September 17





When He calls me, I will answer x3

I will be somewhere working, for My Lord.

I will be somewhere working,

I will be somewhere working,

I will be somewhere working, for my Lord x2.


Father, thank You for Your grace upon my life and Your power that is made manifest in my life and situations, You are indeed God and there is none like thee, Lord!

Like David in forest, You called me to minister to those who have  giving up in life, who are asking daily where is God, who could not continue any longer for they are afraid that another step will spell failure again, those who are determined to make heaven and they looking for where to drink daily the fountain of life. The grace to be where you want me to be I pray to receive in Jesus name (Rom 12:11).

Dear friend, I want to ask you a question, are you where God wants you to be? If you are, are doing what He assigned you to do or are hiding under the platform that you are busy, the work load is much, the children are still young, my husband and I are yet to agree and come to terms.

Beloved when He calls, you must answer or are you busy with the excuses you will give Him. Do you know that right there you are, you are a voice for God. Have you ever asked, why was I favoured among many that were interviewed for the post I was occupying? God wants you to be His voice right there in that office, school, factory, market, shop, hospital. Are you ready to “GO” for the Lord?

Everybody may not be pulpit minister but everybody must “GO” for the Lord, it is your first assignment. Are still running away from doing your bits? Remember Jonah, you cannot flee from the Lord (Ps 139:7-12). Are so comfortable with His blessings that you forgot that you are accountable to Your Master for the talents He gave you, even Jesus left the heaven you and I are struggling to go because He cared so much for you. Why can’t you make a little sacrifice to please Your Creator (Gen 8:21)? Come dearly beloved, come and see:

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. . . —Matthew 28:19

Our Master commands us to “go.” We need permission to stay! The gospel is the account of Jesus’ leaving His Father’s right hand to go to Calvary. Jesus instructed those who wanted to be His disciples to leave their homes and their comforts and follow Him.

Some insisted that they could not go yet because they still had to care for elderly parents (Luke 9:59–60). Others wanted to make sure everything was in order first (Luke 9:61–62). Still others expressed willingness to follow but wanted to know the details of what they would be doing (Luke 9:57–58). Jesus never excused those who struggled to follow Him. He made it clear that to follow Him meant He set the direction and they were to follow.

We can convince ourselves that Jesus does not really want us to adjust our lives, pointing to the success we are enjoying right where we are. Yet Jesus often told His disciples to go elsewhere in spite of the success they were experiencing. Peter had just pulled in the greatest catch of fish of his entire career when Jesus invited him to leave everything (Luke 5:1–11). Philip was enjoying astounding success as an evangelist when the Holy Spirit instructed him to go to the desert (Acts 8:25–40). Success where we are can be our greatest hindrance to going where Jesus wants us to be.

If you become too comfortable where you are, you may resist Christ’s invitation to go elsewhere. Don’t assume that God does not want you to go in service to Him. He may lead you across the street to share the gospel with your neighbor or to the other side of the world. Wherever He leads, be prepared to go.

Is that okay for you, are getting ready to “GO” for the Lord? That brother, sister, mother, father, son and daughter must not go to hell. Are you ready for the rescue mission, for lo! He promised to be with you wherever you go:

“The Lord will be with you.” 2Chron. 20:17

This was a great mercy for Jehoshaphat, for a great multitude had come out against him; and it will be a great mercy for me, for I have great need, and I have no might or wisdom. If the Lord be with me, it matters little who may desert me. If the Lord be with me, I shall conquer in the battle of life, and the greater my trials the more glorious will be my victory. How can I be sure that the Lord is with me?

For certain He is with me if I am with Him. If I trust in His faithfulness, believe His words, and obey His commands, He is assuredly with me. If I am on Satan’s side God is against me, and cannot be otherwise; but if I live to honor God I may be sure that He will honor me.

I am quite sure that God is with me if Jesus is my sole and only Saviour. If I have placed my soul in the hands of God’s Only-begotten Son, then I may be sure that the Father will put forth all His power to preserve me, that His Son may not be dishonored.

Oh for faith to take hold upon the short but sweet text for today! O Lord, fulfill this word to thy servant! Be with me in the house, in the street, in the field, in the shop, in company, and alone. Be thou also with all thy people. Amen!


Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang Ifeoma Ohondu



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