August 16


Father we declare that we love you, we declare your everlasting love for us, Father we declare that we love you we declared your everlasting love for us. // Glory glory alleluia, glory, glory praise the Lord. Glory, glory alleluia, glory glory, praise the Lord.

Father, we thank You for love over all that You have made. Glory be to Your Name. Thank You for made the earth so beautiful and You allowed us to partake of it, glory be to You Lord. Glorious God we bow before your Throne today to worship and to honour You who sitteth up above.

Thank You Father as we raise our voice up to heaven today and pour down your blessings in our lives. Answers us and bring down your glory in our midst O! God. Be glorified at the end in Jesus Name.

Beloved, are you ready to raise your voice up to heaven to pray. Pray remains the only key that can unlock every door without struggles. Therefore we have to pray until our voices are heard in heaven and God’s blessing be release on us in Jesus Name.

Did I say just ‘in Jesus Name” Wahoo. Beloved, the Name of Jesus is the only Name heaven’s guaranteed to answer all prayers. At the mention of the Name “Jesus “every knees bow and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord (Phil 2:10-11). Is the only stamp that has “guarantee” tag to it that is REAL.

Are in search of a Name that will bring your plans to past? Are you in search of the One who will end to your misery? Are in search of the Name whose Word is Yea and Amen in all situation? Come and see it as His Name is a guarantee against demons, principalities, powers and thrones.  Come to Jesus, His Name is guarantee.

Beloved, a clean hands; a pure heart is the one that can ascend the Throne of the Lord. Is that you?

Let’s read more:


“And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:13


It is not every believer who has yet learned to pray in Christ’s name. To ask not only for His sake, but in His name, as authorized by Him, is a high order of prayer. We would not dare to ask for some things in that blessed name, for it would be a wretched profanation of it; but when the petition is so clearly right that we dare set the name of Jesus to it, then it must be granted.

Prayer is all the more sure to succeed because it is for the Father’s glory through the Son. It glorifies His truth, His faithfulness, His power, His grace. The granting of prayer, when offered in the name of Jesus, reveals the Father’s love to Him, and the honor which He has put upon Him. The glory of Jesus and of the Father are so wrapped up together, that the grace which magnifies the one magnifies the other.

The channel is made famous through the fullness of the fountain, and the fountain is honored through the channel by which it flows. If the answering of our prayers would dishonor our Lord, we would not pray; but since in this thing He is glorified, we will pray without ceasing in that dear name in which God and His people have a fellowship of delight.

Yes! we will not pray if the answer to our prayer will dishonour God. we will only pray if that prayer will glorify God.

Beloved, it is only with a clean hands and a pure heart will appear before God. a prayer of a sinner is an abomination before the Holy One of Israel. Is your hands clean; is your heart pure? Then join as we dig for more:


Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord?

Who may stand in His holy place?

The one who has clean hands and a pure heart.—Psalm 24:3–4a


God has rigid requirements for those who want to enjoy intimate fellowship with Him. There is no easy access to God for those with unclean hands or an impure heart. It is an affront to holy God to assume that we can indulge in our sin and blatantly disobey His word, then brazenly enter the holy of holies. In Old Testament times, one’s hands represented one’s activities. Clean hands symbolized pure activities. Priests washed their hands before serving in the temple to symbolize that only those who were cleansed could worship holy God.

There are levels of intimacy with God. The moment you become a Christian you begin a relationship with the Lord. However, if you persist in your sin, sin will separate you from God and keep you from enjoying close fellowship with Him. If you follow only God’s basic commandments but resist every time God gives you specific, personal directions, you will never fully experience the depths of God’s Person. If, however, you are like the psalmist and understand the holiness of God, you will adjust your life to His standards and respond to His prompting so that you may have deeper fellowship with Him.

The closer you get to holy God, the more obvious even your smallest sins become. The more you know of God’s character, the more you will realize the need to wash your hands and purify your heart before you can get close to Him.

Are you willing for almighty God to make you absolutely pure before Him so that you can enjoy the maximum possible relationship with Him?

Beloved, we started the week with a sub-topic of “strangers are come into the sanctuaries of the Lord’s house.” It is an affront to enter into the Lord presence with an unclean hand; and an impure heart. Let us therefore clean ourselves and purge ourselves from all uncleanliness, then pray as God will only listen to prayers that are made with a clean hands and a pure heart.

O! Lord once again hear us as we pray today. Let Your Holy Spirit point out to us where we are missing it so that we can make amend. Arise O God and let Your Name be glorified.

According to your promise O! God answer us when we call you praying in Jesus Name.

Beloved, you are blessed. Just pray in Jesus Name and you will receive answers.

Let us sing this song together before you pray. The Name (the Name) of Jesus is greater and higher than all names. It is not an ordinary Name, is a Name that is full of power and Praise.


Remain blessed in the Lord









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