Glorious God, Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before Your Throne…2x we bow before Your Throne, we worship at Your feet… we bow before Your Throne… You are a Glorious God… we bow before Your Throne… we worship at Your feet… we bow before Your Throne Your are a Glorious God…// I am thanking You Lord for Who You are, what You have done in my life Lord… I am Thank You Lord for Who You are … Lord Dan Sakari Baba

Alleluia…. Our God is Good… All the time and His mercy enduerth forever… Lord we worship You… Alleluia… Alleluia… Alleluia We worship You…for Who You are…

Praise the Name of Jesus… What an Awesome God we serve…. Our God is a Big! Big God… Alleluia….

Praise the Living Jesus…. Yes! Jesus is risen and He is sitted at the Right hand of the Father interceding for us… somebody shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a Father that will never never fail me… I have a Father that will never never fail me.. Jesus is my Father that will never never fail me… Rock of Ages… Never never fail…. (Song)

Yes Jesus never fail, He has not failed and will never fail in Jesus Name… Amen!!!

Beloveth our God is a Good God… Alleluia!!!

Great is Your Faithfulness.. Great is Thy Faithfulness… Morning by Morning new mercy I see… All that I needed Thy Hand has provided Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto Thee…. Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Song)

Yes! Great is His Faithfulness unto us that believeth… Our Lord is Good all the Time…

Beloveth, we have come draw, draw, draw, from You again, again, again and again… Lord we come to draw, draw, draw, draw, draw from you again, again, and again… (Song)

Yes that what we come to do… to draw from the fountain that never run out… From the Fountain that never disappoints … Alleluia…

Jesus… You are the Living God… Eze! No one like You… (Song).

Beloveth, “The prayer of the upright is His Delight” that our text for today…

Are you upright? Can you counted among the upright? Incidentally is not man that count… but God… so no wa-yoo…

The prayer of the wicked is an abomination before God… while the prayer of the upright is His delight…(Ps.1:4-6).

Do you know what it means to be “Upright.”… Wait until you deal with someone who is “crooked” and “perverse” in nature… The Lord does not take delight in such a person rather the Lord takes delight in way of the upright… Alleluia!!!

Come along with us to gain more understanding!!!

Continue Upright

“The prayer of the upright is his delight.” Prov. 15:8

This is as good as a promise, for it declares a present fact, which will be the same throughout all ages. God takes great pleasure in the prayers of upright men; He even calls them His delight.

Our first concern is to be upright. Neither bending this way nor that, continue upright: not crooked with policy, nor prostrate by yielding to evil, be you upright in strict integrity and straightforwardness.

If we begin to shuffle and shift, we shall be left to shift for ourselves. If we try crooked ways, we shall find that we cannot pray, and if we pretend to do so, we shall find our prayers shut out of Heaven.

Are we acting in a straight line and thus following out the Lord’s revealed will? Then let us pray much and pray in faith. If our prayer is God’s delight, let us not stint Him in that which gives Him pleasure.

He does not consider the grammar of it, nor the metaphysics of it, nor the rhetoric of it; in all these men might despise it. He, as a Father, takes pleasure in the lispings of His own babes, the stammerings of His new-born sons and daughters.

Should we not delight in prayer since the Lord delights in it? Let us make errands to the throne. The Lord finds us enough reasons for prayer, and we ought to thank Him that it is so.

Beloveth… that is how Magnificent our God is… Not counting errors or mistakes…. But wishing that we consistently be His delight… Alleluia… Praise the Name of the Lord…

Never go the way of the crooked ones beloveth… The Lord will not take delight in you (Ps.1:1-3) Alleluia!

Beloveth… keep at the Lord Sides…. Continue Upright and the manifold blessings of God will locate you and do you good… Yes! He will keep your feet so that you will not dash it against a stone… Alleluia!!!

Let the saint rejoice as we continue to be the Master’s delights… alleluia… Amen…

Answer us O! Lord of Mercy as we call unto Thee today… Release Mercy of the Preferred over us and may our worship, service and prayers to You continue to make us a delight-some bunch unto Thee in Jesus Name… Alleluia

2Chr.6:41, Heb.7:22,25, Neh.13:31, Isa.12:2, 1Cor.6:20, Rom.10:8, Rev.4:8, Exo.34:6-7, Heb.12:14.

Let us pray….

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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