You are the Lord…let Your Name be glorify…2x Father we give You glory…and honour… You are the Lord… Let Your Name be glorify in Jesus Name….// His Name is higher far above other names… His Name is Jesus… His Name is Lord… Your Name is higher far above other names, Your Name is Jesus… Your Name is God….

Our Father we return to give you worship… we return to give you honour… O! Lord we return to give You praises… hallow be Thy Name… Let Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth…as it is in heaven… O Lord who is like unto Thee…. Hallow to Your Holy Name… Praise the Name of Jesus….

Beloveth how are doing today… our Lord is good; all the time… (Song) His Name is higher…far above other names… His Name is Jesus …His Name is Lord… His Name is higher.. far above other names… His Name is Jesus …His Name is Lord.

Jesus is the sweetest Name I know… He is always just the same.. O praises His Holy Name…. Jesus is the sweetest Name I know… O Jesus is the sweetest Name I know….

Beloveth… that Name Jesus…. is the sweetest Name ever be…so let us glorify the Name of the Lord…. Praise the Lord somebody….

We are in a strange season where God demonstrates His power in the midst of His people… yes… the power of God works in diverse ways we cannot explain… all we need do is to follow Him, obey Him and listen very attentive to Him… beloveth… we saw yesterday in our teaching that we often devote time hearing from God in prayer, revival or crusade meetings and don’t pay attention when it comes to activity God is doing around us… however God is instructing us to look beyond our prayer time and revival meeting…

God is saying that we should also look at what He is doing in the life of our brothers, sisters, mother, Father, aunties and uncles… that petrol attendant, shop assistant and the list goes on…. when we notice that God is or has visited those around us we should quickly join hand to make sure that sure a person is fully establish… Praise the Name of the Lord….

We are all familiar with Jonah’s story will shock you that some of us still live in that era…. We will also be considering Jeremiah’s story …. We will see how he responded to God’s invitation without hesitation…

Beloveth, the call of God upon our lives is without repentance…. But when we see or notice something strange happening to you… you have to ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you…. our God absolutely able to deliver and make whole… alleluia somebody…..

Come along with us for more:

Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time:—Jonah 3:1

Jonah didn’t like the assignment God gave him. God directed him to leave his homeland and go to the enemy city of Nineveh, a hostile and evil center of idol worship. There Jonah was to warn the people of God’s impending judgment and urge them to repent.

The Hebrews hated the people of Nineveh, so the rebellious prophet fled in the opposite direction, hoping for a different word from God that was more to his liking. Instead, God was determined that his word to Jonah would be obeyed (Isa. 55:11). He spoke to Jonah again. His second message was the same as the first. However, during the interval, Jonah had been buffeted by storms and had traveled in the stomach of a fish for three days. This time, he was prepared to hear God again and do His bidding.

God also spoke to the prophet Jeremiah two times (Jer. 33:1–3). But Jeremiah accepted God’s word to him the first time. The second time God spoke to him was to give him a fuller revelation of what He had first told him.

What God says to us next will depend on how we responded to His previous word to us. If, like Jonah, we disobeyed His earlier instructions, God will give them a second time. If we obeyed His first directive, as Jeremiah did, He will give us a fresh and deeper expression of His will (Matt. 25:23).

If you have not received a fresh word from God, return to the last thing God told you and examine your obedience. Is the Lord still waiting for your obedience? Seek to be like Jeremiah, and properly respond to your Lord’s instructions the first time.

Praise the Lord beloveth… if you join God in the kingdom work… you must watch out for His activities within and around you… and when you notice anything join God in it… be humbly enough to ask God what He wants you to do in that situation…

Jonah became a judge in the instruction he received from God … he acted God and ran away… but we saw God insisting that Jonah must carry out the assignment … Jonah travelled back to nivehah in the bella of a fish…for three days….

While Jeremiah accepted God’s instruction as he receive of it… beloveth… and the second time of visitation God expounded the Word for him…

While did Jonah refused to obey God… he was afraid that the people will repent and accept God and then he will look like a liar before them because having repented. God will not carry out the threat He said from the beginning…

Beloveth, examine your own life…why are running away from God? Why are you not partnering with God to bring about the salvation of others?

There is this popular song we sing when I was a kid….

God has something to say… God has something to say… Listen, Listen… pay greater attention, for God has something to say… alleluia!!!

Beloveth…. listen to what God has to say to you… be a doer of the same…. I think that is the core message here… Praise the Name of the Lord….

Further Reading- Eccl8:12 , Ps.37:5, Jas.1:22-23, Rom.12:2

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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