Glory, honour, Power and Majesty belong to Christ our Lord… alleluia!!! Glory, honour, Power and Majesty belong to Christ our Lord… alleluia!!!// We lift Your Name higher… We lift Your Name higher… We lift Your Name higher… We lift Your Name higher…  Shout Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Shout Alleluia Alleluia! Shout Alleluia!!!

Heavenly Father, we Thank You, we bless Your Holy Name… we adore Thee, we give You Praise… adoration to the only True God… Who loves us with an everlasting love… Faithful are You Lord…. Faithful are You Lord…. Faithful are You Lord … You are so faithful…. Our Father Thank You for the gift of this week… Thank You for granting us mercies … Thank You for Your enabling Grace…O Lord… we are full of thanks…. Because indeed You are Great and Mighty… Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth… how are doing today… hope great? Beloveth… do you know that out the millions people in the world God singled you out to be part of His activities this week… Isn’t that wonderful… Yes it is… Praise the Lord…

I came with a big question that we are expected to give our individual answers or opinions… “How Big is Your Vision” I think we should start from… “What is your vision?” It may shock you to know that some of us are just living… without a plan(s); without vision…. How is it possible someone just asked? Very possible…. Then we come to the category of those who have vision or plan…. Some make their plan so little or small that they don’t need to exercise any faith at all to achieve it while some made theirs laudable enough that it can only be God … so where are you? Which category did you fall into?…

I have met people who will tell you “What or why should I be stressing myself over this life that I will still eventually die and leave everything behind”… others will say “A beg I don’t want to stress myself… I live my life as it comes…”

Do you know the danger in this type of lifestyle… These categories of people cannot with stand challenges… sincerely they are unfaithful servants… who are simply saying to God… I know You reap where you did not sow…

Some of these actions are engineered by fear… fear of the unknown… fear of failure, fear of whether I will see tomorrow…. God ministered to me some years back through an elderly man in my church on one occasion… He said to me… “Yes, though we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us… but we still have to trust God for not just tomorrow but years to come… to He keep us and sustain us… all through… Sincerely that ministered to my spirit-man greatly…. So though i may not know what tomorrow holds but I will still make my plan till December… even beyond this year…. beloveth that is having laudable faith in God…. that He is not wicked neither is He unlovable either… rather He will bring to past all you are trusting and believing Him for….If you bring Him into your plan…

Now the question in view is “How Big are those plans or vision you want to see come to pass?” Can you plan so high for God’s Kingdom work that you begin to partner with God to see it happened…?

Can you also plan Big for yourself that you will impart generations for God’s sake…. Yes can God use you to reach millions on His behalf… or Is plan just for me, my wife or husband and children… children just two— a boy and a girl that’s all,…. Is that the multiplying and fill the earth mandate handed over to you from the beginning…. Gen.1:28….

Okay let’s move further from here… come along with us for more:

How Big Is Your Vision

“The real qualities of leadership are to be found in those who are willing to suffer for the sake of objectives great enough to demand their wholehearted obedience.”

A friend of mine who consults CEO’s of small companies tells me that over 90% of these firms operate on a re-active rather than a pro-active basis. In other words, they simply respond in a knee jerk fashion to market conditions: No great vision. Just daily… grinding… survival.

Aim at nothing and you are sure to hit it.

Many people circumscribe their lives to the same aimless, reactive, blandness: Putting out fires. Solving problems. Oiling the wheel that squeaks the loudest. Oppressive… boring… survival.

Bound by the tyranny of the urgent.

Perhaps our problem is that our vision is so small that it only merits a mediocre response.

One impassioned writer cried out against this mind numbing, visionless level of subsistence:

“Give me men to match my mountains:

Give me men to match my plains:

Men with empires in their purpose:

Men with eras in their brains.”

Christ had an objective great enough to demand His wholehearted obedience: Your salvation.

Jesuswho for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame… ” (Hebrews 12:2).

The “joy set before Him” was His vision of your redemption… Which resulted in His wholehearted obedience to the Father’s will: The cross.

Tell me, do you have an objective in your life that is “great enough to demand your wholehearted obedience“? If not, life must be pretty stale stuff.

May I suggest that unless you have a vision – a dream – an objective that (1) Is bigger than your life, (2) Is linked to God’s eternal purposes, and (3) Demands faith and sacrifice, you are already dead.

They just haven’t set the date for the funeral.

I did say that…. The write did… but may that never be our portion in Jesus Name…

Beloveth, in this month of Divine solution…. What are those things you can bring God into and see it happen…. Me like this I am counting with my fingers one, two, three four….things an still counting that I want God’s interventions on… what about you?…

Remember when it is small vision/assignments… is by your strength but when is laudable is God’s assignments to bring it to pass… all you need is to keep enquiring from Him for directions and decision to take…

May God help us to avail ourselves to be use by Him to make all man to be for His good pleasure… alleluia!!!

Further Reading- Gen12:2, Ps 28:7, Rev.1:8, 1Cor.16:13, Eph.1:13, Jer 29:11, Rom.11:33, Ezek.20:41, Isa.12:2, Jn 16:27, Ps 119:173….

On this note beloveth…we declare this week blessed…. And we will return at the end with greater testimonies in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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