I will lift up my voice to the Lord for in Him is Power and Grace. Great Redeemer, Wonderful Saviour, Ancient of Days, Precious Messiah, Alpha and Omega, Faithful is Your Name.

Father, thank You for the month of April, for the miracles of Healings, Deliverances, Provisions, Protections, Victories, Guidance, if not for God, how will it have been easy to walk through without being devoured by workers of iniquities. We return to give you praise, honour, adorations forever and ever Amen!

Beloved, you will agree with me that this month has been very existing. Heaven were open and we received from the Throne of grace. This Gracious month was indeed “Grace So- Amazing”. So many testimonies of the God’s goodness all around.

During the month, we considered many who had enjoyed the grace of God in their lives worthy of note among them were Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and today we will be considering the last but not the least (because grace is still available up on till as we write) in the person of “Mary” the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Born in home of Anne and Joachim in Nazareth, not from the Royal homes, not one of brightest of young maiden of her time. She was lowly and from a very poor background. Here is Joseph from Bethlehem from the lineage of David asking her hand in marriage.

Beloved, there is no coincident in God. God is a God of purpose. He order the steps of Joseph to the house Joachim to ask for her daughter’s hand in holy matrimony.

Here is Angel Gabriel making this announcement that even a baby would doubt the sincerity of its content.

Though from a lowly background even as the bible put it, her passion for the Lord was not in doubt (Lk 1:38). She loved God with all heart, mind and with all her soul. Joseph was not left out. For it will take only a man who has the fear of God to accept and believe all that Mary said (Matt 1:19).

After all Joseph was not there nor had it ever been heard that a woman got pregnant without a man. (The proof of the “Annunciation” has not disprove even to this present generation even with all the advancement with technology)

Our lady in focus did not doubt God neither did Joseph. Truly according to the will of God, it was done unto her. She, who was nobody according to human standard was the one that brought forth the Saviour of the Whole world. And joseph her husband though from the lineage of kings but not one was the earthly father of Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace found her and made her great. Heaven noticed her and bestowed honour upon her. She became highly honoured than any woman ever born.

So what are you thinking now? As I wrote on yesterday’s devotional that grace is not to encourage us to keep on sinning but rather to enable us to be all God has created us to be. To stop us from being short change by the devils and its agents.

Thank God that the bible recorded that she was a virgin, so her chastise was not in doubt, but the power in the grace made available for her helped her to fulfill God’s plan and purpose in life.

Jesus born of Virgin Mary and Joseph became the Saviour of the world reconciling man to God according to the promise of the God. Tracing His genealogy from Abraham, the father of Isaac to Jacob-Judah – David –Mattan- Jacob- Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus the Messiah.

Beloved, whatever you need in the Lord, is available in the package of salvation through the grace of God made available to us. Break away from all forms of fear and limitation by the power of darkness and embrace the power that raised Christ from death. Amen.

All the people mentioned above were faithful in all God called them to do. While being faithful in the little they were called, God fulfill the plan of salvation through which mankind was redeemed from eternal destruction.

Do I now ask you this question, are you faithful in the little God had called you to be? More below:

Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and whoever is unrighteous in very little is also unrighteous in much.—Luke 16:10

God rewards those who are faithful. Throughout your life God will seek to grow you in your faith. He will continually bring you to times when you must trust Him. He will lead you into situations that require a “little” faith, and if you are faithful, He will then take you into situations that require even greater trust in Him. Each time you are able to trust God at a higher level, God will reveal more of Himself to you. Your faith and experiencing God are directly linked.

The best way to tell if you are prepared for a greater revelation of God is to see how faithful you have been with what God has given you. This is a foundational principle in God’s relationships with us: If you have been faithful with the little He has given you, you are ready to be entrusted with more. If you failed to trust God with the little He gave you, He will not trust you with more.

God will not lead you beyond your present level of trust and obedience to Him. He will return you to your area of unfaithfulness until you are prepared to trust Him. The children of Israel were unwilling to trust God to lead them into the Promised Land, and their generation never again was able to move forward with Him.

You stand at an exciting new door of opportunity to know God more intimately every time you believe Him. Every step of faith leads you to a deeper relationship of faith with Him. It is an open invitation to know God more intimately.

Grace So – Amazing is an excellent platform from heaven to empower men and women of our generation to find their root back to God. It was a vision given to me by the grace of God to bring you up from where you have failed, to rise up again and keep moving.

We are God’s armies that must break our rank but fight in the Lord battle as generals in this present generation and keep winning the lost until the Lord’s return again in His glory to take us away to the mansions He has prepared for us.

The choice is yours. Consider the young man choice when Christ made an offer to him. Don’t be surprise, so many are still walking away for the riches of this world. Choices has great consequences:

When the young man heard that command, he went away grieving, because he had many possessions.—Matthew 19:22

Your life is the sum of the responses you have made toward God. Once God makes Himself known to you, what you do next is your decision. Your reaction reflects what you believe about Him. The rich, young ruler lived a moral life. He was well versed in Scripture and the laws of God. But his response to Jesus’ invitation clearly showed that, although he possessed a head knowledge of the teachings of God, he did not know God in an experiential way that could be demonstrated by a response of faith (Matt. 19:16–22).

Whenever the Lord speaks to you, it will require an adjustment in your life. This truth can dramatically affect your prayer life. Every time you pray you must be aware that if God answers your prayer and reveals His will to you, it will immediately require you to reorient your life. Each time you read your Bible, you must to be prepared to obey what God tells you.

Why did God use Peter and James and John so significantly to turn their world upside down? And why were others, like the rich, young ruler, never heard from again? Choices! The disciples chose to believe, and their belief was proven by their obedience. The rich, young ruler could not bring himself to obey, and Scripture tells us that he “went away sorrowful.” You are faced with the same question as the rich, young ruler.

What adjustments are you willing to make in order to respond positively to Christ?

Here we draw the curtain of this month, we are still available to visit this topics as often you have need us to do that. We can help you speak to any group concerning the vision of the Lord on this thereby making it possible for us to live an overcomer’s life in Christ Jesus.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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