Alleluia for the Lord God Mighty reign x3, It is raining all over me I can feel it the later rain ride on Jesus give us this rain until we are until soak with later rain. Father we declare that we love you we declare an everlasting love for you. Father we declare that we love you we declare an everlasting love for You.

Good morning Father, Son and Holy Spirit for a brand new day heralding us into a great weekend. Thank You for your preservation and protection all through the week long. We are grateful for Your ever- abiding Presence in our lives even when we cannot see or feel you, You are there watching over us. Thank you Father. We are humbling ask of Your forgiveness for all our doubt, fear, worries, that characterize our walk with you. Thank You for making us whole again (Ps 30:5)

Beloved, how are doing? Great I suppose?  Do you know that all  who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired, although not in the hour or in the measure, or the very thing which they ask; yet they will obtain something greater and more glorious than they had dared to ask? I want you to thank God for this assurance in Him, always remember that his faithfulness never ends and He knowest every of your need therefore come before Him believing (Matt 6:8)

Let us not be too desirous in our ventures but always delight ourselves in Him, then His transforming power will lift us up above our fallen nature. Instead of fretting and pinning for trivialities, we should be content with God alone.

Someone is not on the same page with me. Is possible you are not just happy about events happening around you. But wait a minute, did you read yesterday’s message? If you did, I think you will be feeling better by now. You can still run through it, is never late to seek redress.

Our topic today is meant to help us get out from the many pits we dug for ourselves limiting and preventing us from being what God has created us to be. In some cases, the devil kept lying to you that you are no good. He molest and harass  you either for what you actually did or he wants to input charges against you even when the gospel of Jesus has pronounce you clean and made you whole. He make up things to put you down, sometimes he uses someone very close to you to torment your life. That is ending today, you will encounter light that will set you on high forever.

Beloved, how dare forget that you are wonderfully and skillful made? How dare you forget that in His image He created you? How dare you forget that He promised to meet all your needs according to his riches in glory? Who told you that you are barren when His word said otherwise (none shall be barren; his children will surround his table)

Now by the grace of God after your encounter with today’s message you will never feel down again. You be in command and stay on top of situations instead of beneath it and all it attending weights. You are putting an end to it forever. Are you agreeing with me? Are you saying yes to God’s proposal? Come and see the value placed on you by God. The worth of an individual cost Him His only begotten son, that’s how valuable you are. Let’s find out more:

Ever Feel Lousy About Yourself?

You need to know how God feels about you:

  • You are “majestic” in His eyes (Literally: excellent, glorious, mighty, worthy)
  • You are the source of all His delight (Psalm 16:3)

Zephaniah 3:17 puts it this way:

  • The Lord is with you
  • He takes great delight in you
  • He will quiet you with His love
  • He rejoices over you with singing

Of you He says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” (Jeremiah 31:3) He has always loved you! Even before you were conceived!

Yes, I know you are a sinner. That is not new information. But in His eyes your problem with sin has nothing to do with your intrinsic worth. If your daughter contracts cancer, her worth is not diminished in your eyes, is it?

 As the kid said, “God didn’t make any junk.” The truth is that “you are fearfully and wonderfully madeskillfully wrought: God’s marvelous creation! (Psalm 139:14, 15) In fact, “while we were sinners” — scuzzball rebels — Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) Before we cleaned up our act, He crawled up on that cross for us. Is there a more forceful demonstration of unconditional love?… Of your worth to Him?

So, this week as you enter the shark infested waters of the marketplace, keep in mind the fact that you are A CHILD OF THE KING. A PERSON OF INFINITE, ETERNAL WORTH.

I heard someone singing a song of rejoicing and another dancing with overwhelming joy. Beloved, that is who you are before God; that is the price He paid for your freedom. There is overflowing grace in the house. I told you, that you will never remain same after your encounter with exceeding grace. It will keep transforming your from one glory to another lever of glory. He has chosen you out from the world to His forever:

“I have chosen you out of the world.” John 15:19


Here is distinguishing grace and discriminating regard; for some are made the special objects of divine affection. Do not be afraid to dwell upon this high doctrine of election. When your mind is most heavy and depressed, you will find it to be a bottle of richest cordial. Those who doubt the doctrines of grace, or who cast them into the shade, miss the richest clusters of Eshcol; they lose the wines on the lees well refined, the fat things full of marrow. There is no balm in Gilead comparable to it.

If the honey in Jonathan’s wood when but touched enlightened the eyes, this is honey which will enlighten your heart to love and learn the mysteries of the kingdom of God. Eat, and fear not a surfeit; live upon this choice dainty, and fear not that it will be too delicate a diet. Meat from the King’s table will hurt none of His courtiers.

Desire to have your mind enlarged, that you may comprehend more and more the eternal, everlasting, discriminating love of God. When you have mounted as high as election, tarry on its sister mount, the covenant of grace. Covenant engagements are the munitions of stupendous rock behind which we lie entrenched; covenant engagements with the surety, Christ Jesus, are the quiet resting-places of trembling spirits.

“His oath, His covenant, His blood,

Support me in the raging flood;a

When every earthly prop gives way,

This still is all my strength and stay.”

If Jesus undertook to bring me to glory, and if the Father promised that He would give me to the Son to be a part of the infinite reward of the travail of His soul; then, my soul, till God Himself shall be unfaithful, till Jesus shall cease to be the truth, thou art safe. When David danced before the ark, he told Michal that election made him do so.

Come, my soul, exult before the God of grace and leap for joy of heart. Are dancing? Are you rejoicing?  Beloved, the truth is that you are created for His glory and no power is permitted to put you down. You are among the elect; so what are doing among the crowd? Come on, as we sing and dance in the Lord.

We are a chosen generation
Called forth to show His excellence
All I require for life, God has given me
And I know who I am

I know who God says I am
What He says I am
Where He says I’m at
I know who I am

I’m walking in power,
I’m walking miracles
I live a life of favor,
‘Cause I know who I am

[Repeat from the top]

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
I know who I am

I am holy, I am righteous oh…
I am so rich, I am beautiful

I’m walking in power,
I’m walking miracles
I live a life of favor,
‘Cause I know who I am

Take a look at me, I’m a wonder
It doesn’t matter what you see now
Can you see His glory?
‘Cause I know who I am

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
I know who I am

See you next week by God’s grace. He will surely uphold you to the end (Isa 54:10).

Remain blessed in the Lord

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