Glory be to God in the highest Amen… Alleluia…x2 For His mercies enduerth forever Amen! x2// I have seen the Lord Goodness His Mercy and Compassion… I have seen the Lord Goodness Alleluia… Praise the Lord…

Our Father we Thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, we exalt and magnify Your Holy Name… Alleluia Jesus… For You are Good… Thank God for Your manifold blessings upon us, Father… Hallow be Thy Name forever and ever Amen…

Beloveth… how are doing today? Praise the Name of the Lord… Alleluia… Our God is good… Yes! He is good all the time… He is… Alleluia!! The Lord led us all this week and granted mercy that pull us through… Alleluia. Is been a wonderful week, full of God’s mercy and grace… Alleluia!

Beloveth, you are light and you must not be hidden… We walk in the light… therefore darkness will not comprehend it… alleluia… Beloveth what more can we say… If God be with us; who can be against us… alleluia!

Jesus having been our light… He is also our guardian… as depicts by today’s topic…

Come along with us for more:               

Guardian of the Fatherless

“In thee the fatherless findeth mercy.” Hos. 14:3

This is an excellent reason for casting away all other confidences and relying upon the Lord alone. When a child is left without its natural protector, our God steps in and becomes his guardian: so also when a man has lost every object of dependence, he may cast himself upon the living God and find in Him all that he needs.

Orphans are cast upon the fatherhood of God, and He provides for them. The writer of these pages knows what it is to hang on the bare arm of God, and he bears his willing witness that no trust is so well warranted by facts, or so sure to be rewarded by results, as trust in the invisible but Ever Living God.

Some children who have fathers are not much the better off because of them, but the fatherless with God are rich. Better have God and no other friend than all the patrons on the earth and no God. To be bereaved of the creature is painful, but so long as the Lord remains the fountain of mercy to us, we are not truly orphaned.

Let fatherless children plead the gracious word for this morning, and let all who have been bereaved of visible support do the same. Lord, let me find mercy in thee! The more needy and helpless I am, the more confidently do I appeal to thy loving heart.

Jehovah is Your Name!!! Jehovah is Your Name… Jehovah is Your Name !!! Mighty Warrior, Great in battle… Jehovah is Your Name…

Yes! Jehovah His Name… He fights for us, He is our Defender, He is our Deliverer… He is our Protector, He is our Shield, He is our Provider… He is our All in All…. A Father to the Fatherless is His Name…. alleluia!!!

Further Reading- Phil.4:19, Ps.107:9, 1Jn.1:7, Rev.7:14, 1Pet.3:14, Jas.1:21, Ps.22:19.

Have a wonderful weekend…. See you on Monday if Jesus trarries…. Praise the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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