“As ye have received Christ Jesus the Lord.”


Glory be to God in the highest Amen! Glory be to God in the highest Amen! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen!// Take glory Father, take glory Son, take glory Holy Spirit now forever more.

I will Praise You Lord! I will Praise Thee Lord! Let Your Name be honour forever and ever in Jesus Name. Great are You Lord! You are greatly to be Praise Father You reign, great are You Lord! You are greatly to be Praise, greatly to be Praise Father You reign!!!!!!!!!!!!

Father thank You for reigning in my life, forever You are God there is none to be compared with You, Who is like unto Thee! goodness and mercies belongs to You and You bless men with it. thank You Father, alleluia to Your Holy Name both now and forever more!

Beloveth, our Father is a good God! Faithful is his Name! from everlasting to everlasting He remaineth same. Come let us thank Him for what he has done, is doing and will do in Jesus Name! Father we declare that we love Thee! we declare an everlasting love for You, Father we declare that we love You, we declare an everlasting love for You!

Yes we love for He first love us, alleluia somebody!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have an understanding of this portion in the Word of God? God love us even while we are yet sinners.

One day the Spirit of God was given me a exposition on this teaching using my children and I felt some humbled. I could feel how great indeed is God and how kind He is towards us His creature.

If you are parent or a guideance reading this devotion at this time I want ask you this question, have you ask your child or ward to do something and He or she is doing otherwise, how do feel? Happy or disappointed? I  feltl disappointed and very angry, sometimes I will want to withdraw from my parental roll to such one, that is where I was when the Holy Spirit came to my rescue.

He uses the love of God towards us to teach me something profound. And from that moment going forward two things happened in my life- I knew how great is God’s love towards us and I learnt to love in spite of what is happening at the moment.

We are mere mortals and God has the big picture like the story of Saul converted to Paul. He has a plan for everyone; He knows where He is taking you irrespective of what is happening at the moment in your individual lives. I began to love as God loves, but don’t ever think it is easy, however, I soak myself daily in the grace He supply daily in other to survive.

Beloveth, the love of is not quantifiable, you cannot compare His love, so while you are yet to come to the knowledge of Christ, He love you, supply all your need and patiently leads you where your turning point is. And until you get to that point He will continue to nudge you on till He gets you where He want you be (Acts 9:10-20). Praise the Lord!

God loves you and you just have to believe it, no matter what is going on in your life the God we serve will never leave you nor abandon you, He will keep you on till Christ is total form in you. Beloveth, that is our story in our year of glory to glory- Christ in you the hope of your glory. until Christ is truly form in your life, God will continue to sharpen you.

Beloveth, you have to let Christ into your heart and let Him cleanse and purge away all dirge in your life then your life will be a living sacrifice unto God but until then, the formative works of God will continue in your life, Praise the Lord!

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“As ye have received Christ Jesus the Lord.” Colossians 2:6

The life of faith is represented as receiving—an act which implies the very opposite of anything like merit. It is simply the acceptance of a gift. As the earth drinks in the rain, as the sea receives the streams, as night accepts light from the stars, so we, giving nothing, partake freely of the grace of God.

The saints are not, by nature, wells, or streams, they are but cisterns into which the living water flows; they are empty vessels into which God pours His salvation. The idea of receiving implies a sense of realization, making the matter a reality.

One cannot very well receive a shadow; we receive that which is substantial: so is it in the life of faith, Christ becomes real to us. While we are without faith, Jesus is a mere name to us—a person who lived a long while ago, so long ago that His life is only a history to us now! By an act of faith Jesus becomes a real person in the consciousness of our heart.

But receiving also means grasping or getting possession of. The thing which I receive becomes my own: I appropriate to myself that which is given. When I receive Jesus, He becomes my Saviour, so mine that neither life nor death shall be able to rob me of Him. All this is to receive Christ—to take Him as God’s free gift; to realize Him in my heart, and to appropriate Him as mine.

Salvation may be described as the blind receiving sight, the deaf receiving hearing, the dead receiving life; but we have not only received these blessings, we have received CHRIST JESUS Himself. It is true that He gave us life from the dead. He gave us pardon of sin; He gave us imputed righteousness.

These are all precious things, but we are not content with them; until we have received Christ Himself. The Son of God has been poured into us, and we have received Him, and appropriated Him. What a heart-full Jesus must be, for heaven itself cannot contain Him!

Praise the Lord Beloveth, the heaven’s cannot contain Christ until He is poured into your heart, receive Him and be blessed. Receive Christ and be uplifted, receive Christ and be save. The life of a Christian is that of receiving- receive by faith what Jesus came to do while He was on earth as man and embraced the finished work of Calvary so that you will go home with Him on His second coming which is nearer now than when we first believe.

May God help us and built our faith so that we will not come before Him in the point of merit but on mercy – the act of receiving. Praise the Lord alleluia!

Remain blessed in the Lord!