodness of the Lord, and follow not at His call.

The term “dead dog” is the most expressive of all terms of contempt, but it is none too strong to express the self- abhorrence of instructed believers. They do not affect mock modesty, they mean what they say, they have weighed themselves in the balances of the sanctuary, and found out the vanity of their nature. At best, we are but clay, animated dust, mere walking hillocks; but viewed as sinners, we are monsters indeed.

Let it be published in heaven as a wonder, that the Lord Jesus should set His heart’s love upon such as we are. Dust and ashes though we be, we must and will “magnify the exceeding greatness of His grace.” Could not His heart find rest in heaven? Must He needs come to these tents of Kedar for a spouse, and choose a bride upon whom the sun had looked?

O heavens and earth, break forth into a song, and give all glory to our sweet Lord Jesus.

Good way to start the week. Go before God as nothing, humble yourself before your Maker, be kind to those you are better than and you watch God do the possible for you, for you have proven yourself trustworthy.

Let us pray this prayer in Ps 27:11, Prov 14:27. Ask God to grant you these into your life today, so that you can live God’ kind of life.

This week is declared blessed in the Name of the Lord. His Goodness and Mercy will accompany us all through the week in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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