How excellent is Your Name O Lord! How excellent is Your Name, How excellent is Your Name! How excellent is your Name O Lord! How excellent is Your Name, How excellent is Your Name, How excellent is Your Name O Lord! // Thank You thank You Lord, Thank You Lord thank You Lord for everything You have done in my life. Thank You thank You Lord, Thank You thank You Lord for everything You have done in my family…

Precious Father we thank You, we bless Your Name, we exalt for who You are, wonderful Redeemer, I AM that I AM, who is like unto Thee. Thank You for all You have done for me, be Thou exalted O Lord! Be Thou magnify in Jesus Name. You are more than what we call You, Great is Thy faithfulness O Lord! come and do that which only can do Lord, be Thou exalted forever and ever O Lord, You Word is settle is settle from the foundation of the world.

Beloved, what a great opportunity before us to be everything God made us to be, Praise the Name of Jesus. He will continue put His praise in our mouth, we will bless His Holy Name for ever in Jesus Name. we will be looking at the topic before us to understand and view this world or things happening around us from a bigger picture other than from our own viewpoint.

And when we are able to do that, we will not be like the atheist who say in his heart that “there is no God” a man made in God image is questioning the existence of God even when inanimate things are daily acknowledging His Presence.

Beloved come along with me to discovery more and never engage in foolish conversation or argument of the existence of God. May God help you and I to always acknowledge Him in all we do irrespective of what we are going through at this time.

It also important we acknowledge not only the existence of God but also His Mighty power. He is a God Who nothing is impossible, He is more than able to whatever we can ever asked or ever imagine. His wish for us that above all things that we prosper and be in good health.

As Christian we seek our view and opinion from the living Word of God and in it we meditate morning and evening so that our world will not disrupted. Come along with me as we do just that:           

Genesis 26:12-27:29, Psalm 9:7-12, Proverbs 2:9-10, Matthew 10:1-20


A Worldview for Reading and Meditation

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.—Psalm 9:9

Philosophers have said that if we are to live effectively and securely in this world, then we must have a worldview of things—a cosmic framework in which to live, think, and work. The Germans call it weltanschauung—the big picture. When we have a cosmic framework, it gives a sense of validity and meaning to all we do. It makes us feel we are a part of a universal purpose. Many modern thinkers believe that the reason there is so much insecurity in the hearts of men and women is that there is a breakdown of this world frame of reference. One writer says: “Modern man is homesick. He is going on a hand-to-mouth existence day by day, and what he does and thinks does not seem to be related to the Whole. This has made life empty and jittery because it is insecure.”

The Chinese have a saying: “In a broken nest there are no whole eggs.” The nest, the world in which we live and think and work, has been broken up by sin, and therefore our central unity has gone. This can be seen on a small scale when the home is broken. Nearly all the children in reform schools come from broken homes. Why? The framework in which they have lived has broken down and has left them inwardly disrupted and confused. As a consequence, morals break down.

Can you see now why Jesus taught us to have a worldview of things? With our eyes focused on the kingdom, we know that at the heart of things there is utter security.


O God, I am so grateful that I am not an orphan in this universe. I have a homeland, the kingdom of God. And because nothing can hinder the establishing of that kingdom, I have a peace that nothing can disturb. I am so grateful. Amen.

Further Study

Ps 24:1-10; 2Ch 20:6; 1Tm 1:17; Rv 19:6

What picture does the psalmist give us?

What is his exhortation?

May the power that is above all power rest upon us and make us better instruments in God’s hand in Jesus Name. yes! we have a home land where Jesus has prepared for me and all that will do His will, where nothing will threaten our peace in Jesus Name.

Remain ever blessed in Jesus Name.

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