You are worthy to be Praise…x2 My Redeemer… You are worthy to be Praise….Glory be to God in the highest…Amen. Glory be to God in the highest Amen!!! for His mercies enduerth forever Amen… for His Mercies enduerth forever Amen!!!

Our Father we Thank You we bless Your Name …We worship we glorify Your Holy Name blessed be Thy Name forever in Jesus Name… Who can be compared with Thee Father… forever and ever You remaineth the same… We bow before Thee… we worship Thee O Lord!!! Amen!!!

Thank You for the gift of this week… Is been an exciting one… indeed You are so real to me that I could see You literally walking besides me… directly and piloting my affairs in best way ever… I am so glad and I will forever serve You and You will be my God Amen….

Beloveth… how are doing… today is another PCL… Are you excited?..… I am always supper excited for this session… someone wants to know…hummmmh….

Beloveth… the book of James said we must doer of the Word not hearers alone… This is my little secret (laugh)…

In this session… The Word is projected to us in practical dimension… we also see some persons who have either gotten it right or miss it and why and what to do….

So it a session that enables us to “Dare” to be different…. Putting it in another way…

Beloveth… I hope this week teaching has been a blessing… endeavour to love God, serve Him with all your heart… live as a true child of His….

Today we will be considering this… “Are You A Gladiator or A Spectator? Growing up I remember watching a Film called “Gladiator”… it was bloodily and a full of actions … though I cannot recall all the scene but is an action film or more of war…

Beloveth… be reminded that the “Call” you accepted is a battle ground… There is nothing like once saved; for-ever saved… that is an erroneous teaching… Yes, you are saved but it requires a daily walk with God… It demands a daily reading and study of the Bible… It involves daily excising of faith and believing… It also involves your daily walk with Jesus by bring others to Him… (Jas.2:26).

So having read the above list… Are a Gladiator or you are Spectator in your Christian walk?…

Are just there watching events and truth pass you over?… Is that is your case beloveth … Jesus is here to help you… He will transform you…. The Holy Spirit of God will guide and lead u through to the end… Just be obedient and your life will be transformed…. Amen!!!     Come along with us for me:

 Are You A Gladiator Or A Spectator?

Tom Landry, the former coach of the Dallas Cowboys, once commented on the “walk-ons” who showed up each spring to try out for the team. Talent, he observed, was in abundance. Intense passion and desire were not. And passionate desire is what God longs for in us who would seek to know Him, “Devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God… ” (1 Chronicles 22:19a)

In our striving to grow spiritually, Peter tells us to, “make every effort… ” “[Apply] all diligence… ” “Work hard… ” (2 Peter 1:5a – niv, nasb, Living). That is, we are to make constant moral and spiritual progress similar to an army that is steadfastly marching toward its objective: Determined. Progressing. Undaunted.

Thus, “the Christian life must not be an animated spasm, followed by a chronic inertia.” (Moffat) Rather, we are to be resolute in our intention of reaching spiritual maturity.

In our quest, it would help us to keep in mind the fact that “faith is not only a commitment to the promises of God, but also to the demands of Christ.” (William Barclay)

A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of leading a 50 year old businessman to Christ. Talk about a man with a passionate desire to know God! The guy attacked the issue of spiritual growth with the ardor of a Roman “gladiator”!

  • Immediately he started studying and memorizing the Scriptures, devouring Christian books, downloading Christian material each morning off the Net, etc., etc.
  • Soon he initiated a Bible study with his old college drinking buddies, keen that they too would know the Savior.

By way of contrast, I recently attempted to help a man who had supposedly recommitted his life to Christ after squandering millions of dollars on women and gambling. Late for the appointment, he declined my offer for assistance, lamely explaining that he just could not get over his habit of chasing women. Sidelined for his lack of passion to follow Jesus, the Christian life for him will probably remain a “spectator” experience.

QUESTION: So tell me, do you have the heart of a gladiator or a spectator? Are you passionately pursuing God? Or are you like most of the guys showing up for the Cowboys’ tryouts: Talented, but mediocre in spirit. For talented, but dispassionate walk-ons, participating at the “gladiator” level will remain an unfulfilled dream as they join the ranks of faceless spectators.

Beloveth… you must not pass this part of life being faceless… The earth must bear your feet prints… Your voice must be heard by those missing their path to eternity (Matt.3:7,10)… Your tears will drop from intercession for those whose heart is hardening against the gospel of Jesus Christ…. that chose death over life in Christ … Your hand and eyes must guide the poor in spirit…. Amen…

Further Reading- Rom.10:17, Ps.102:26, Ps.139:24, 1Thess.5:17, Matt.24:45, Heb.12:14, 2Pet.1:4, Ps.107:9, Heb.12:12, 1Pet.1:3,4.

Have a blissful weekend working and walking with Christ … See you on Monday if Jesus tarries… Amen!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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